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16-01-2009, 14:45
Hey I'm also interested in making a fun but still competitive Slaanesh WoC army (I have nurgle in my mind too)


I play empire and wood elves and my favorite/funnest games are when I win with my movement phases. With wood elves.....my army does all the out maneuvering (and what not). However, the idea with the Slaanesh army would be to have the ENEMY'S army move in such a way that they lose, via Slaanesh magic. Specifically I'm looking at using the frenzy spell on the enemy to make them charge expendable units (such as warhounds), thereby making their flanks vulnerable and the other spell that directly makes units march towards a specific part of the board.

Too bad I can't get the siren song(or whatever) item from the demon's list, but anyway

I'll also have cool MoS horsemen that will harass and redirect the enemy's units as well.

But here are some questions:

Anyone already done this? and how did it go?

How does a Slaanesh army fair against TK, VC, Demon's and other thinks not affected by leadership spells?

And what about these side tactics too:

Mounting Sorcerers on fear creatures, placing them in marauder blocks and casting the Slaanesh spell that upgrades fear to terror?

Giving the -1 ld chaos gift to a character

Also, any other advice for the army is also helpful?

My biggest fears for this army are the big nasty Greater Demons, Dragons, and the like.

16-01-2009, 14:54
Oh, I would also maybe add a MoS ASF giant for the theme...and I like the model

How has he fared in peoples games?

17-01-2009, 05:05
He's an absolute beast in combat, especially against other large targets. The problem is that he is a gigantic fire magnet, and probably all of your opponents shooting phase will be going directly at him so it can be tricky to keep him alive for very long.

17-01-2009, 13:16
I find that with Slaanesh, the trick is to dominate the maneuver phase. That means lots of fast units that can be flexible. I have done fairly well against both VC and TK. being immune to fear is great against them. Against TK, you just have to remember to avoid the big unit in the center with lots of armor. If the Tomb King is in with the Tomb Guard, stay away from them until the end of the game, and then hit 'em from three sides at once. Taking out chariots and horsemen is easy, but the protracted fights are usually a mess. Against VC, its usually pretty similar, but you have to take down the casters. Chaos knights do very well against Black Knights, especially if you get the charge, but I haven't fought the Vamp Knights yet, so don't know about them. Spawn are extremely useful in the Slaanesh list as well. They can strike first against many enemies, and they can kill soft targets such as wizards and fast cav, but they are vulnerable to S4 shooting, so be careful.

Elazar The Glorified
17-01-2009, 14:56
I quite like the idea of mounting sorcerers on fear creatures and then using Aura of Acquiescence. The only potential problem with that is that Daemonic mounts take up two infantry spots (and makes a sorcerer more vulnerable in combat) unless you use a steed of slaanesh which uses a regular cavalry base. The only thing there is I'd feel it to be something of a waste to have a M10 mount trotting along with M4 infantry. Then of course you have to hope for the Aura... still sounds like a fun idea. Terror causing marauders would be amusing.

The Diabolic Splendour (-1 to leadership tests) is a good idea. Would have to go on a lord character though. Quite like the idea of giving a character the Splendour and the filth mace (not very Slaaneshi but it could always be some kind of narcotic soaked mace!) so that he can cause terror after the first wound at -1 and have poisoned attacks.

Anyway, I use a mono-slaanesh force. I think it's one of the easier gods to go mono with just because the mark is cheap (apart from on ASF Giants and there it's worth every point!) and because immunity to terror, fear and panic are always useful the only slight issue is with magic but then only against VC, TK and Daemons does it suffer.

On the subject of the giant. He's monstrous, ASF makes him capable of taking out anything you send him after. The only problem as Cartoon said is keeping him alive as without armour and as a large target he's begging to be shot at and if you're opponent knows there's a S7 monster with ASF charging towards him he'd be a fool not to aim every arrow, bolt, cannon ball etc at the thing! Being a large target you can't screen him but I'd run a unit of Knights next to him so that your opponent has to worry about them hitting like a ton of bricks and completely unharmed if the giant takes all the fire.