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17-01-2009, 02:05
As my tournament swiftly approaches (as well as the upcoming 2v2 matches) I'm trying to fine tune my list. Here is the latest reincarnation and I'm rather desperate for advice.

Vampire Lord 455 points
-Extra magic level
-Dark Acolyte
-Infinite Hatred
-Summon Ghouls
-Flying Horror
-Blood Drinker
-Flayed Hauberk
-Crown of the Damned

Vampire 190 points
-Staff of Damnation
-Flying Horror
-Avatar of Death (great weapon)

Vampire 185 points
-Summon Ghouls
-Book of Arkhan
-Talisman of the Lynci

Vampire 300 points
-Walking Death
-Dread Knight
-Drakenhof Banner (regen)

Total character points: 1130

Core units

15 ghouls: champion. 128 points
20 ghouls: champion. 168 points
20 ghouls: champion. 168 points

Bunker (starts with lynci vamp in it)
9 ghouls + vamp: 72 points

Special units

Black Knights x5 225 points
-Standard bearer: Banner of Barrows

Black Knights x5 205 points
-Standard Bearer: Banner of Dead Legion

Grave Guard x13 234 points
-Great Weapons
-Standard bearer: Royal Banner of Strigois
(This unit will have the BSB in it)

Rare unit

Varhgulf 175 points
-no upgrades (since there are none)


9 total PD
7 total DD
Two level 3 bound spells.

total points: 2505. A 5 points over spill is allowed in both the friendly tournament as well as the 2v2s. But I can always drop a ghoul if people complain.

Basically, the Ghouls will be used as both tarpits and flanking units if possible. The Knights and varghulf are also flanking units, or they will charge the front if I believe they can hold their own or another unit can flank charge.
The grave guard unit will hold my BsB and will (hopefully) get charges off. If not I will do my best to Danse them. Both the lord and the vampire with the great weapon can fly as well as join units, allowing them to be where they are needed most. The lynci vampire will raise and heal the ghouls and Danse units with the book when necessary.

Likely opponents will be High Elves, Lizard men, Wood Elves, Ogres, and possibly Dwarves. No one around here really plays daemons (except me, but I'm still working on them and painting them).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

17-01-2009, 02:35
I think that you have too many points tied up in characters... yes, VC usually have lots. Still too many points tied up in mobility related powers. Not a fan of the Crown, but to each his own. The Blood drinker should be in the GG unit, imo. I'd rather see a cheaper BSB, and boost the size of the Grave Guard to 20.

Some Dire Wolves would help screen the Black Knights (since they are both small in size), and/or assist them by flank charging, etc.

Though, Overall, its better then the previous list you posted...

17-01-2009, 02:56
I agree, I think you can afford to drop one vampire and replace with a necromacer and corpse cart, this would help with raising those ghouls up and give you chance at ASF.
In general i'd say you're spending too many points on magic banners and abilities and I can't really see the focus of the army. It's not enough PD to be a serious raiser army and not enough combat ability to not worry about vampires dying imo. Your lord is incredibly survivable but may well not make his points back, he also needs to decide whether he is to fly off and kill stuff or stay and raise/support. Also, in a tournament you can be certain he will eventually fail that stupidity test, could be at a crucial moment.
I like that you're using black knights, they are excellent but units of 6 would be most effective (generic rule for all heavy cavalry).
In general I'd say it's a relatively small army for 2500 points with not enough magic to keep it running all game and raise stuff back. Trim back and focus your characters and magic items (including magic banners), put blood-drinker in GG so you can save 125 points on regen banner, if you'vre got M9 or can fly you don't need a bunker. With the points you save buy two more black knights, a few more GG, dire wolves and whole other unit (like a second varghulf). Obviously i haven't actually done the maths.
Finally, are you meaning to put the mounted BSB in an infantry unit?

17-01-2009, 02:57
Well for the banner I was trying to compensate for the loss in armor with the great weapons. I could however, switch it for a war banner (100 points cheaper). The BSB would only be 200 points then. Also, if I remove flying horror (and leave the Lord grounded I could give him Dread Knight as well, allowing me to switch the Hauberk and the crown for Walach's Bloody Hauberk, bringing the lord to a 1+ (4+, mounted, then barding, and shield?) as well as having a 5+ ward save, only freeing up 10 points, but still.

In turn, I actually could give him Cadaverous Cuirass, making him immune to killing blow and poison, as well as heavy armor for only 15 points. This would then give him a 2+ (Heavy armor, shield, mount, barding?) as well as negating the main reason for why I wanted the ward to begin with. This would save me 40 points, allowing the lord to get either a new item or nothing else all together.

With either of those plans he would join the Grave guard unit, both fighting and healing the ghouls up. This idea would make it so that in order to have the the equivalent to 20 Grave Guard I would actually only need 16 (the four spots taken up by both mounts.) I could easily get the other 3 Grave guard needed to fill the unit to 20 and still have 61 points left over for other things. Easily a wolf unit and then either drop a few ghouls for the second one (I'd have 31 points left after the first wolf unit of 5.)

What are you opinions to those ideas?

17-01-2009, 03:01
I was intending on placing the mounted BsB in the unit, but I could change both Dread Knights to Avatars of Death instead, I'd only lose a little survivability.

Would you suggest I change the vamp with the great weapon into the raiser (acolyte + summon ghouls) and give him a bound spell and in turn drop the other vamp for a necro on a corpse cart (with the book?)

Actually, since I'd lose ghoulkin through that idea, would it be better to just run skeleton units instead of ghouls? Switching the raisers to Lord of the Dead.

17-01-2009, 18:04
ok so i wrote a comment but it didnt post... oh well ill summarize it. drop the 2 flying. depending on deployment u shouldnt have to move vamps around and heal doesnt need LOS.

drop the 125 pt banner, its not worth it. instead, take a necro and corpse cart. greatweapons always striking first Ac atches ur opponent off guard B u dont have to worry about ur 5+ cause they have to be alive to attack back. also give the unit the banner of barrows to further increase their effectiveness.

def switch to skeletons. they can take a hit. and for vamps u need an army that can take serious damage, for examplle; having a vamp lord and 1 skeleton (standard bearer), 1 magic phase, healed to full 25 man capacity (the look on his face...)

make all ur vamps with dark acolyte and avatar of death. then lvl2 with 3+ armor. decent in combat and good healing. and they can take 50 pt magic item *coughstaffofdamnationcough* (for graveguard)

black knights are excellent flanking units. cept if they have 1 round of bad combat the break test kills them.

as for ur vamp lord walach +ench shield 2/5 or flayed +crown 2/4 up to you.