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16-01-2009, 04:42
Ok so for a local campaign im considering a new army. The Campaign Begins with 500pt lists fighting, so due to limited funds im planning that for now and picking up further troops down the line.

Currently im clearly fixated on a Cavalry theme and have three lists in mind:

1. Chaos Mortals: Snake Tribe from the older Chaos books, Slanneshi Cavalry with lots of snakes. Baddies from Conan! :rolleyes:

Exalted Champion 155pts
Enchanted Shield, Mark of Slannesh, Steed of Slannesh
Good for general Mayhem, Side charges and Character butchery!

5 Marauder Horse 85pts
Throwing Spears, Shields, Mark of Slannesh
Core Choice, Annoying fast cavalry, The Mark was to use spare 10pts

5 Chaos Knights 260pts
Full Command, Mark of Slannesh
Hammer time! Command is expensive, but cool looking...

Expansion Plans: More Knights, lots more Marauder horse, Some Wizards and maybe a big snake Daemon Prince!

2. Bretonnians: A typical Bret army id guess, Heroic Heroes, muddy peasants! Just not yet because its only a wee army... And no, no BSB according to campaign rules.

Paladin 103pts
Barded Steed, Enchanted Shield, Virtue of Discipline
Cheap-ish leader to help back up the KoR

8 Knights of the Realm 226pts
Full Command, Banner of Chalons
Core Smashy unit, Banner was to use some points, also I expect at least 1 Wood Elf shooty army to be a pain

3 Pegasus Knights 165pts
These guys just have to be rude at 500pts...

Expansion Plans: Grail Knights, More Characters (Inc Scroll caddy) 1 unit each of the peasants to help win combats, probably more KoR

3. Goblin Wolfrider Horde: Personally I love the concept, but the army is massively expensive and horribly screwed by a crappy Army book :cries:

Goblin Big Boss 153pts
Iron Gnashas, Sneaky Skewerer, Enchanted Shield
Light Armour, Chariot (+1 Wolf +1Crew)
Gobbo with killing blow! Whos laughing now! Plus a Second Chariot! (We only get 1 Special or rare choice per 500pts in the campaign)

12 Goblin Wolf Riders 198pts
Full Command, Shields, Spears
These guys are what laughably passes for attack troops, Go Chariots go! We've got static combat res!

6 Goblin Wolf Riders 78pts
Typical Harrasment troops, can backup rank remove is animosity whaps me

Wolf Chariot 66pts
Extra Wolf, Extra Crew
Gyar! Hopefully Impact hits actually kill something....

Expansion Plans: Yet more Wolf Riders, Fill up on Wolf Chariots and Characters possibly including Grom (To stop pesky elf fear! +Chariot!)

So yeah... Thoughts on the lists guys? I contemplated 3 seperate threads but decided that was needlessly annoying for all! But they all have their appeal to me equally at the mo, i need a clear winner :chrome:

16-01-2009, 05:12
The WOC list, themed, effective and not paticularily cheesy, whats not to like?

17-01-2009, 22:01
The WOC list, themed, effective and not paticularily cheesy, whats not to like?

True, may well go with them (They are also the cheapest in cash to buy!) Anyone else have any advice/pointers? Ive not used WoC since 5th Ed! :chrome: