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19-01-2009, 04:32
I have been slowly filling out my dark elf army over the past 2-3 years as I don't have the income to buy a lot of mini's at once, and now I have a good amount of models at my disposal. Up until now I have been using my friend's dark elf army to play test and such and through that I have come up with this friendly list.

This list is bound to my fluff but I am open to changing some choices in my list as fluff is easily manipulated. Also as I stated before this is a friendly, all comers list.

Master 346
Manticore, 2xRHB, HA, SDC, Shield, Death Piercer, Null Talisman

lvl 1 Sorc 150
2 Scrolls

25 Warriors

2x10 Corsairs*
Hand bow, or Hand wep

2x5 Dark Riders
Rxb, Mus

2x5 Harpies

2x10 RxB

5 Shades 90
Great Wep

5 CoK 160
Ring of Hotek

7 Executioners

12 Witch Elves


90 Men
11 Flying
15 Calvary (10 Light)
2 Warmachines
2 Monstrous Creatures (Terror)

As you can see, this list is majorly leaning toward the shooting and close combat phase, as well as a good bit of field control.

I can put out anywhere from 74-114 Rxb attacks per turn + the two RBT. A decent amount of shooting but not an obscene amount; I will most likely be focus firing large targets, fast elements and any real big threats down to a manageable size.

I have those harpies for screening and warmachine hunting, and the dark riders for march blocking/harassing and maybe used for rank negation later in the game.

The Hydra and Manticore for serious flanking punch, with the added bonus of their terror bomb.

Executioners for can-openers, Witch elves for anti-horde/high T low AS units.

Hand wep or Hand bow?*
The corsairs will help as flankers but will be limited on whether or not I give them hand weps or bows. I have been debating pretty hard on which to give them. So far this is the breakdown I have come up with.

Hand weps:
-Good for anti-horde, really makes them in combat, as otherwise they are just expensive Warriors in Combat.
-No ranged

Hand Bow
-Very effective at fending off flying units or light cav threatening flanks, allowing my RBT and Rxb warriors to shoot at more worthwhile targets.
-Can redirect and declare a Stand+shoot, often taking your enemy by surprise
-Can still negate ranks and add attacks, but only as effective as a warrior for almost double the cost.

Well there you have it, I put a good deal of thought into this list and its fluff, so any C&C anyone has to offer is welcome here.

Thank you for your time.

19-01-2009, 15:01
I like it. You have a lot of different elements in there and don't go overboard on anything.