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19-01-2009, 01:23
Goblin Warboss
w/ wolf, light armor, shield
Max magic weapons (haven't decided) 189

Goblin BSB
w/ wolf, Light armor (Raggety) 99

Goblin Big boss
w/chariot 95

Goblin Big boss
w/ Giant cave squig, one hit wonda 100

30 night goblins
w/full cmd, nets 145

30 night goblins
w/full cmd, nets 145

30 night goblins
w/full cmd, nets 145

4 squig herds (20 models) 120
4 squig herds 120

8 squig hoppers 120
8 squig hoppers 120

2 X 5 units of wolf riders w/mus and spears 140
2 X 5 units of spider riders w/mus 150

2 gaints 405

Now i'm thinking on droping a gaint and picking up a lone troll to throw more points for me to mess with. I'm kinda thinking on adding a units of goblin wolf riders as cavalery but not sure. I still need to add fanatics which i'll want each gobo unit holding at least 2 fanatics. I also need to add some snotlings in there but as it stands this is what i came up with tell me what you think i should add. Oh i gave up on magic so just doin this atm. As you can see i still need to add some things. I want this list to be 2250 list so...

21-01-2009, 03:36
Some chukkas are in order- I can see a cavalry heavy army being a serious threat to this list. Doom divers and some NG archers would help you against elite infantry which I can see this list struggling against.

Daniel Skaven Blight
24-01-2009, 21:42
A good thing to use would be martogs best basha and guzzla battle brew and enchanted shield that way one of your hereos can be quite hard hitting and if on a wolf with light armour defensive aswell, i used that combo against empire the other day

24-01-2009, 22:56
For some serious ooomph, which your goblin warboss might need, I would go with Shaga's Screaming Sword, Imbad's Iron Gnashas and maybe an Enchanted shield. Put on Zorga's Collar for good manners, too. That would at least make him potentially very dangerous and on a wolf he should be where he is needed.