View Full Version : Any ever mage or knows where to find a Tau'cyr claendar?

29-11-2005, 21:55
The Tau'cyr is basically a year for the Tau. I tried to build a calendar based upon the measurements in the codex': Tau but it was really confusing and long. Has anyone ever made a calendar based on a Tau'cyr or knows were i could find one for reference.

29-11-2005, 22:54
A Tau year is roughly 300 terran days (297.74 precisely).
The Tau month (Kai'rotaa), is 80 Rotaa (days).

Rotaa brake down into 10 Decs (hours), which are either night or day.

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30-11-2005, 00:25
The confusing bits pretty much come into it when you try to consider what demarcation the Tau may have used for Tau'cyr 1 (if they do) or what seasons the calendar might represent or whether or not they would have a "roaming first day of the year" in accordance with T'au's perihelion (pick another recurring astronomical event if you like) or something utterly bizarre suchlike that (another waffley reason to have the Kai'rotta for "all the castes" stuck in there)...we don't even know if they have a concept like a "week," iirc. In short, the effort it'd take would probably not be worth the time unless you're a megafan. But if you took the effort, you'd probably go down in legend! ;)

30-11-2005, 02:07
well i am. it looks like a rotaa is supposed to be similar to a day but it would only have ten hours. it syas somewhere else that each dec is either a light dec or a dark dec which would mean that two decs are a day. WTF? Although Tau might be closer to a sun then earth which hepothetically would shorten the length of a day to an hour.

you could arrange it so that a kai'rotaa works like a month with 80 days per month. and iirc which is not an official word for weak but is widely known could be 10 rotaa giving the month 8 weeks.

I think i will try to make one again. If i have success i will post the calendar i create.

30-11-2005, 21:20
Distance from the sun doesn't determine the day lenght, the spin of the planet does(unless there's a lurking variable there which relates rotation to distance from the sun).

A ten hour rotation doesn't 'need' to be as bad as we think...(unless I'm reading it all wrong).


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01-12-2005, 00:51
Er, no. A rotaa has light decs, and dark decs. Light decs are decs wot happen when it's light, and dark decs are decs wot happen when it isn't. Simple, eh?

Codex: Tau is pretty clear about the whole system, excluding what KM said.