View Full Version : 2k Dark elves sorc on dragon list, any tips?

18-01-2009, 09:26
Supreme Sorceress,
Level 4,
Black Dragon,
Focus Familiar, 640

level 2
2 scrolls 185

2 10x crossbowmen, shields 220

6 dark riders with musician and crossbows 139

7 shades
Great weapons 126

2 bolt throwers 200

5 coldones
full command
standard of slaughter 210

5 coldones
full command
War banner 200

7 harpies 77
Total 1997

Just a quick list i put together, iam aware the dragon wont make me 2 many friends its more of a list for "if i did take a dragon what list would i take". Always looking to learn tho so any tips and advice would be greaty accepted thanks.

18-01-2009, 10:40
its a good list except you dont have any infantry that wont get ripped apart, the way i see it you should drop the shades(are shades core, because if not, your list is illegal, 5 specials)and a unit of repeater crossbows, and then have a 20 strong unit of either spearmen or corsairs(my choice would be corsairs)

19-01-2009, 07:58
I dont have five specials, the harpies and dark riders are both core, only the cold ones and shades are special choices. Wont a large infantry block just be left behind? or would their roll to be guard the shooting element of my army?