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17-01-2009, 11:37
OK, when first playing around with a lizards list, I found out just how cheap you can buy an army for. The list is based around 2 battalions obtained from Gamerswarehouse (80 buys you 40 Saurus, 24 Skinks, 20 Temple Guard and 16 Cold one Riders), and I knew as soon as I saw it I was going to buy the stegadon kit. This list is based on what I can get with these sets, plus one or two "minor" additions. C+C appreciated :)

Slaan Mage-Priest 385pts
BSB, +1D6 to cast a spell, Knows one lore, Rod of the Storm

Lvl 2 Skink Priest 440pts
Engine of the Gods, 2 Dispel Scrolls

18 Saurus w/spears+shields, full command 246pts
18 Saurus w/spears+shields, full command 246pts
10 Skink Skirmishers w/blowpipes 70pts
14 Skink Cohorts w/Krox, Javelin and shields 125pts

16 Temple Guard w/Halberds, light armour+shields, full command 291pts
5 Saurus Cavalry w/Spears+shields, full command 225pts

3 Razordons 225pts


Price: 160
PD: 9 + Slaan's additional casting dice
Dispel Dice: 6 + 2 Scrolls
Model Count: 86

I think this army has a solid core of infantry backed up by some powerful magic and some decent shooting, which is what lizards are all about. Saurus ran in a 3x6 formation dish out 25S4 attacks if charged or can switch to their HW and shields for a decent armour save. Temple guard are a great tarpit being studdorn and ItP with the slaan, and the saurus cavalry and skink cohorts make quick, efficient flankers, especially with one of them new krox. The steg can unleash those all important magical abilities and can do some decent damage, and the fear causing razordons on the flank make a great supporting unit against any fast cavalry or nasties that should try and out manoeuvre me and I couldn't go without a skirmish screen of blowpipe skinks.

From the battalion sets, this leaves me with 4 Saurus warriors left over, 4 Temple guard and 11 Cold one riders (of which I plan to convert a Scar Veteran from the odd one, so I'd have 3 units of 5 Cold ones), so let me know what you think. I'm going to do a 1000 point list as well so will probably add this to the thread later.



EDIT: Did one with all the spare models as well as changed some of the magic items about. Came to 3000pts:

Slaan - 450 pts
BSB, Knows all spells from one lore, +D6 to cast spell with, Wizards in 24” ignore rolls of a 6, 2 Dispel Scrolls
Scar Veteran - 162pts
Flaming Sword of Chotec, Shield of the mirrored pool, Cold one, Light armour
Lvl 2 Skink Priest 405pts
Engine of the Gods, Plaque of Topec

20 Saurus w/spears+shields, full command 270pts
20 Saurus w/spears+shields, full command 270pts
10 Skink Skirmishers w/blowpipes 70pts
14 Skink Cohorts w/Krox, Javelin and shields 125pts

20 Temple Guard w/Halberds, light armour+shields, full command 355pts
9 Saurus Cavalry w/Spears+shields, full command, Sun Standard of Chotec 405pts
6 Saurus Cavalry w/Spears+Shields, full command 260

3 Razordons 225pts

Points: 2997 pts

17-01-2009, 16:20
16 Temple Guard w/Halberds, light armour+shields, full command 286pts

Your points are slightly off here, this unit costs 291, Command on the TG is more than Command on the regular saurus.

My current lizzard army is fairly similar and I am having no luck with it. Elite infantry is not terribly effective in 7th ed WFB.

17-01-2009, 17:22
Cheers blackjack, I knew that and everything, just forgot... pillock that I am :D

What have you been facing with it, and what have you struggled with?

EDIT: In fact, both temple guard units were priced wrong, and that second list is only 2977 points, not the 3000 i listed it as...

SECOND EDIT: All points costs should be fixed now, cheers to Blackjack for bringing it to my attention :)

17-01-2009, 17:34
I have faced, dark elves, daemons, brets, dwarfs.

I have yet to win a game. (though my play has not been particuarly good either I must say).

The main problem is that there is no stellar unit or champ to counter the hard core of the enemy. Nothing that can challenge a Khorne herald never mind a Blood thirster. No can openers for the brets, sceen units ineffective against hill mounted dwarfs. As for the Dark elves, one word.... Hydras...

Everything in the Lizard book is solid, relable, slow and middling effective. It's like an army full of Toyota Carolas. The army book needs a star, something other than block infantry that it is good at. Even WOC got Chaos Knights, we got squat.

