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18-01-2009, 22:49
This is a list that I am thinking of taking to a tourney tommorrow. I'm prety new to WoC and I've decided to go for a lot of hitting power with very few points in characters. The idea is that at least two squads of knights take one flank while the infantry go up the middle and the spawn on the opposite flank to slow down that side. The other group of knights and the exalted will go where I think needs a little more hitting power. Tell me what you think I can do to make it better.


-Enchanted Shield
-Daemonic Steed

lvl 1 Sorcerer
-2 scrolls

18 Warriors
-halberds and shields

25 Mauraders X 2
-LA and Shield

5 Horsemen
-Flails, Axes, and LA

5 knights X 3


18-01-2009, 23:47
If you are talking tournament with the intent to win games the only decent build in WOC is cav based. A magic heavy army or a gun line will trash this I am afraid.

19-01-2009, 00:14
So what would be some of the changes that you would make then?

19-01-2009, 01:10
Make the knights units of 6.

Drop warriors and marauders.

Get marauder horse, 4th unit of knight and hounds.

19-01-2009, 02:26
Lads that is utter pants. WoC are not that highest in competition right now, but saying only one good build is possible is rubbish. The number 3 player in Australia at the moment is playing a mixed list, very friendly list, and is whooping **** with it. I have seen plenty of other people making shapes with infantry in the lists also. The only time taking infantry is a really bad idea is if you are taking only one infantry unit, or if you face mainly Dark/Wood Elves.

19-01-2009, 02:49
Yeah I'm really unimpressed with the attitude of many Chaos generals. Taking nothing but Knights and Marauder Horsemen isn't the only way to win, and it makes for extremely boring games for your opponent. Chosen are a much more viable unit than people give them credit for, and Warriors are still a pretty solid Core choice. Sure they are slower than many armies, but they are still a very durable unit which can still dish out a dozen WS5 S4 attacks without sacrificing on armor.

If you want more hitting power, then you'll have to invest a little more in your characters. The Jugger characters could benefit from flails, they will absolutely trash stuff like Ogres, Knights and Chariots or if fighting weaker troops then by all means use the shield to ensure your save isn't going to be modified worse than 2+.

Generally I'd consider dropping 25 of those Marauders in favor of beefing up your other units and characters through marks, magic items and whatnot. You could take another 5 marauder horsemen, and still have many leftover points to get stuff like the Rapturous Standard on the Warriors (fantastic banner, and a bargain at 20 pts), and something like the War Banner or Banner of Wrath on some of the Chaos Knights. Hell even 5 Hounds could make your life easier, if you can screen/redirect charges and whatnot.

I don't find blocks of Marauders to be terribly useful without sticking combat characters in them to get some CR, but at the same time I see the desire to take them. Playing a pure cav army is not my idea of good composition. I might get forced into the situation because I have like 3 weeks to paint the vast majority of my 2k list for a Tourney, and likely won't have time to do a couple dozen Marauders, but I hate to think what my comp score will look like when I have Marauder Cav taking up all my compulsory slots :(

19-01-2009, 02:59
Thanks for the replies. I think that I will drop on of the maurauder units on use the points to buff some of the other units, but I am not going to take them all out, I just like using infantry to much. Thanks again.

19-01-2009, 07:46
I agree that dropping the Marauder Block to beef up the rest of the army is a good call. While I agree with W0lf, that the most competitive build is all cav, I also agree with Jericho that it is probably not the most fun - for either yourself or the opponent. While you will suffer a hit in performance, I imagine (with the intent being to enjoy yourself while helping the other guy/girl enjoy him/her-self) that the list you have should do fine.

Personally I am still working with 2-4 infantry blocks (depending on how many chosen I take) because I am broke like crazy and can't afford the extra knights and horsemen right now.

As to what to buy with the free points:
1) Buy a flail for your Jugger mounted Exalted.
2) Buy a second unit of Marauder Horsemen
3) Get some Hounds: like 2x 5 Warhounds (if you have the models). They are incredible at 30pts a unit.
4) Throw a Mark on your Marauders. Slaanesh if you are worried about psychology, otherwise either Nurgle or Tzeentch - either will make them more reliable. I'd go for Tzeentch just because it's the only mark you don't have in the army yet, and it's cheaper.
5) If anything is left (I think I'm over already >.>) Definately grab the Rapturous Standard (alternately for the same value you could get MoS on both Horsemen. I love [basically] ItP fast Cav!). It's great, although I always feel like a jerk for using it - making sure my "uber death unit of bleakly ultimate killage" doesn't run away just doesn't seem right.

P.S. If you run out of points, I think I would drop the Champs from your 2 infantry blocks and/or reduce the equipment on the Marauder Horsemen. If they are there to harass with missile fire, then drop the flails, if they are to help swing combats drop the axes, and if they are there to do both and you need points, I suggest spears and throwing spears for the (second)best of both worlds.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


19-01-2009, 08:15
I agree with dropping some of the marauders and adding some hounds, personally i would also beef up your general a little. Since he has to challange hes probably going to be in fights with characters and there are some great magic item combos your opponent can use to beat him.

The Red Scourge
19-01-2009, 08:15
A build I like, is a jugger BSB with warbanner, shield and flail. He is durable enough to take a charge, has the +2 CR for when he ends up in tight spot, and when leading a pack of warhounds he has the meatshield needed for surviving shooting. And 5 S7 + 3 S5 attacks will spell trouble for anything but ethereal units or a Pendant Dreadlord.

And I disagree about the accusations of point-and-click with WoC cavalry armies. The units are expensive, and can't just be thrown around without a care. Knights may be tough, but losing one or two from shooting will take out a lot of their punch. The lack of support will often cause your heavy hitters to be charged by the opposing heavy cavalry that can sit back and wait for them to get in charge range. You need to choose your targets carefully, cause you want to keep up the momentum of your hard hitters. You need to avoid getting hit in the flank. And above all, you rely on dice to win you the day.

19-01-2009, 11:05
Khorne knights are VERY pt and click.

Unless you want to explain to me how a player who never won games in my group (using Dark elves/vampires/daemons.. tried them all) is trashing most people with 4 units of khorne knights a scroll caddy and 2 exalteds?

bork da basher
19-01-2009, 16:29
ive got a varient all khorne, all cav list. ive only taken it out for a spin once but by god it works. if you want to win tournies this is the one to take. you only have to get the charge in and rolling dice becomes a formality, you may aswell remove the unit and save time. chances are in the turn it'll take to get in range you wont suffer nearly enough casualties to stop you ripping them to pieces. i tried it with 2 exalteds on juggers, one with the filth mace and the other with banner of the gods. 20 khorne knights, 2 exalteds, all stubborn, 2 terror causers. it just ploughs through everything. not the friendliest of lists but its a tourney your not there to hug and play nice.

19-01-2009, 16:58
No khrone cavalry wont do exeptionally well in torunies due to its inability to deal with large flyers. Thats the only thing holding it back. But yes it is silly when a 230 pt unit can charge and kill upwards of 10 models.

19-01-2009, 17:04
At the end of the day any army could beat any army (within reason)

Personally choose a list you like and you feel will do well and then take it with you.

I am starting up a WOC army atm and i feel an all cav army is just boring.. take some foot troops enjoy yourself and who knows, the dice rolls could be lucky.

19-01-2009, 17:54
At the end of the day any army could beat any army (within reason)

Within reason defeating your point without any retaliation.

yes chaos cav is boring but i personally gain no enjoyment out of watching my warrior army get slaughtered by inferiour players time after time. Dont get me wrong im no where near a WAAC player but i do hate losing when i feel its the list failing me. (i dont show it but i do).