View Full Version : konrad and 'one bat short of a belfry' rule

17-01-2009, 14:13
Can you lot please tell me how this works exactly?

after the D6 roll to see if he subject to the rules for stupidity or frenzy what happens?

1. if he rolled so that he became subject to stupidity do you still get to roll at konrad (or the generals) leadership to see if he suffers stupidity?

2. or is it simply 50/50 stupid or frenzy?

If its 2 im not sure if i'll bother with him.
thanks, ollie:)

17-01-2009, 15:00
I always played it as 1. That way, you get more tactical depth, as sneaky opponents can lure him away from the general while he's frenzied, only to have him turn stupid at Ld 7 (I think)

17-01-2009, 15:52
It's the first, at least, that's how we play...

17-01-2009, 16:04
Good, it thought it was the first one too. Thanks alot

17-01-2009, 16:41
It's 1. Konrad will become 'stupid'. He still has to fail a stupidity test before he suffers the effects of stupidity.

17-01-2009, 16:45
yep, 1.

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17-01-2009, 16:50
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Necromancy Black
17-01-2009, 21:17
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But yeah, Stupidty requires leadership tests to feel the effects, Frenzy just kicks in right away.

18-01-2009, 18:02
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Somewhat related to original topic: we have a 'mad' smiley ('scowly'?), why isn't there a 'dumby'? :)

Lord Dan
18-01-2009, 18:17
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