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Boss Zagstruk
16-01-2009, 13:48
First attempt at a ghoul themed list. Its mostly just based around the models i like and the fluff i like. Hope you like it :)

The armys fluff is based around these 3 vamps who are in hiding within a forest. They come across some ruined keep and get access to sum badass powers. They raise an army of ghouls and beasts (work in progress).

Vampire lord with +1 magic level, ghoulkin, dark acolyte, walking dead and summon ghouls.Sword of might, flayed hauberk and crown of the damned.

Vampire with dark acolyte, avatar of death and rod of flaming death.

Vampire with dark acolyte, avatar of death and book of arkham.

Wight king with skeletal steed, sword of kings and enchanted shield.

17 ghouls + ghast.
144 *with vampire lord*

17 ghouls + ghast.
144 *with vampire*

17 ghouls + ghast.
144 *with vampire*

6 dire wolves.

7 dire wolves.

Corpse cart with unholy loadstone.

Corpse cart with unholy loadstone.

5 black knights with FC and banner of the barrows.
205 *with wight king*

4 fell bats

3 spirit hosts


2 carins wraiths and banshee.

Total 2496

16-01-2009, 15:08
I like the lord setup. A good mix of magic and combat power.

One thought on the wight king is that the sword of kings goes really well with that item (nightshroud?) that makes your opponent WS1 and go last. Hitting on 3's means you have more dice that hit and can go for killingblow. Plus you get the jump on high elves or when you get charged.

Two balefires is probably a waste (remember you still only get +1 even if both are in range) so it's probably best to turn one into balefire.

Full command on the black knights is probably a waste and the points would be better spent getting another knight as you don't want to risk having the unit wiped out and thus nothing to raise back.

16-01-2009, 15:29
I agree, the Black Knights prob don't need full cmd... I'd drop it down to just the Std.

Also, I agree on the Nightshroud (I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but seems like a great item on paper). Not sure if your Knights have Barding, they probably should.

Maybe give one of the Vampire the Sum Creatures power so you can add to the Wolves and Bats as well...

Can't comment on CCs, haven't used them...

16-01-2009, 16:55
Nice flexible list.

I think the B.Knight unit with FC is fine, your getting alot of bang out of it/captain for taking challenges/standard for +1 CR/ muso for draws, its a reasonable idea to spend those points to protect for W.Lord, plus you have alot of good flanking/support options to get the CR you need to control combat.

Boss Zagstruk
19-01-2009, 09:41
Thanks for the help. Im liking my current set up but i was thinking of swapping out the carins wraiths and banshee for another varghulf. What do you think?

19-01-2009, 09:53
two varghulfs are a strong choice ut cairn wraiths are brilliant flank charges when you know they can't be hurt in return. I'ts also nice to have 360 degree LoS in the midst of your lines for sneaky miners and gourgers etc.

I'd recommend putting summon ghouls on one more of your vampires as it makes the use of power dice more efficient when casting on a 3+.

Not sure about spirit host, in my mind they are one of the few overcosted units in the book and don't do a lot. If they are for screening the black knights fair enough but don't forget they can hide in and move through terrain for cover plus might get vanhels off on them so they could be less exposed to shooting.

Finally, no guarantee of getting vanhel's danse macabre? it works really well with miasma of deathly vigour.