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14-01-2009, 05:00
I have created this thread in order to house all of my battle reports. I haven't really solidified my final end all friendly list yet so I will be using a variety of army comps.

First up I have a 2000 Point match up vs my friend Wyatt Banks, Warchief of his filthy rat things.

This list I have here is what I have been leaning towards as far as my 2k list goes.

DE Force-
Death Hag

General Master
SoB, PoS, Ha, Shd, SDC

BSB Master
Soulrender, AoD

25 Warriors

10 RxB

10 RxB

3x5 Harpies

15 Black Guard

7 Shades

7 Executioners

14 Witches



BSB in Warriors, Master in BG.

Skaven Force -
Grey seer in screaming bell: 4+ wardsave

Warlock Engy
Storm scroll (kills air one)

BSB warlord: Banner of swarm

14 Stormvermin on bell

3x25 Clanrats with FC

3x25 Slaves with Mus, pawleader

12 Giant rats

25 Plague monks FC

3 Swarms

5 Jezzails

Warplightning Cannon

8 Censer Bearers

The setup. Skaven on top from left to right

giant rats-( shades in rocks )--Bellunit-BSB unit----(Hill: Cannon) Clanrats
---------Slaves---Slaves-Censers-Monks--Slaves---(Hill: Jezzails) Clanrats

Skaven 1

Skaven took first turn. surged across the board with all his slaves and monks/censers, while leaving the bell, BSB, and clanrats. Also turned rats to face shades.

His shooting took out some harpies and a shot from the cannon blew away 3 black guard. His magic was focused on the shades for the most part but he only got a lightning off searing 4 shades, who didn't panic. He also miscast and took a wound, ending the phase.

Dark Elf 1
I shuffled most of my units, while flying my harpies as far behind the enemy lines as I could. I used the unit on the left to bait the frenzied monks/censers off to the left so I could later flank charge them with witches.

Shooting saw the giant rats freeing off the board, eliminating his fast element. The hydra burned a base of swarms away. I also gave my black guard a 5+ ward from CoB.

Skaven 2
This turn saw an unexpected charge from the swarms into my executioners. I was surprised by their quickness. The obvious charge on my harpies from the monks/censers; the harpies fled, getting away. Clan rats charged some harpies near the jezzails but failed.

Shooting saw the harpies near the jezzails fleeing. The cannon took a prime shot at my hydra + executioners, rolled 8 for str, shot right through both units, clipping the swarm as well. He rolled a 1 for wounding on hydra, killed 5 swarms, and 2 executioners, unlucky. This turn revealed the scroll on the lock but I dispelled it. His grey seer went mad with power, flying the rest of the shades, and casting plauge on my hydra with 4 dice (even with RoH) my hydra passed and I got to choose the next target, which I put on his clanrats, which then led to me putting on his other clanrats, where it ended. After the plague had settled there were 25 dead rats, though they held.

Swarms did nothing to executioners and the executioners finished the last base off.

Dark Elf 2
I flanked the monks with my witches, charged the slaves in the middle with my BG and flanked them with my executioners. Moved the hydra to burn some jezzails and charged the cannon with harpies.

shooting did little this round, but the hydra burned 2 jezzails.

In Combat my witches boosted with +1 attack massacred the monks winning combat by 12, the broke and ran away. I narrowly missed the bearers with my witches. The slaves were also massacred from my BG + Executioners and lost by 16, breaking and getting run down. I overran into his bell unit (was that legal?) with the BG, the executioners fell short. The harpies also killed the cannon, running into the jezzails.

Skaven 3
Monks rallied, and faced the witches again. Oh yeah, by this time I had wittled the censers down to 1 model as he killed some himself. The lone censer charged my RXB, who stood and shot decimating him.

Casting was uneventful, lightning took a wound on hydra.

Combat showed the elite storm vermin versing the BG. I stupidly challenged with my master who popped his potion, and was obviously refused by his grey seer. No matter, as I won combat by 14, the rats got away though.

