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30-11-2005, 13:19

I've been downloading and printing extras for =][= (god bless free printing credits in uni :D ), but I've found a few bits I can't find on the SG site, and was wondeing if any of you chaps could help.

I'm after....

Some old WD articles by Gav Thorpe on experience and injuries, from the first year after the game came out.

Tau weapon profiles

The campaign books that were sold, and any juciness within

Anything else not on the SG site that I don't know about (eg Orks, Daemons, genestealer hybrids rather than purestrains)!

Any and all help appreciated.

16-01-2007, 17:07
A lot of stuff isn't available to download, including the items you describe. I'm afraid you have to buy them in the form of books available from SG. Don't worry about the injuries and experience rules, though - hardly anyone uses them.

You can find a lot more stuff not availalbe on the SG website from GW Spain:


And it's in English!


18-01-2007, 16:52
Rules for daemons and xenos/xenomorphs can be found on the conclave. They are quite good, esecialy the daemon rules.

Injuries have a wery nice madness chart, and the best thing about it is the explenation of what to do if a char gets 0 in a stat.
The Injury chart can only be aquired by asking someone to mail it to you.