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Dooks Dizzo
15-01-2009, 16:57
Quick question: what happens if you reduce a daemons leadership below 2?


I beat a unit of Bloodletters in combat by 10. Their leadership is 7.
If they roll a 3 how many models do they lose? For that matter, if they roll a 2?

Of course it shouldn't come up too often but I am gearing up to take on daemons and lots of combat res will be my main tactic.

Dooks Dizzo
15-01-2009, 17:00
nevermind...just checked the FAQ.

15-01-2009, 17:02
Logic (yes I know it's Warhammer and logic usually does not apply ;) ) would suggest they lose 6 models if they roll a 3, and 5 if they roll a 2.

I haven't played against their new list yet but aren't daemons stubborn?

EDIT: Ninja'd... Well never mind then.

Dooks Dizzo
15-01-2009, 17:27
Naw, daemons aren't stubborn.

The FAQ actually points out something simple that I missed: Combat res adds to the roll as opposed to subtracting from the leadership. So there is technically no upper limit to the number of additional wounds they can sustain.

However a roll of a double 1 does count for Insane Courage (or Insane Instability :) ) for daemons.

They aren't stubborn thank goodness! (They are immune to psycology though.)

15-01-2009, 19:53
daemons can be stubborn, in fact its quite popular....