At this point we carried on for the fun of it. In the end he managed to kill my hydra with lightning, though everything he had was destroyed.

Result - Win

Massacre for the Dark Elves

We had a lot of fun as this was our first 2000 point game against each other. His magic was very uneven with some good rolls and some bad. Together with his unlucky roll to wound on my hydra sealed the fate for his right flank.

I think we both learned a lot from this battle though, so all is good.

14-01-2009, 05:02
Next up was a 1500 Point battle against my brothers Wood Elves. This battle I would be using a heavy magic list, which I haven't tried at all yet. It seemed to fair well.

Dark Elves-
lvl 2 Sorc Dark:WoP, Blades

lvl 2 Sorc Dark:Chill, Blades
Sac Dagger

lvl 2 Sorc Fire:Fireball, Conflag

25 Warriors

10 RxB

10 RxB

3x5 Harpies

7 Shades
Great wep



Wood Elves-
lvl 2 Spellsinger 150
Dispell Scroll

lvl 2 Spellsinger 137

Branchwraith 115
Murder Sprites, Anoyyance Sprites

2x5Glade Riders 240

2x8 Dryads 192

2x10 Glade Guard 234

18 Eternal Guard 246

6 Wild Riders 192

Wood Elves:
--------------------------------------------- Guard --------- Mage Guard
Dryads Mage/Riders (Shades) Riders E.Guard Wraith Dryads WarRider
---------------------------(Forest)-(His Forest)-----------------------(Forest)(Forest)
Hydra (Hill:RxB+mage RxB) Warriors+sorc CoC CoC Harpies
-----------Harpies---- Harpies------------------Sorc
Early Game
I shuffled my men around to accept the oncoming E.gaurd, dryads and war riders. He on the other hand rushed forward towards my ranks, steering his left dryads towards my RxB, ignoring my hydra + Harpies. Looked to block my CoC with his dryads and duke it out with my warriors, wanting to kill my sorc general.

His shooting was either out of range or ineffective. long range vs chariots is tuff to wound. His magic saw his guard etherized so I couldn't shoot them.

My magic+shooting saw his left left dissolved; shades killed all 5 glade riders to the right of them and my repeaters saw his riders with mage running away, 1 inch from the board where they rallied next turn. Mass MM on the dryads saw both squads dead by turn 3. I miscast on my conflag and rolled a 12, casting it with IF whilst loosing the spell, that's what I get for using 4 dice :D.

Also, even though my magic pulled through decently. I never once got the PoD spell off, using 2 dice every time. I rolled a 3 on every mage 3 turns in a row. That made it only possible for one real spell a turn. lol

Deciding Charges
I charged his warriders with a CoC + 5 harpies and boosted them by putting WoP on the war riders. I was going to charge his E.Guard with my warriors but they panicked from the destruction of the nearby dryads.

I swarmed his mage with harpies and killed the fleeing E.Guard with my shades.

Result - Win

Victory Points
Dark Elves: 1700 + 4 Table Quarters
Wood Elves: 0

Massacre for the Dark Elves.

I am not sure if the list I was running was just effective against his list or what, but I wasn't expecting such a pure domination. If anyone saw any glaring mistakes from my opponent please state them so I can help him improve.

Hope you enjoyed.

14-01-2009, 10:56
Nice rep (if rather on the short side)
In your first battle the BG overrun should be legal as they charged that turn (why did you question the legality of it by the way?)

As for your WE friend target priority seemed to have been a bit off, like appearantly ignoring your shades (how did they get to be in the middle of him anyway? With dryads he should have been able to counter your scouts...)
Not knowing the terrain other than a hill I can't give much advice though...

Anyhoo, will follow your thread with interest (and please more detail where memory allows ;) )

14-01-2009, 13:29
Technically, the BG pursued into fresh enemy, and not over-run. This is definitely legal, and in fact it is the goal of any proper tactician.
One of these days I may dust off my cult of Pleasure and restructure it to be a proper Druiichi force, but as I already do a lot of MSU, I can just imagine the cries of cheese that will resound when I unleash them.

