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Elves All The Way
14-01-2009, 00:49
Well i see all the thread say "DE vs HE" or "Woc vs Dwarf" etc so i thought it would be better if every one could post their armies main weaknesses, how to counter their characters etc, kinda like a reverse tatica
High Elves
their main weakness is their toughness and lack of armour, some would put their strengh in there as well put the range of weapons see to that, the only str3 high elves are core units, and shadow warriors, Elyrion reavers as well but they not intended to go into comabat.
To take advantage of this i would suggest shooting, lots and lots of shooting, that'll whitle HE down a lot. the next thing is try to avoid sending in a horde, high elves will eat low toughness and armour for breakfast.
Core Units
Simple just send in big orcs, chaos warriors, dryads, basically anything with T4 or higher and something with a good armour save and they'll drop like flies

again same with the spearmen, the archers only have str3 shooting so anything that has high T or AS will be good, once your in combat with them they're goners, they only have T3 and i do't think any HE player ever gives them light armour

Sword masters - The only advise is to shoot them down and maybe throw in a bit of magic, they are probably one of the best infantry warhammer has, if not the best. don't even try to figh them head on, you may be able to defeat them in CC eventualy but you woud've lost too much already so just shoot them, with T3 and a 5+ save they won't be hard to kill from shooting

White Lions - send in a horde for these guys, they can survive shooting pretty well and thhey'll chew up knight and other elite infantry with ASF str6 so just overwelm them in numbers, try spearmen, that'll help, a unit of white lions only giv up a 6str6 attacks with a frontage of 5

Pheonix guard - these guys are the "weakest" of the three elite infantry, they only have str4 and one attk each but they have a 4+ ward so they're the most survivable, send in heavy hitters, it might take a while but you'll cut them down without taking much causaties urself

Silver Helms/Dragon Princes
Deal with them like you would with other knights, bolt throwers, cannons, guys with str6 the siler helms are pretty weak with str3 and 1 attk each, if you can survive the charge you'll take them down easily if your own men have str5 or higher. Dragon princes are a bit more tough with 2 attks each ut again with only str3 so the same as silverhelms, if you can survive the charge your set. Of course a HE player will try to flank you so just keep an eye out and remeber, DP are immune to flaming attacks

the lion chariot is a scary foe with 4 str5 attacks from the lions and two str6 attacks from crew + impact there's no sure fire way to kill this, just deal with like you would every othe chariot. the tiranoc chariot is a lot easier you could survive a charge from this but chances are they hunt in twos, again deal with them as you would with any other chariot

Shadow warriors
HE skirmishers, watch your flanks and keep a eye on these guys their long bow will make it hard for them to reach but when you do you'll cut them down like butter, sure they have hatred and ws5 but again they only have str3, fight them as if you were fight HE archers, str4+ and good AS will make short work of them

Ellyrion Reavers
don't fall for their sneaky tricks best play it save and shoot them with T3 and a 5+ AS they wont be hard to kill

The prince is a nasty foe unfotunealy i dont have much advise for you expecially if he's on a star dragon
:( but again he's only T3, keep that in mind, infact all elves are T3

Get to him as fast as you can, and just shoot him, you can fight of course it makes no difference he'll still die but shooting will save time, he is only T2 with no armour and should fall easily

Alith Anar
Don't try to shoot him if he's in a unit of SW your bullets, bolts and arrows wont touch him at long range you need BS4 to manage hitting him on a 6+, on anything less you can't touch him. best advise is to charge him and his unit again he'll die with a 6+ AS and t3 but he also has a 4+ ward wich will make it a bit more difficult. watch out for his moonbow wich shoots lie a bolt thrower wich means he can peirce ranks with each shot, he basically a moving bolt thrower that can shoot your flanks!

deal with him lie you would teclis, he a bit more tough but hardly so with t3 instead of 2 and he wont have much armour the best armour he'll have is 5+ from a barded steed
As for the rest of the lords sorry i can't help you maybe some other HE player can

maybe some1 else can do the rest (heros, High magic, magic items) i'm tired of typing :P

Dragon Prince of Caledor
14-01-2009, 22:30
Most of the above are credible but would only work against a medium to low calibre of player. As with all armies the master generals are the ones that can nullify the weaknesses of their army via magic, magic items, strategy etc whilst utilizing their strengths in ways you didnt even see coming! I saw that happen a couple times at GW where i was just like huh? You can do that?

14-01-2009, 22:41
Dragon Prince is right, though a good General will also exploit the weaknesses of an enemy's army, so these still have a use.

The most important phase of the game is Deployment - if you deploy badly, and your general is even vaguely competant, you'll have an uphill struggle for most of the game.