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16-01-2009, 14:03
Hey everyone, I recently bought and built Orion since its a cool model with wicked background. Now im interested in doing a wild hunt style WE list for fairly competitive play.

Ive heard that Orion is very vulnerable due to poor ward save and crumbling, but now that he can join units I think he becomes more viable.

Does anyone have any experience or opinions on Orion and how competitive a WE list with lots of Wild Riders is? What else in the army list would complement this type of army? Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated :D

16-01-2009, 16:10
Yeah, that's difficult to make competitive. I've got Orion painted up as well, same reason as you i like the model. I haven't used him in a game yet because he's so expensive, and not great. However, i will get around to using him.

If you put Orion a unit of 5 wild riders (just std, mus) that's 723 points, and he takes up a lord and hero slot. He's going to attract alot of attention from missiles and magic, but i think wild riders give him magic resistance.

I don't think it's possible to use him in a 2,000 point list, not enough figures. I'd be tempted to take a few spellweavers to cast call of the hunt to get him into combat asap. Maybe tree surf with him as well. I'm very biased towards close combats armies, others might have put elves with bows, but here's what i would do

Highborn, alter kin, GW, lgt ar, helm hunt, amber pendant, annoyance nettles..269
spellsinger l.bow, dis scroll,...............150
spellsinger l.bow, dis scroll, dis scroll...175
spellsinger l.bow, dis scroll................150

5 wild rider (std, mus)..148
8 dryads.....96
8 dryads.....96
8 dryads.....96
3 treekin....195
3 treekin....195
3 treemen...855

power = 8
dispel = 7 plus 4 scrolls
models = 43 !! (wow, that's low)

OK, not sure if that's a rubbish list, but i had a go :D That's spot on 3,000

I can see problems with the highborn, it's a case of timing him well with someone else flanking (not dryads) He's a possible character assassin in a challenge though. Also, the spellsingers will have to be on their own. If that's a problem, you may want to take something out and give them glamourweave?

17-01-2009, 08:27
Thanks for the reply. Seems that Orion isn't as popular as I thought he would be with just one reply :p

Yeh I can see how Orion would be hard to fit into 2000pts, but maybe if he was the only character then it would be doable. 575 pts is so expensive for such a fragile guy, I swear the designers were just guessing with the point cost :eyebrows:

However, I think a big chunk of his points are because he makes Wild Riders count as core. Theyre a very good and speedy unit and to have this sort of unit as core sort of changes how the army plays, compared to more traditional and elusive WE lists. Also because he contributes 2 DD and also because wild riders have magic resistance, I don't see that a scroll caddy is needed as much.

Your list is quite interesting, lots of tree singing and forest spirits. When I initially was thinking up a list for a standard 2250pts tourney size list, I had 5 x 6 Wild Riders and 3 x 8 Wardancers. I didn't really want to go magic heavy so I had 2 cc nobles, one standard alter and one wild rider with the dawnspear. Then rounded off the list with 2 great eagles. It seems like a much more offensive list than your one, but it is also weaker against magic and doesn't have the strength that treeman or treekin have. :D Just shows how different people can make very different lists I guess. Im going to post a list up in the army list section and get some replies. Thanks for your reply though, it put a few holes in my own list and gave me some things to think about.

Any more ideas or suggestions about Orion or wild riders? Where are all the Orion fans on Warseer...:p

Disciple of Caliban
17-01-2009, 15:28
I run a wild rider list (occasionally), though not in a competitive environment. Trying to make such a force competitive seems like a real struggle (Orion isnt exactly a powerhouse despite his cost), however, if you wanted to have a go, i'd suggest something like:

2 Treeman (or 1 and an eagle, though unless you expect a few fanatics and frenzied units you probably wont need it)

That leaves you a little under 875 pts to actually buy an army (if i'm rememebering pts correctly, and based on a 2k force, which is the norm round here), which works out at a little over 30 wild riders, so 5 units of 6.

My preffered 2k force (which isnt very competitive) is based around:

3 * 5 Wild riders
3 * 8 Dryads

And then whatever else takes my fancy. As you can see the Wild hunt armies are rarely going to go much over 50 models, however, you will be seriously quick. The main weakness is a lack of magical defence, but only 1 of my opponents uses much magic (VC) so i tend to just grin and bear it (by that i mean i hide behind all the cover i can muster!!, and generally still get beaten)

19-01-2009, 16:31
Thanks for the reply. Yeh it seems that a Wild Hunt style list would be quite hard to play, especially vs the latest powerhouse armies (DoC, DE, VCs) but I still think its quite able, just because it is seriously quick and hits hard.