Good reports. Remember, details are important in the reports, though they can easily be sloughed by pictures or diagrams.

14-01-2009, 14:38
Following with interest.

In your first list I would recomend dropping the Soulrender and slapping on the Pearl of Infinate Bleakness. This has some drawbacks but makes the Spearmen much more solid.

Also if the Soulrender(Armour Piercing) joins the units with the Banner of Murder(Armour Piercing) then the Soulrender is wasted anyway. A normal Warbanner might be more useful than the banner of Murder.

Hope this is helpful.

14-01-2009, 14:45
In your first battle the BG overrun should be legal as they charged that turn (why did you question the legality of it by the way?)
I only questioned it because I didn't kill all 25 rats from my men alone, and had to run them down; Essentially I wasn't sure if killing all the models meant before or after pursuit rolls.

As for your WE friend target priority seemed to have been a bit off, like appearantly ignoring your shades (how did they get to be in the middle of him anyway? With dryads he should have been able to counter your scouts...)

Yeah, my scouts where in a wood , which I forgot to state in the ( ), my bad. I edited it in my OP

Thanks for reading.

14-01-2009, 15:05
Hi, I'd like to enjoy your reports, but could you cut down on the number of acronyms you use? It's hard to tell who has what a lot of the time...

14-01-2009, 16:07
Just started and already two major wins. A good sign ;)

Keep it up.

14-01-2009, 16:54
EvC - Ah, sorry about all the acronyms, that's just how I type when i'm kinda short on time. I will spell out more stuff and have maps for better reference in my next Battle report.

Malorian - Thanks, its not that I just started, as you can see from my signature, but you are correct in the sense that these are my first two battle reports on this site!

I hope you guys keep tuned in for my next battle reports. I will most likely have another game in about 10 days, lots of school/work this week. :(

20-01-2009, 01:59
Games 3: Dark Elves vs Vampire Counts

So I had a game earlier today versus vampire counts with a new list I made. I made this new list friendly and to go with the fluff of my army. Its pretty well rounded and does something in every phase. It isn't as strong as I would like, but I made it to play at 2250, not 1500.

Master 331
Manticore, 2xRHB, HA, SDC, Shield, Death Piercer

lvl 2 Sorc 185 (Darkness: Word of Pain, Black Horror)
Dagger, Scroll

25 Warriors

10 Corsairs
Hand bow

2x10 RxB

3x5 Harpies

5 Cold one Knights 135


Vampire Counts:
Vampire on horse causes terror (Mass summon undead)

6 Black Knights

5 Black Knights

3 Spirit host bases

9 Graveguard (I didn't realize he had 4 special until we already started so I let it fly)

10 Skellies + Banner of don't capture me (does d6 str5 wounds when captured)

10 Skellies w/ FC

2x10 Ghouls

2x6 Wolves



Turn 1-http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/DarkElfvsVampire1500Turn1End.jpg
Vampire went first and moved everything up.

Magic did nothing
Dark elves moved up corsairs, Cold one knights, all harpies. I rolled a 12 to keep control of my manitcore, so he frenzied and charged the spirit hosts.

Shooting/Magic saw both hound squads dead and a few Grave guard picked off. Also I'm just gonna say this now, my bolt throwers missed the flank shots on the black knights 6 turns in a row on a 3+ every turn.

Close Combat saw the spirit hosts crumbling to my manticore master, who overran 6 inches, putting everything out of my vision for next turn, damn.

Turn 2http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/DarkElfvsVampire1500Turn2End.jpg
Vampire moved his varghulf into charging position to smash my hill of bowmen, positioned his ghouls for a frontal and flank charge on the corsairs, and charged my harpies with his Black knights, who promptly fled.

