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Hydra Dominatus
18-01-2009, 09:43
This came up at a tourney today and had me a bit worried, now DE beastmasters come with a Hand Weapon and a 'Beastmaster Whip'. The description for the whips say: hand weapon, in addition all attacks are armour piercing. It is not a magic weapon.

The issue was that because it isn't a 'standard' hand weapon several opponents claimed I couldn't combine it with the Beastmasters original hand weapon, even tho it is described as a hand weapon in its entry.
So, can they be combined for the extra attack or because it is 'special' am I limited to just the whip?

18-01-2009, 09:47

'Hand weapon. In addition all the wielder's close combat attacks are Armour Piercing'.

The simple answer is yes :)

Hydra Dominatus
18-01-2009, 09:51
Thats what I thought, but its still a relief to hear it from other players. Thanks Aurellis

18-01-2009, 12:32

'Hand weapon. In addition all the wielder's close combat attacks are Armour Piercing'.

Since it has the "Hand weapon" descriptor... it should give you +1 attack since you are armed with 2 "hand weapons".

18-01-2009, 16:32
how many of the attacks would be AP?

18-01-2009, 16:37
all of them. It says "all attacks are armour piercing"

18-01-2009, 17:50
Indeed, it does say all of them...

18-01-2009, 18:00
People are too used to "Additional Hand Weapon" term to get the +1A but in the core rule book, it is very well written: "Fighting With Two Hand Weapons".
And there are no "additional hand weapon" weapon type in the weapon list.

So whenever you have 2 different weapons that both have 'Hand Weapon' in their rules, then they may be combined (magic weapon restrictions apply unless exception is noted, like the Dagger of Hotek or the 2 Magic Weapons of Hellebron)

I think those people at the tournament were mixing 40k Rules with Fantasy Rules or something. If there isn't a rule that prevents it then they can't just invent stuff like that.

19-01-2009, 14:22
who are these people not letting you get +1A for two HWs?
those people need to not be played by you in a friendly game.