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16-01-2009, 14:47
Valkia's 'Gaze of Khorne' ability allows all 'Eye of the Gods' rolls to be re-rolled so long as she is on the board. I have 2 questions related to this, and another partially related:

1. Does this ability work on Chosen units with their free roll at the beginning of the battle?

2. If this does allow Chosen units a re-roll, can they re-roll a result other than 'Insanity' or 'The Eye is Closed'? If they can, can they then re-roll results of 'Insanity' or 'The Eye is Closed' although they are technically using Valkia's re-roll?

3. Forgetting Valkia for this question, can Chosen unit affected by the Chaos Warshrine's 'Giver of Glory' roll still benefit from re-rolls of 1s and 7s, and/or can their unit Champion should he kill a big targer / win a challenge?

16-01-2009, 15:03
1. Yes.
2. They're allowed a re-roll, so they get to re-roll whatever they roll. It's their own roll, so if they re-roll the 2/7 into another 2/7, keep rolling until you get a usable result.
3. It's only the initial roll that Chosen get to re-roll 2s and 7s, so they're stuck with bad rolls if gained from outside sources.

17-01-2009, 11:04

That makes it much more easier to tailor the Chosen to get the ability you want I guess, especially if you give the Champion the Favour of the Gods item (re-roll and a +/- 1)

17-01-2009, 17:26
if you look closely id say that you can reroll the 2's and 7's with them from te war shrine