Magic did nothing

Dark elves moved up corsairs right in front of the ghouls, showing their bravery, ready to stand and shoot. I moved my Cold one knights up to charge the skellies next turn, and maybe overrun into his general. I forgot to move my General. Damn

Shooting was all poured into his varghulf, 40 RxB shots later, all 12 wounds regenerated. I also forgot to shoot my corsairs, Double Damn.

Turn 3http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/DarkElfvsVampire1500Turn3End.jpg
Vampires charged the grave guard into my warriors, who failed their fear check and had ws 1; double charged my corsairs with 2 units of ghouls, whom stood and shot, taking down 4. He moved his black knights to the flank of my warriors for next turn charge, and moved his general black knights into flanking position on my cold ones. He also barely made a charge off with his grave guard into my warriors. Finally his Varg charged my rxbmen, who took a wound from stand and shoot.

Magic - He misfired and took a wound.

Combat saw his varg killing 4 rxbmen but losing by 1 and crumbling away; his ghouls did decently vs the corsairs and got 4 wounds in, but I saved them all and did 4 wounds back, which surprised me, winning me combat and crumbling some ghouls. The warriors killed a few guard and the guard killed 4 warriors, bringing the combat to a tie.

Dark Elf-
I charged my Cold one knights into his skellies; moved my harpies to block the black knights and positioned my manticore for a rear charge of the black knights.

Shooting saw all but 3 of the skellies on the left dead

The corsairs won again against the waning waves of ghouls, with some insane armor rolling, leaving only 3 ghouls left. The warriors brought the grave guard down to 1 model, who refused to fail his armour save.

Turn 4
Movement- Charged black knights into harpies blocking way, who fled. Charged Black knights + 3 skellies into the warriors flanks, but were both out by a fraction of an inch.

Magic- Scrolled

Combat- Grave guard died, ghouls died

Dark Elf-
Movement- Charged manticore into vampire knights, moved harpies to table quarter.

Shooting+Magic- Killed off 3 knights and the last 3 skellies

Combat- Manticore challenged his vampire and killing blowed him 3 times, reaping the max over kill and crumbling the rest of his army.

Result - Win
Massacre for the Dark Elves!

-Corsairs holding up against 2 squads of ghouls with one lucky round of combat.
-Manticore master KB'ing the vampire general.
-Rxbmen shooting 40 shots into the varg only to get them all regenerated, but later besting him in combat, leaving him to crumble.

Men of the Match:
Dark elves: Corsairs, shot up some hounds nicely with their handbows and holding off an entire flank on their own, good going sea dogs.

Vampires: Grave Guard, slamming into the warrior anvil and holding on long enough for reinforcements to arrive, only to be narrowly out of range, tough luck.

Overall it was a good game, with each of us having our fair share of good and bad rolling. As far as the list goes, I think it worked out nicely. I was worried about not having a lot of magic defense but he didn't take much at all, which I think put a damper on his army, not being able to regenerate wounds to his ghouls and guard.

Tzeentch Loyalist
20-01-2009, 02:25
how did you kill a 3 base strong block of spirit host on the charge w/ you're manticore hero? the max wounds you could cause including CR is 9, the max wounds on the unit was 12. Your manticore could not wound the spirit hosts as they are etheral.

Otherwise, good game, your friend however, needs to get to know his army alittle bit better. Hey, a wins a win. I hope you both had fun, and good sportsmanship for letting him play with 4 specials in a lower point game.

20-01-2009, 02:38
Ah right, I forgot my manticore couldn't do anything to them, I would have only done 3 wounds from my master then. Ah well, live and learn...and forget and be reminded again. >.>

20-01-2009, 14:13
Wow, someone actually took that silly cursed banner :confused:

Anyway don't sweat the spirithost thing, everyone makes mistakes.

20-01-2009, 14:37
More fool your opponent for taking Spirit Hosts and not knowing that the Manticore couldn't harm them! Looking forward to seeing you face some real challenges though ;)

23-01-2009, 12:56
I like how you don't stick with the staple powerbuilds for dark elves. I'm looking forward to reading a battle report against hardcore daemons - since you have an impressive win ratio from your sig.