I wasn't too keen on adding treemen into the list because as you mention, it would leave very little points for the rest of the army. But they are strong and I suppose I do lack anything with high strength and toughness, especially that can take a fair beating.

Any other comments or thoughts on Orion or wild riders??

19-01-2009, 18:21
I have run an 2250 Orion list a few times and havent lost with it yet in limited action. Granted, it was using some glade rider standins for wild riders, which is why I havent used it very often. The list is real simple:

Branchwraith w/ cluster
2 units of 6 wild riders with full command, 1 with war banner
3 units of 5 wild riders with full command
4 units of 5 wild riders
8 dryads

57 models, 6 dispel dice (though almost your whole army has MR1), and your charging with everything on turn 2.

21-01-2009, 12:46
Thanks for the reply. Yeh that seems to be a pritty cool list, more of what i had in mind. Lots and lots of wild riders might be hard in that everything you have is immune to psychology, so no baiting and fleeing etc. But it seems very quick and hard hitting :).

Any more thoughts on Orion and Wild Riders? I was particularly interested in how they'd play out against VCs, DE and DoC:cheese: because those armies seem to make up most of the touney armies atm... Any help would be very much appreciated :p

21-01-2009, 13:50
Really I think this question can be answered by figuring out what you want the army to do. If you want a fluffy and cool looking army then I then this is a pretty cool route to go. However, if you are very competitive and want to win a lot of games then this is a very poor list to run imho. Orion is very subpar as a character with no true ward save or armour save. He also has only strength five when he doesn't charge which is just not good enough considering he is a monster. I have run wild riders several times and have typically been disappointed because they just die so easily especially to anything that is magic. Daemons will thrash this type of list because you will never be able to take a single ward save. In fact you will have a very hard time with any army that has a lot of magic, etherals, daemons. Just seems like everything has magical attacks these days. I hope when we get a new book our forest spirits will get true ward saves which would really boost the potential of this list that you want to run.

22-01-2009, 17:07
I love the idea of the list and thought of running it myself many times. I would have it similar to the above lists where there are mainly units of wilder riders.

The only problem is, as silent arrow said, it wouldn't be very competitive. Orion is a very subpar character and ringing in at 575 pts, I doubt he will make his points back. I am currently taking a break from Wood Elves at the moment and am working on a High Elf Force. After writing a lot of list(99% balanced list with heavy infantry and models on foot) I realized that a Prince on a Star Dragon is gonna run you around 625pts kitted out. The Prince and Dragon would maul Orion. And only needing to spend 220 pts on core I could fill the rest of the list with Dragon Princes, which would maul the Wildriders. Or throw in 4 Bolt Throwers. Would I ever run the list, probably not, but you would most likely see it in a tourny.

Point I was trying to make is that the Prince on a dragon is 50 pts more and will mow down Orion in any phase of the game.

I would have enjoyed running the army for a nice fluffy theme, but to be competitive in a tournament setting, I don't really think its possible.

22-01-2009, 18:34
i like the idea of using Orion, but like others stated, its just too hard to fit him in a list unless you want to get crushed. On the flip side, I think he would make a great asset to a 3500+ point army...

22-01-2009, 18:41
I tried orion before, way too expensive for wat it can do... it was killed by a hydra handler in that game lol...

23-01-2009, 12:17
I'm going to try out Orion for the first time this sunday against a dwarf army. So i imagine i'll be hiding behind woods alot. I dread flanking one of his units, and then finding out he has an oathstone and a dwarf character with a nasty rune axe. I think i'll go as magic heavy as i can (Orion takes up a hero and lord choice already), but i'll see how he turns out

23-01-2009, 13:50
If you insist on a wild rider list, I suggest you consider Drycha. She's a much better special character than Orion, and she contributes to a worthwile magic phase as well. Add a glamourweave kindred spellsinger on steed (level 2 if you find the points) with scrolls and a branchwraith with magic upgrade and cluster and you've got your characters sorted.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
23-01-2009, 14:45
I think the idea is sick. Cool model too

23-01-2009, 15:53
I suggest you consider Drycha.

Yeah she's great. I use a 3,500 list with her .... 16 power dice and 5 bound treesinging per turn