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14-01-2009, 15:26
in anticipation of the new guard codex im going to go back and redo my old guard army as solar macharius army during his crusade (who cares if hed dead, that doesnt stop eldar taking eldrad)

was just wondering if anybody had any details as to what equipment he had available? what models to use (im thinking probably just cadians with a different paint scheme) although im not sure how his army fought? was it just like a regular guard army : a mix of everything? lots of vetrans and stormtroopers? what about abhumans like squats and ogryns?

looking at macharius himself thats probably just a HSO with a bolt pistol, power sword, carapace armour and a personal icon yeah?

14-01-2009, 15:28
check this thing out: http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2008/07/play-aid-macharian-crusade.html

that should answer all your questions

14-01-2009, 15:30
Macharius didn't lead an army, he led a battlegroup.

14-01-2009, 15:40
GW site had rules for Macharius a while back. Can't seem to find them anymore. Maybe someone can give more info on his special rules, but army builder gives the following:
WS D3+2 (rolled at the begining of the game, I believe)
BS 4
S 3
T 3
W 4
I 4
A D3+2 (plus his weapons)
Ld. 10

Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol
Master-Crafted Power Weapon
Carapace Armour
Helm of Macharius (3+ Inv.)
Trademark Item (Crimson Cloak)

Special Rules:
Independent Character
Master Stretegist (I think it was the same as the Macharian Cross or something, but with longer range)
Old War Wounds (I think this is the D3 WS and A)
Commanding Presence
Furious Charge

All for 173pts.

14-01-2009, 15:59
nice, random stats, i take it that makes him more loke creed: a character running around by himself rather than a HSO type who has that 4 man squad with him or does his 173 points include his bodyguard unit

14-01-2009, 16:16
Might be worth nothing that when the model came out, GW was selling him with Mordian bodyguards.

14-01-2009, 16:24
He doesn't come with a retinue or a squad or anything. He's just one model.

EDIT: Hell, I forgot I had the old IG codex. Lemme check his stuff.

Master Stretegist = Instead of rolling to see who goes first, you may choose to go first if you wish. Only works in missions where it is random.

Old War Wounds = The random A and WS.

Commanding Presence = Same as the current "Officer" rule, in other words, all Guard units within 12" use his Ld. 10.

Furious Charge = It's not Furious, it's Ferocious Charge. He gets D3 attacks on charge instead of the normal 1. No other bonuses.

14-01-2009, 16:33
i think that mordain thing was just a minia dioarama (the officer with a las pistol and a standard bearer on a rocky outcrop)

ive already done the same with cadians painted white with shadow gray armour, nice looking scheme so i maybe go with that

Crazy Ivan
14-01-2009, 21:13
i think that mordain thing was just a minia dioarama (the officer with a las pistol and a standard bearer on a rocky outcrop)

However, I always thought Mordians and Catachans made up quite a large part of his crusading armies (just look at page 9 of the current Codex...)

And Tallarns of course! Anyone remember Captain Al'Rahem of the 3rd Tallarn Desert Raiders? :)

self biased
15-01-2009, 00:22
he was horrible. a guard army could pay two hundred points or so to go first.

15-01-2009, 06:21
He had everything. He led a Crusade that conquered a thousand worlds in seven years. He had to have. ;) Whatever you want.

Col. Dash
15-01-2009, 12:43
Thats an awesome BoLS pdf. Spent alot of time reading it, good fluff even if it isnt official.

15-01-2009, 16:46
Master Strategist - any game where you roll off to see who goes first, Solar can choose to go first.