Keep up the good work with making battle reports :).


25-01-2009, 22:33
I like how you don't stick with the staple powerbuilds for dark elves. I'm looking forward to reading a battle report against hardcore daemons - since you have an impressive win ratio from your sig.

Keep up the good work with making battle reports :).


Thanks, as far as deamons go, not many people play them here. I think there is one, but he plays so power gamey that no one plays him, and thus he doesn't come to the shop very often.

24-05-2009, 23:04
Hey hey, got around to playin a new friendly game, 2 jobs + school = no time to do Warhammer.. but I got to play a WE vs DE 1k match, I was just going for some fun so I made a fluffy Black Ark Corsair Raider list

1k DE Raiders:

1000 Black Ark Raider List

Master 144
Cold One, Lifetaker, HA, SDC, Shield, Lance

2x10 Black Ark Corsairs 200

20x Warriors 135

5x Harpies 55

7x Shades 263
Great Weapons
Assassin: Manbane, Rending Stars

2x Reaper Bolt Throwers 200

WE -
8 Wild Riders

lvl 2 Mage (tree sing + Hunt)

Wraith (Regen spell)

2x 10 Glade Guard

15 Eternal Guard

Nothing to powerful in either list, and it turned out to be a great game.

Deployment: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_deploy.jpg

Hills on each side, Forest in mid, two Barriers on my right flank, one barrier to my left flank

White = Shoot
Pink = Magic

Turn 1 WE: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_Turn1WE.jpg

Everything Moves up, Moved trees 4 inches to the left, cast regen on wild riders

Turn 1 DE: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_Turn1DE.jpg

Moved up, Lifetaker killed 2 Wild Riders, RBT killed some GG, Shades and Assassin unloaded on wraith, 8 Wounds, 8 ward saves. :D

Turn 2 WE: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_Turn2WE.jpg
Wild Riders Charge Warriors, Wraith puts regen on archers, GG kill 1 harpy

Warriors lose combat and hold

Turn 2 DE: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_Turn2DE.jpg

I Pound Everything into the Wraith again, another 11 wounds, 11 ward saves. My last bolt thrower got a wound off and killed it, finally. Life Taker takes out some E.Guard

I charge Wild Riders with Corsairs, win combat and they get away, I have banner now though.

Turn 3 WE: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_Turn3WE.jpg

Left GG kill a bunch of Shades, who pass panic

E. Guard Charge flank of Warriors, who lose combat and are run down.

Right GG kill one RBT crew

Turn 3 DE: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000DEVSWE_Turn3DE_Final.jpg

I charge right GG with both Warriors + Harpies, kill all but one, and still pass panic.

I shoot up the left GG some more.

At this point my opponent concedes.

Result: Massacure for the DE

All in all I love the corsair models but in the many many games I have played they haven't done much at all, but I will not give up on them yet. I see potential in their handbows and will find where it is hiding.

26-05-2009, 08:07
Ouch, I think you should check his dice. The probability of making 19 of 19 5+ ward saves is astronomical. I've made 5 or 6 in a single turn, but there's no way to make 11 one turn and 8 the other. Thos dice have got to be shaved or weighted.

26-05-2009, 17:54
fast and furious, the pics turned up unreadably small though. Shooting the wraith with lifetaker would have saved you some trouble ;)

26-05-2009, 18:07
Yeah I had originally planned to put my master on my left flank with those corsairs, but he didn't put his wild riders to mirror that side, so there was no real reason for me to go over there, I figured an assassin with rending stars/manbane + a full squad of shades would be enough to kill one weak model :|, I guess not :D.

Oh I see the pics are quite tiny, lemme fix that.

Edit: Pictures have been enlarged, you can actually see whats going on now.

26-05-2009, 18:33
But your WE opponent should reconsider his list. At 1k I would recomend at least a couple of units of dryads, Alter hero HoD, great weapon etc, At least 2 units of Glade guard for some shooting, at least one scroll caddy. The value of 15 E. guard can definitely be questioned together with 8 wild riders its to many points in to few units. Also if you play WE and get charged all the time you are doing something wrong.

