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Da Black Gobbo
16-01-2009, 23:02
Hi there, beeing a (kinda) veteran with 40k daemons i've never tryed 'em in Fantasy. I'd like you answer me some questions about some builds i'd like to try.

1 Nurgle Herald+palaquin+1lvl sorceror+bile stream+enemies allways strike last in a 15 plague bearers unit with full command and rerrolling to wound banner, seems to me a hard rock anvil unit, but what do you think? is it worth its 490 p cost?

2 Whats the best unit size for the Khorne dogs?

3 Are Nurgling swarms any good? i like the models and the fact of beeing scouts is cool but i don't really know.

4 What about blue scribes?

5 What is better a Thirster and 1 herald or 3-4 heralds??

Thank you so much.

16-01-2009, 23:28
1 I would recomend: Herald of Nurgle + Palanquin + Noxious Vapours + Nurgle's Rot in a unit of 16 Plaguebearers with full command and Banner of Seeiping Decay. It's an Uberanvil.

2 5 or 6 if you have the points

3 They are weak compared to Fleshhounds, but alas everythink is. They're ok in fun games, but not in tournaments. Nevertheless a good mini-anvil.

4 It's one of the best special characters in the game, combine him with a Lord of Change and a Herald or two with Master of Sorcery for the Ubermagicks. You must be magic heavy to utilise his power. Use him and see the Vampires cry.

5 A Thirster and 2 heralds is imho the best. Otherwise 3-4 Heralds.

Da Black Gobbo
17-01-2009, 11:58
I don't like nurgle's rot, i think is a bit lame for 25 points i preffer a template weapon or even slime trail (i think that is the name of the gift that makes the enemy win no bonus for flanking the unit the daemon is in).

The list i have in mind should be something like that:

--Herald of Nurgle: Lvl1, Palaquin, Noxious Vapours, template gift.

--Herald of Nurgle: Same as above.

--Herald of Tzeench: Master sorceror.

--15 Plague Bearers: Full command, banner of rerolling to wound.
--15 Plague Bearers: same as above.

--12 Horrors: Banner of sorcery.

--5 Hounds of Khorne.

--4 Screamers.
--4 Screamers.

--2 Fiends of Slaanesh.

--4 Flamers: unit champion.

Well that's it and i still have 9 points left that i cannot spend, i think is decently balanced for almost any playing enviroment (fun or competitive) but i'm a noob with this army in fantasy and maybe i'm wrong, what do you think?

17-01-2009, 12:45
Drop the lv1 from HoNs, its too expensive! Give one a BSB instead! The breath weapon is a waste, you're too slow. You will use it once or twice a game at best. I wouldn't take two units of PBs, but if you really want, then give both Heralds the Staff of Nurgle, it's great when used in multiplies. Then as for screamers... you could screen them with furies or drop them altogether. If you use Flamers use them in sixes. They won't hold a charge in a smaller number.
If you take such small units of Horrors don't give them std. I think you should have two units of 10 with no upgrades (maybe a champion in the unit where you keep the herald).
Other than that seems fine.

Da Black Gobbo
17-01-2009, 13:57
Oh, i thought breath weapons may be used in combat, maybe you are right about lvl1 its about 100 points i can use to get other things, but it lets me withlittle magic defense, 4 DD only. I have to think, any other comment??

17-01-2009, 14:22
Just take more 10-offs of Horrors for Magical Defense and Give the Dispel-Scroll like Spellbreaker gift to HoT. ;)