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19-01-2009, 03:12
Alright, wrote an OK list recently and was politely asked to try again ;)
After browsing the OK tactica and viewing some lists of others here is what I've managed to shamelessly steal:

24x gnoblars 48pts
10x trappers 60pts

3x bulls w/2hws and bellower 127pts
3x ironguts 144pts
3x ironguts 144pts
3x ironguts 144pts

2x leadbelchers 110pts
2x leadbelchers 110pts
scraplauncher 165pts

gorger 75pts
slavegiant 175pts

3x butcher; each has a scroll and the following items respectively: bangstick, skullmantle, halfling cookbook 180/175/180 pts

tyrant w/kineater, GW, HA, wyrdstone 265pts

Now this list comes to 2137, so for 2250 battles I suppose I would add a sprinkle of ironguts and cheap magic banners or another unit of leadbelchers.

More importantly though, I want to try and bring this list down to 2000 but I don't know what to cut; I'm thinking of dropping a unit of leadbelchers and the halfling cookbook to make 2000pts, but alternatively I could take out the slavegiant (something I would much rather keep) and one of the gnoblar units for a 2nd gorger and still be w/in 2k.

I'm considering daemon-killer scars for my tyrant as well, but kineater seems much more useful.

Anyways, comments and criticism are welcome.

19-01-2009, 06:15
I should drop one butcher, as the spells are more difficult to cast with more butchers, and changer the money into more ironguts. Looks pretty solid I think.