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15-01-2009, 21:46
how do you guys feel about a unit of 15 slayers to hold a flank? the idea is to expand their frontage in the last moment from 5 to 15, blocking all passage on one flank, and then, if possible, charge the blocked unit with one of my units that is positioned to flank them?

I feel it would be great against undead, daemons... unsupported by characters (or max. one) ...

15-01-2009, 22:06
The wider you are the more units they can hit you with which means more attacks which means your unbreakable unit dies faster.

Slayers have their uses, but I wouldn't use them that way.

16-01-2009, 09:41
It depends on the enemy you're facing:

Against armies that can hit hard in close combat, Malorian's insight is spot on. However, not many armies can manage 15 kills against slayers in a single turn. Most that do, would kill off most of them with a single unit as well. (see chaos knights, blood knights, swordmasters, dryads and so on)

Against armies that rely on big blocks of troops to win combats, your tactic is perfectly viable. A couple of units of clanrats or spearmen charging your slayers will give YOU the edge, in fact; they won't be able to deal more than 2 or 3 wounds, then you'll get to attack back with many slayers, boosting your combat resolution as a result.

Another nasty (if not dirty) trick is to reform them just before they get charged, presenting the enemy with a 1-wide, 15-deep conga line. At most, the enemy will be able to get 3 models to attack, ensuring their being tarpitted.

On a side note, don't discount lone Dragon Slayers as a means of blocking enemy units and/or redirecting. I'vebeen using them for quite some time and they've performed solidly.

16-01-2009, 10:32
Yeah its a semi viable tactic but has its drawbacks as described above. But even if they are hit by really hard hitters, they might last more than 1 round and thus give u that charge and blockage.

On a sidenote i never use them with my dwarfs (that i almost never play but when i do i never take slayers.) simply because they are bad in combat and dont do justice at all to their fluff. I do not mean bad in a powergamer i wanna win way, but somone as a normal trooper that is called TROLL slayer cant even outmatch a small skaven it jst sad imo.
I would like them to be made rare with a much greater cost and alot more power that might get my back to dwarfs, which i more or less abandoned for brets.

16-01-2009, 11:07
They pobably need a ward save.

16-01-2009, 13:49
Matching slayers with an anvil of doom in larger games might improve their usefulness since you could potentially charge. That said, I have to agree that I've never had much luck with slayers either, they typically get shot up in the first turn or two of the game.