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17-01-2009, 20:22
Just wondering about some peoples thoughts on this army.

Black Orc Warboss- 273
Akkrit Axe, Horn of Urgok, Umm's ,At, Heavy Armour, Shield, Boar

Black Orc Bigboss- 164
BSB, Heavy Armour, Mork's Spirit Totem

Orc Shaman- 145
Nibbla's Ring, Dispel Scroll, Level 2

Orc Shaman- 156
Staff of Baddumm, Level 2, Boar

25x Orc Boyz- 200
FC, Extra Choppa

25x Orc Boyz-169

25x Night Goblins- 137
Spears, Musician, Standard, 1x Fanatic

24x Night Goblins- 134
Spears, Musician, Standard, 1x Fanatic

20x Night Goblins- 72
Bows, Music, Standard

20x Night Goblins- 97
Bows, Music, Standard 1x Fanatic

14x Arrer Boyz- 89

5x Spider Riders- 71

5x Spider Riders- 71

5x Spider Riders- 71

5x Spider Riders- 71

Troll- 40


Total- 2000

Thoughts: This army is about swamping the enemy in a sea of green. Advance as quickly as possible while the fast cav take out war machines, bait, and flank charge. Shamans use spells to augment my boyz. I hope the lack of special units wont hurt me thought. Fanatics add the fear factor and the fanatic in the archers will be a sneaky surprise for anyone who thinks archers are easy VP.

18-01-2009, 14:32
I guess its so awsome no one feels the need to say anything

18-01-2009, 15:17
Why so many for Arrer Boyz? I would just have a unit of 10 for flanks and helping with charges. I also guess that you love spider riders. They should be in the opponents flanks ASAP. Go after war machines or what ever is a potential danger that you have to weaken or march block before its too late.

19-01-2009, 00:56
I want to say its a little to charactor heavy for me. But thats me.

19-01-2009, 13:39
@ White Knight- Idk... I just had 14 arrer boyz and I would rather have them then more gobbos. And i like charachters.

20-01-2009, 15:19
Looks like fun, but certainly not the most competitive list you could make.

For one, you have 2 main combat units (or 4 if you really stretch the definition to include NG's) and 11 (or 9) support units. I'd axe a few things to get another brick of boyz to give your line some more punch.

Two casters is also a strange choice- normally armies have one scroll caddy for magic defense or 3 or 4 casters for full out magical offense. You might want to shift it more towards either extreme.

I would remove the standards from the small goblin units, because they should never be in combat against anything remotely strong and will just be giving away VP with a standard. Maybe get rid of one of the NG archer units (as a horde it will be hard to fit that many archers in your deployment zone).

I'd also replace half the spiders with wolves, for added movement speed and being fast cavalry, though spiders will work almost as well if you have 2x skull pass boxes and no wolves like I'm guessing.

I'd also highly, highly recommend some warmachines and chariots. Throwing out a unit of NG archers and 5 spider riders will get you 2 spear chukkas and a boarmobile for a more balanced force.

20-01-2009, 20:01
Maybe I will throw a chariot in there. For me 2 spellcasters is enough to sling some spells around and still provide some magic defence. I also have a few converted bolthowers I could weasel(or brutally bash) in there. Cheers, and thanks for the help.

20-01-2009, 20:42
I guess the army composition is based on available miniatures and will adress my comments accordingly.

I am not a fan of the Horn of Urgok. I guess that you want to strengthen your magic phase with it, but most of the times it is a one-turn-trick. Remember to not blow it too early. Wait until you charge into some key combats and do it last in your magic phase. Also, with the new MR ruling, it could be worth another try. I have not considered it in a long time.

You lack a third solid block. I would consider giving one of your NG blocks Netters. The block with Netters could keep its standard.

14 Arrer boyz is a weird number. 12 or 10 seem easier to manoeuvre. As it is now your entire move is wasted on wheeling.

I would not spread the Fanatics evenly. I would run them 2, 1 and 0. Keep the units with fanatics a little further behind. In your movement phase you move them ahead in order to release them where you want them to be.

There are two units with bows. I second the proposition to remove one and insert two chukkas. You will love them.

Good luck and welcome to the green team

20-01-2009, 22:33
aye, i'd go for some chukka's too i think.
maybe like you said before, a chariot.

20-01-2009, 22:34
Na the horn and the ring are just to draw out some dispell dice. I dont think I will rely on them to much. I will probably get 2 chukkas drop 2 Arrer Boyz give the NG nets and drop the Archers.

22-01-2009, 05:26
Hey, what do you guys think of Grom for a mono gobbo army? Any advice?

22-01-2009, 06:53
I've never understood the purpose of the Horn, truth be told. It's only a draw for DD if you use it when the time is right, so it doesn't help you out the first few turns and then even after you blow it you get +1 LD after you've passed/failed the majority of your tests for the turn. I suppose it's there for helping make sure that the enemy unit who is obviously going to lose will run, but I find that often I need those points to either keep my Warboss alive or keep my boyz from running in the first place. That and I'm biased because my regular opponents hoard dice and usually end the phase with 2 or more extra even if I run a magic heavy list, so go figure.

I agree that you need a third brick of da Boyz (or Nets for one of your Night Gobbo's if you can't find the extra points for the Orcs) and you'll really enjoy it if you can get some Spear Chukkas. They are great for the points. I also agree with the Fanatic Shuffle - if you play the same opponents many times, make sure you always bring a new distribution of fanatics to the table to always keep them guessing!

I think that if you could, points to get a Boar for the BSB would be great. It gives your +1CR,reroll and +DD pretty decent mobility, coupled with a much better armor save. I call it a steal at 16 points.

Good luck mate,


27-01-2009, 12:59
I dony have a bsb on a boar....