View Full Version : Splash Releases?

18-01-2009, 17:08
I remember when Empire came out, there was a special box set of 30 guys for only $45, but no other armies since then have had such a bargain. Any rhyme or reason to that? I'm crossing my fingers for a Skaven splash release with about a billion clanrats in it :)

Desert Rain
18-01-2009, 17:31
Well since nobody got it since the Empire I don't fing it very likey that the coming armies will get it. It would be nice though.

Disciple of Caliban
18-01-2009, 18:19
Not likely, the empire only really got it because of the detachment rule which meant it made sense (the box included a parent unit of 20, and a detachment of 10 (armed differently). No other army has a rule thats similar, so it wouldnt make too much sense with the other armies.

That said, the 20 strong black orc, dwarf miner, and flagellant boxes were a pretty good deal, so more of them would be nice when a new plastic set is first released (as an example, as well as the basic 10 temple guard box coming out, for the first couple of months after the lizzies are released maybe make them available in a box of 20 also (for a discount)

18-01-2009, 18:47
As the above poster says, there were actually splash releases for the black orcs, dwarf miners and flagellants, containing twice the amount of models than the regular boxes, at a reduced price.

The way the splash releases seem to happen is that they take place alongside a regular release. So next time when Skaven get new models, there might be a splash release version coming out.

Then again, considering that GW has been trying to cut on redundant releases (such as the spearhead sets) might be that splash releases might not be a common sight - they bring an amount of logistical overhead (separate packacing, product codes, shelf space) with limited added value to the actual product range.