View Full Version : 2000pts skaven - need help!

29-04-2005, 08:37
grey seer - 235 pts

2x waplock engineers w/ warp blades, warp energy condenser, warp power accumulator = 170 pts

2x 25 clanrats w/ full command, ratling guns = 420 points
2x 25 slaves = 50 pts
25 stormvermin w/ full command, shields = 250 points
2 rat swarms = 90 pts
6 poison wind globadiers = 60 pts
5 night runners w/ slings = 45 pts
7 night runners w/ 2 hand weapons = 49 pts

9 gutter runners tunelling team = 135 pts
1 rat ogre = 50 pts
6 warplock jezzails = 120 pts

3 ogre bulls w/ ironfists, standard, musician = 150 pts
3 ogre bulls w/ ironfists = 120 pts

total = 1994 points

i plan on getting the skaven battalion which will mean a full comman 20strong plague monk unit, and 2 more rat ogres (prolly get rid of ogre pulls), as well as beefing up the rat swarm to 4 or 5 strong, and maybe a small unit of giant rats... the clanrats will be used for slaves so i wont have to proxy random zombies for them

any ideas on wether a 4th char is needed and what it might be (chieftain, bsb, assassin... 3rd enginner (!))

i want to do something mroe fun than the typical 10+ infantry block horde, and be able to play with a nice variation of models

and the plague monks are a must once i get my hands on them monday..

01-05-2005, 23:53
If you're gonna take globadiers, I'd take two units of 5 and put them alongside your clanrats. Ratling shots, poison globes, and then a bunch of rats with swords, not much will stand after that. I'm not sure how much the five slingers will actually do, you might as well just cut the slings and have them harass flanks with two hand weapons, another 10 hits on the side will come in handy. Six jezzails can be effective, but to ensure they do what they should you ought to take 10. You'd probably wonder where I'd get the points for this stuff... well, I don't like stormvermin and I don't like grey seers (at least not as my general in 2000). BTW, a third engineer would be so cool... it'd be like, WL, WL, WL, storm daemon, warpscroll... More than enough to eat up enemy scrolls I'd say, leaving a good number nice and crispy as well.

Ethereal Alpaca
03-05-2005, 20:26
There's not much point in a tunneling team of nine; better to split them up to make them more flexible, and you can afford to lose one to a tunneling mishap. Swap the rat ogre for two more jezzails, they are a lot better in larger units bearing in mind they have only a BS of 3. With the ten points you have now, get another PWG.

Otherwise though, looks like a pretty solid list, though you might want to find a way to get the Grey Seer a talisman or something to protect him...warpstone ammy or foul pendant are best and pretty cheap, more expenive but better is the Twisted Crown.