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Smiling Banshee
16-01-2009, 13:22
Has any one tried converting normal SM's into Grey Knights at all? How would you feel about playing this sort of army? Please post your pics if you have given it a go.

16-01-2009, 13:40
I wouldn't have problems.

Easy way to do such a conversion:
-Space Marines. Extra kudos if all have Mk. 2 helmets, Mk. 6 legs and Mk. 8 torsos, but that might up the price. Though simple GS over SM helmets to give them that Mk. 2 look works too. Or maybe get Bretonnian Knight helmets, I've seen some SM models with them and they look pretty sweet too.

-Swords, axes, spears, mallets, mauls, maces, etc. Nemesis comes in many forms, sez so right in the codex, so there is nothing wrong with it.

-Storm Bolters for all. Bunch of terminator SB arms from Bitz stores should do it. Cut off the gun and attack to bolt pistol arms.

-Psycannons from Heavy bolters. I think the Deathwatch HB was 36" Heavy 3 / 18" Assault 3 too due to a suspension system. The rest is just up to the ammo.

-Incenerators from flamers.

16-01-2009, 14:01
just checked the workshop website and you can order packs of nemisis weapons and terminator psycannons. if you get plastic gstuffed marine bodies and fit these, it should look ok, then if you want incinerators, as above, use flamers.

funny, i was just thinking about something similar after seeing the fw terminator inquisitor...

16-01-2009, 14:17
Ah, finally found these from my hard drive.
You can see at the background of the last picture a psycannon conversion. Basically a 3 barrel assault cannon.

I was going to use the helmet thing on my Chaos terminators:
The psycannon's suppose to be a sonic blaster.

16-01-2009, 15:14
You can make convincing GKT's out of plastic termies, but I find it's the normal GKs that are the problem. I have yet to see convincing GKs made of tactical marines and just looking at the basic bits you would need I don't think it would save you money. That and the proportion of their wargear is pretty unique, the storm bolter for example are pretty small.

16-01-2009, 15:55
Here's some I picked up with a quick search of the internets:

Smiling Banshee
16-01-2009, 16:03
Thanks for the replies guys, especially the links MrbigMr. Im gonna have to give it a go now. Keep em coming, great stuff.

Lord Damocles
16-01-2009, 16:33
Ah, now I feel like a right chump for buying so many metal Knights :(

16-01-2009, 16:41
Ah, now I feel like a right chump for buying so many metal Knights :(

Common they are beautifull models, if anything, feel bad because they are terrible playwise! ;)

At least, that's what's keeps me going back to mine, killer looks.

17-01-2009, 03:11
I saw some very nice Grey Knight Terminators converted from plastic terminators here on Warseer and considered building some but, when I considered the time involved I just went ahead and bought a bunch. :D