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18-01-2009, 02:08
This army list got me a solid win the other night vs. dwarves. The first list I've had luck with for O&G so I plan to modify and use it again:

145 Black Orc Big Boss, Boar, Heavy armor, Akrit Axe, Enchanted Shield

41 Goblin Bigboss, LA, GW

126 Black orc BSB w/ banner of butchery, Heavy armor, shield.

105 (20) Night Goblin archers, FC, Fanatic

185 (35) Night Goblin spearmen, FC, Fanatic (Goblin hero goes here)

150 (20) Choppa & shield boyz, FC

323 (20) Black orcs, Mus, Std, War banner

80 Boar Chariot

65 (10) Arrer boyz, mus

198 (24) Additonal choppa Boyz, FC (General goes here)

2 Spear chukkas

The obvious changes to me after playing with it are to remove the Std. and champ from the NG archers and use the points to mount the BSB and give the goblin some kind of magic item. As much as all they do is attract all the enemy shooting I really don't want to part with my black orcs- I love the models and not having to worry about animosity. On the other hand, I could replace them with a unit of 25 boyz and a little unit of goblin cavalry of some sort and still have points left over...

Please help!

18-01-2009, 02:49
That looks like a nice list. 20 black orcs in a 1500 list is nasty. :). It could use some fast cav however. sorry but there's not much on here i would change, although i would take a shaman at least a level 1 with a scroll(obviously not against dwarfs though!)

21-01-2009, 00:14
as a relatively new player, i can hardly make suggestions to modify the list, however running Orcs / Goblins myself i do have a few questions/remarks. so here goes;

why the 10 arrer boyz for 65 pts? imo you could just as well run another block of night goblins for the same points, and give the opponent a few extra thoughts on possible fanatics. the arrer boyz will hardly do any killing on their own anyway.

secondly, as said above, it looks like you're pretty much not using magic in any way with this list. ofcourse as said again above, against dwarves it won't matter much, but evenso, winking to a possible waaaagh ain't that bad a deal for a cheap shaman.

also, fast cav is missing, probably due to the chariot. why not increase the punch of that chariot by replacing one of the crew with a character, get rid of the goblin big boss, and maybe throw in a unit of 5 cheap spider riders. could be nice simple as a distraction unit along the flanks aye?

lemme know what your thoughts are, as a fello OnG player, i'd like to know :)

cheers from amsterdam.

21-01-2009, 02:28
The arrer boys are there because I like variety in my army, and I have the models more so than any tactical reasons. Sometimes they can claim a hill and shoot at stuff or do a wound to a large target, and unlike goblin archers they have range and combat ability so I don't feel too bad about the points. Also less likely to panic due to goblins.

I usually run a shaman, but against dwarves I went all punch- no use trying to cast at this low points.

Fast cav is probably in my next revision of the list- maybe trim the black orcs to 15 to make room for the spiders.

I've been pleasantly surprised with the goblin hero in the one game I've played so far- he added some serious punch to the spearmen that often get 1 or 0 kills and made them work better than an orc block. Not bad for 41 points.

21-01-2009, 06:50
aye. solid explanations / answers to my wonderings :)

thanks for taking the time to explain your choices, appreciate it.
this is exactly the kinda stuff that helps new people like me learn a bit faster.

thanks mate, keep on gaming :)