17-01-2009, 17:39
Hmm, perhaps I should draw up an oldblood on carnisaur list then...
Yes, I'll do that as well ^-^ (I've got a lizard list fetish at the moment...)

I noticed one thing is common with your opponents though (bar the elves). Everything is either heavily armoured (or ward saved) or tough. Hmm, I'm going to have to take another look over the list and see what I can come up with.

This list should be ok for taking out my bros empire though, bwa ha ha ha. Beat me 3 times in a row will he...

Dead Man Walking
17-01-2009, 17:59
I think you will get more results with sallamanders than razors for the same points. 3 flame templates will be attrocious on infantry units, and -3 to save is good for calvary. theres also discussion as to if it can march and use flame templates like the hydra.

17-01-2009, 18:29
Good points, and I did originally include Salamanders. What swung it for me was the Razordons have a set range for which, if you roll well, you could get a possible 30S4 (or is it S5?), which is more than enough to cause infantry and some cavalry grief (if you can roll to hit with BS3s - not suffering modifiers helps this though). It's basically a mini helblaster.

I read about the march and fire thing, but the discussion didn't really go anywhere because the salamanders attack isn't listed as a breath weapon. I also read that the Salamanders range has become somewhat random and wounding with their attack is less likely (being S3), but the final nail in the coffin for the salamanders in my list was the model, of which the razordon is far superior IMO.

17-01-2009, 20:43
I think you will get more results with sallamanders than razors for the same points. 3 flame templates will be attrocious on infantry units, and -3 to save is good for calvary. theres also discussion as to if it can march and use flame templates like the hydra.

not a breath weapon so there is really no discussion

17-01-2009, 23:49
So I got thinking about a list with lots of high strength attacks, meaning 5S6 attacks from an Oldblood on 4S7 carnosaur, two 4S5 stegadons with a 3S6 chief, two 3S6 Kroxigor (with skink entourage for company and social purposes), 11S5 cold one riders (with a contribution of 5S4 attacks from the mounts)and... um... lots of low strength poisoned attacks...

Oldblood on Carnosaur 460 (Not sure on the price of the shield, so this is a calculated overestimation)
Blade of Revered Tzunki, Shield, Light armour, Glyph Necklace
Skink Chief 364
Stegadon Warspear, Stegadon, light armour, shield, BSB
Lvl 2 Skink Priest, 2 Dispel Scroll, 150
Lvl 2 Skink Priest Diadem of Power 125

16 Skinks + 2 Krox 190
12 Skink Skirmishers 80
10 Skink Skirmishers 70
10 Skink Skirmishers 70

5 Cold One Riders w/ Full command, Huanchi totem 250
6 Chameleon Skinks 72
Stegadon 235

PD: 6
DD: 6 + 2 Scrolls + Diadem (2DD)

So the idea with this list is to attack the enemy piecemeal, combining the charges of the carni/cold one and steg units and distracting the enemy units with skink fire. Priests are there solely for dispel dice and to cast the odd heavens spell if necessary, and the two bows should provide some good covering fire. Notibly, this list is quick with nothing being lower than M6, and i reckon could stand up to some punishment.

I did consider two cohorts with 24 skinks and 3 krox, but that seemed like overkill a little XD.

EDIT: Had a thought... what if I dropped the priests level down to 1, giving me 70pts to play, possibly dropped the BSB ability or/and chameleons. Is there something better I could give this list in other words?

Lotl Botl
18-01-2009, 16:57
yeah i'm thinking of an OB/Carno list
uum drop the champ from the COR also is that a steg or a EofG for you priest?

18-01-2009, 17:17
Stegadon (can't afford the EOTG). I did have the two priests on there own, and the steg as a special slot, but figured the extra armour save the steg gave warranted the priest gaining a mount. Other than that, I would have had two unarmoured priests wandering around ready to be shot at.

Why do I drop the champion (if I put the carni in the unit and the oldblood receives a challenge that i don't think he can handle, I could just pass it on to the champ right?), and what do you think of my other suggestion of dropping the magic level and BSB?

18-01-2009, 17:32
I like your first list a lot. Very solid. Though I personally think one more skirmishing unit wouldn't hurt.

18-01-2009, 17:59
Thanks Godless :) If I get rid of my TK, that'll be the list I'll buy/play, the most recent list was me trying to exploit the list a little. I have been wondering about the cohorts unit in the first list. If I drop that and have 2 units of 12 skink skirmishers, then I'd have points left over to add a magic weapon to the TG champion and maybe something other than the rod of the storm on the slaan. What do people reckon?