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29-11-2005, 21:18

30-11-2005, 03:48
An idea I had about the Squig Herd is this:

Squigs gone Wild
If there's not sufficient herders to manage the squigs, or the unit flees, then the squigs go wild. When a herd of squigs goes wild, it becomes a skirmishing unit
A skirmishing two attack St5 unit sounds very popular (even at 14 points?). Or do they somehow still hop? Mv value is still 2d6? Should squig hoppers count as handlers? What would the difference then be between a mounted squig and a loose squig?

Since handlers can never be in front of squigs and skirmishers have no front (or back) this needs to be resolved.

and rolls once for the entire herd on the wild monsters table.

Page 105? One-third of the time the squigs remain stationary? remaining near their beloved master(s?=)?

I'd make their own table: Either run away or charge nearest enemy. Maybe roll each turn?

Your idea needs some clarification, but it might make squigs useful again and reduce their rules to a few paragraphs instead of a few pages.

Hideous Loon
30-11-2005, 18:18
I have a suggestion. The Squig Herd needs to make a Ld test, with a negative modifier for every Squig over ten, to charge someone. For example, a Squig Herd of twelve Squigs declares a charge against /whatever/. They make a Ld test (say that their Ld is 7, it's prob'ly lower, but hey) with a relative Ld of 5. They fail. Then, they have to make a move 2D6" in the direction directed by a Scatter dice.

Whaddya think?