15-06-2009, 00:01
Game 5: Dark Elves vs Skaven 1000pts

Had another battle against my friend Wyatt with his Skaven last weekend, it was great fun for both of us. The game was 1000 Points, so here we go!

1000 Dark Elves - Just threw together a list with the models I had brought along.

lvl 2 Sorc
Dark Steed, Lifetaker, Tome of Furion

Noble BSB
Banner of Hag Graef, Shield, H.Armour, SDC, Great Wep

24 Warriors
FC, Shields, Banner of Murder

10 Corsairs

8 Witch Elves

Cold One Chariot

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

1000 Skaven -

Shield, H.Armour

BSB, Umbranner

Warlock Engineer

25 Clanrats
FC, Rattling Gun

25 Clanrats

2x20 Slaves

10 Night Runners

2x10 Gutter Runners
Poisoned Weps

Deployment: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Deploy.jpg

Turn One: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Turn1.jpg

Skaven Turn One:

Everything moves up, Magic Dispelled, No shooting

Dark Elves Turn One:

Move: Shift Corsairs + Witch Elves to the left, Chariot goes stupid, move sorc up left flank

Magic/Shoot: Chillwind on Rattling gun dispelled, Bladewind on Rattling gun for the kill. Shoot lifetaker at back gutter Runners killing 3, whom pass panic. I shoot a RBT at the BSB and the bolts bounce off the Umbranner, I shoot the other RBT at his General Unit, killing a few.

Skaven Turn Two: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Turn2Skaven.jpg

Back Gutter Runners Charge Sorc who were just in (I forgot they had 6'' Movement ant not 5''), I had to stand and shoot, killing another another 2 (pass panic again :| ).

Magic Dispelled again

Gutter Runners rip out the sorc's entrails and overrun off the table.

Dark Elves Turn Two: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Turn2Darkelves.jpg

I move up my corsairs to shoot the night runners, I charge my chariot into the Gutter Runners, Move up my BSB warrior unit next to the tree line.

Shooting: Shooting kills some night runners and they panic, clearing the path for my chariot.

Combat: Chariot wiped out the entire Gutter Runner unit and overruns into the General Clanrat Unit.

Turn Three: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Turn3.jpg

Skaven Turn Three:
Slaves Charge Witch elves to buy their clanrats some time to fight off the warrior unit and the chariot. Other slaves engage the BSB Warrior unit

Magic: Warp Lightning blows up a massive 10 warriors from the BSB unit, who pass panic, thankfully.

Combat: Chariot wins combat vs the General Clanrat unit and runs them down, pursuing into the BSB clanrat unit.

Dark Elves Turn Three:
Shoot everything at gutter runners to no effect.

Combat: Beat on the slaves who roll snake eyes to break and stay. Chariot loses combat but holds (I let him use the Umbranner vs the impact hits b/c it is distributed as shooting only to realize the chariot was str 5, doh :P) My BSB Warrior unit massacres the slave unit and but only pursue 2 inches.

Skaven Turn Four: http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Turn4Skaven.jpg
Gutter runners get up close to the RBT unit to try and get some victory points

Combat: Witches destroy the slaves and pursue into the clanrat unit, who lose combat by one, but stay on the BSB re-roll.

Dark Elves Turn Four http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq283/Slanderbot/1000_DEvsSkaven_Turn4Darkelf.jpg
I charge my BSB warrior unit into the clanrats

Gutter runners are gunned down.

Combat: Chariot + 8 witch elves + BSB + Warrior squad finally beat the skaven to a pulp, no one left alive.

And with that there are no more skaven units on the board.

Result - Win
Massacre for the Dark Elves!

Was a fun game all around, I will make sure to keep my sorc out of range of those pesky gutter runners next time. They are fast little buggers.

16-06-2009, 20:48
Thumbs up for the battle report and keep spreading the Druchii slaughter!