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16-01-2009, 19:49
ok... first of all something about the list.

- this is not themed list of any sort.
- this IS attempt to make tournament strong list.
- this is extremely small list as you will see.
- and this is only list I can do within 2 weeks (while still have time to work 10hrs/ day)


Lord Crumble (Nurgle Sorcerer Lord)
4th level upgrade, mark of nurgle
Chaos Dragon mount
Chaos Rune Sword
Enchanted Shield
Infernal Puppet
Diabolic Splendour
785 pts

(Goal is to FIGHT with this dude -1 to opponent WS makes it quite good flanker. I cannot go full frontal cause of the glorious chaos rule that would make my sorcerer forced to challenge some unfortunate unit CHAMPION and eventually lose the combat for static combat resolution. Also mark of nurgle negates the disadvantage that this one is a large target) 4 attack STR 5 and 6 attack STR 6. -1 for opponent LD for every panic, fear and terror this model causes.

Rotting standardbearer (exalted hero)
BSB - Doom Totem
Barded Chaos Steed
Shield, Mark of Nurgle
247 pts

(Basic hero with nasty totem that causes all opponents within line of sight to totem have their Ld dropped by 1. Meaning first/second round terror bomb with -2 LD. not that bad. Yet again mark of nurgle to protect this dude.)

Evil Whisper (exalted hero)
Barded Chaos Steed
The Black Tongue
Shield, Flail
205 pts

(This one is bringing the misfortune to enemy casters, fail once on your spell cast and he makes it miscast. Infernal Puppet makes that miscast really hurt then. Hopefully burning out the poor mage casting the spell. This one has no bigger purpose, good fighter with deduction for opponents.)

3 x 5 plague messangers (marauder horsemen)
flails and musicians
3 x 81 = 243 points

(Every self-respecting lord of chaos has few dumb*** servants to throw to their doom. These guys just sprint ahead luring out all nasty fanatics and ... nothing else. Must buy Cores also, Im not that keen of taking 3 x 10 marauders, which would save some points though.)

5 Knights of Pestilence (Chaos Knights)
Mark of Nurgle, musician, standard

(home for Rotting standardbearer, if Id had more points I would have taken some magical standard for this one too but no points no flags)

5 Knights of Plague (Chaos Knights)
Mark of Nurgle, musician, standard

(Home for Evil Whisperer, also would have taken some standard for this unit too if Id just had more points to spare)

total 2000 points
models 28 (how pathetic)
power dice: 6
dispell dice: 4 no scrolls what so ever

"Million times has it been told that plague and suffering has a learing face."
"Million times has it been whispered that lust and ignorance delivers right only for those who seek death"
"Million times have I feared the day I see my Doom"
"Now is the day, now I see what awaits me and now I say... DIE"
- Memoriams of Lord of Crumble before the dawn of plague and death

16-01-2009, 20:06
replace the word millions with endless.

Id make the black tongue character a wizard lvl 2 with 2x scrolls.

The black tongue is soooooo over-rated. Trust me ive tried it.

17-01-2009, 16:20
If this is a tourney list, then there is likely to be demons and VC galore, all that ItP making the doom totem useless. Sure against many other armies it may work, but i thinks its too risky a tactic to risk so many pts on. Replace it with a cheaper, more effective banner, and get some warhounds - there is always a use for warhounds!

17-01-2009, 16:25
Get some scrolls in there. Bolt of change will ruin your dragon lords day.

17-01-2009, 16:29
Id say drop the black tongue for some scrools other than that it looks pretty decent

Elazar The Glorified
17-01-2009, 17:39
Hmm have to agree about the Black Tongue, it seems like a good idea but ultimately it's a one off trick that gives your opponent half VP for that exalted hero. He'd be much better tooled up for killing in combat.

Also swap the Doom Totem for something a bit more useful. You're paying 75 points for something that if everything goes to plan will only be of use for 2 turns as you'll then be in combat and nobody will be able to draw LOS. Also as said lots of ItP opponents nowadays. Personally I'd just have a mundane banner of the BSB and give each unit of knights a magic banner. Banner of Rage on one and Rapturous Standard on the other perhaps.