View Full Version : 2,000 point High Elves vs. Dark Elves

15-01-2009, 07:25
Archmage (leads Swordmasters)
-Talisman of Saphery
-Folariath's Robe
-Staff of Solidity

Mage (leads Archers)

Noble Battle Standard Bearer (leads Spearelves)
-Armour of Caledor
-Gaurdian Phoenix
-Great Weapon


17 Spearelves 6X3
-Full Command
-War Banner

11 Archers


17 Swordmasters
-Full CMND
-Banner of Sorcery

6 Dragon Princes

7 Silver Helms
-Champion, Musician


2 x Repeater Bolt Thrower

1 x Great Eagle


Casting pool: 9-11

Dispell Pool: 5 + 1 Scroll

Any tips, comments, hints are appreciated.

General tactics are to destroy fast combat stuff (ie. Cold one chariots, Hydra, etc...) early with magic/shooting.

Engage enemy units with infantry and use cavalry to flank/support.

15-01-2009, 07:53
Well the layout itself seems good. Quite a few things though:

Archmage - Interesting choices. But seems like a waste of potential firepower. Consider Silver Wand, Ring of Fury, and 2 Dispel Scrolls/Power Stones. 5 Spells, one bound spell, and offense or defense at your fingertips. Don't build on the AM being alright in combat, in fact best not to.

The Mage is alright, assuming he's L2. The BSB is okay too. That said I'd prefer that the BSB be on a mount, given dragon prince-like equipment, and a Magic Banner.

And again, do you really need a BSB? You have two blocks and not enough controlling assets.

Drop the 11th Archer for 1 more Spearman, extra wound helps here more.

I would drop the Silver Helms. At the very least, the Helms' Champion. A second Great Eagle could be put in, but so too can a chariot. Normally I don't like Sword Masters at that size, they're just the primary targets of every shooter out there. But it's up to you. Consider them to be 7-wide though.

Quick change to save some money perhaps--5 Dragon Princes, Musician, and Banner of Ellyrion. Makes them very mobile, adds +1 CR. Seriously though unless you don't have anything else on hand, drop the Silver Helms.

15-01-2009, 15:00
I would say put the BSB on a horse and put it in the dragon princes with Banner of the World dragon or the Battle Banner. Would make your dps so much better.