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Guy Fawkes
18-01-2009, 18:47
First time with the Dark Elf army book, and I've played with starting them out in an escalation campaign our store is having. I was wondering what Warseer thought of this list. I'm playing a variety of opponents and am going for a large model count (for resilience) and some balanced hitting power at this points level.

Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Dark Steed, Lance
106 points

21x Dark Elf Warriors
Shields, Full Command
162 points

10x Repeater Crossbowmen
Shields, Musician
115 points

10x Black Ark Corsairs
Musician, Standard
115 points

Total: 498 points, 42 models

Obviously this list lacks fast hitting power without cavalry, Shades, or any special or rare choices. However, at this points level these elements can take up a large amount of points. With this in mind, I designed the list so that the relatively mobile Dark Elves could force charges on the Spearmen, who are able to absorb lighter cavalry. The Repeater Crossbows help chip away at enemy units and give me an edge when combat rolls around, because I'll have extra CR or have to take less hits from expensive units like HE Swordsmasters, who can't afford large numbers. I hope to outnumber opponents in both model count and unit count, which will allow me flexibility in moving towards objectives and trying to come out on top in multiple combats.

The Master is cheap, but still sufficiently killy. He can probably generate a kill or two against most infantry, and his steed allows him to charge out of his unit, a nasty surprise. He can move around on his own if the opponent doesn't have much shooting, and this can allow him to flank units. Even though he won't be able to negate ranks, he can generate CR through kills, stand most challenges with his lance and decent armor save, and pursue and run down units that would escape Dark Elf infantry. The Corsairs try to generate kills and overwhelm weaker support units like Gnoblars. If they see the opportunity to joint charge something with the Warriors or Crossbowmen, they have a chance of winning combat against able units. The Spearmen are great static CR, and Crossbowmen also have a 4+ AS in close combat. If anything can get a flank charge, I am certain I can win.

19-01-2009, 02:01
Looks fine, a generous amount of models for a small point count. You seem to have decent armour and won't be bothered by alot of small shooty lists as long as they don't bring anything bigger than str 4.

For 500 point games you might want to give the corsairs RHB for to fend off any weak flanking units your enemy might bring (bats, terradons, harpies, light cav). those hand bows rip those up even with the limited range of 8 inches.
However this will weaken your hitty power, so its up to you. I just find shooting to be the biggest winner in small point games.