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19-01-2009, 08:25
In honor of the mighty Narroq's well thought out and equally well typed post in the tactics forums, I thought that I would give O&G a try, to see how minimalist I could get. Following is iteration 1. I have tried to make it pretty fair and decent, but we'll see how well it worked when I'm on cup 4 of that wonderful enhancement known as coffee.

Black Orc Warboss
Heavy Armor, Shield, Ironback Boar, Sword of Might, Boss 'At
I cant seem to make him less than this! The LD 9 is so important. I thought about making him a regular Warboss with the Enchanted Shield, but I like quelling animosity too much. I suppose I could drop the Ironback Boar and Sword of Might ... hrm, already failing at this minimalism!

Black Orc BSB
Heavy Armor, Boar, Mork's Spirit Totem
He's here for magic defense and to help his "brudda" keep the line in order.

25 Orc Boyz x2
Standard, Musician, Shields
Standard guys, one is joined by the BSB, the second is there for SCR and is maybe joined by the Warboss if the opponent needs some kicking in the teeth for "muh boyz" to do well in combat.

25 Orc Boyz
Standard, Musician, Extra Choppas
Either here for the General or for target saturation. Not great at killing things, but not to be neglected either.

25 Night Goblins x3
Musician, Short Bows, 1 with 1 Fanatic, 2 with 2 Fanatics
I really wanted to field a plethora of Fanatics, but decided that I didn't need them to do what I wanted - which is basically block some charges and cause general Chaos. If there is a problem with the minimalist idea other than my Warboss, I think it lies in my love of fanatics.

5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders x2
Fast Cav is great, and we play in a terrain rich environment and scattering almost always messes with at least one part of the plan in my head, so I prefer to go through it rather than around it. Pretty bare bones, but darn useful!

5 Goblin Wolf Riders
Musician, Spears, Short Bows
Same as for the Spider Riders, but mostly harassment, marchblocking important things or even warmachine hunting with their arachnid brethren. M9 on fast cav makes me smile.

Orc Boar Chariot x 2
Hitty and goes nicely in between the lines - works especially good with the big blocks of boyz with shields since they generate almost no active CR.

Goblin Spear Chukka x 2
I need these to deal with most big nasties, and although 2 isn't enough for a BT or a Dragon, it does pretty well against most things that my opponents field. Plus, these are dirt cheap!

13 Black Orcs
Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields, Warbanner
This is one of those units I put in because I had a bunch of points left over from paring my normal characters down. It hits like a ton of bricks for the O&G list, draws fire away from my chariots, giant or ... pretty much anything else. A trial, lets call it. Also, since my Characters are Black Orcs I felt like a tool for not fielding at least 1 unit of the regular Black Orcs.

Snotling Pump Wagon x2
Cheap, unreliable and reasonably dangerous - it's everything about the list in a single unit! I like to put them on a flank with some Night Goblins to help the little greenie's out, and hey if they all die, it's less than 200 points.

Again, fire saturation and fairly good and busting some heads when/if he makes it to combat. I think he's a decent buy.

As for changes, I thought about dropping the SoMight to give bows to the Spider Riders, since I can have a Great Weapon at no cost (since he's Armed to da Teef), but then I can't use a shield. I've also thought about dropping the Pump Wagons for a Doom Diver since it is marginally more reliable, and probably results in about as many casualties, although it helps less in combat.

Any suggestions for how to cut more points out and what units to put in? General comments on making it a better (but not terribly un-minimal) list in general? I'll try to play this soon and write up a BatRep to show how it works.


19-01-2009, 09:23
No shaman at all? Not even a Dispel scroll caddy?

The rest of the list looks solid.

20-01-2009, 15:51
Having 3x25 NG bowmen jumped out at me as being hard to work with- will you be running them as bricks of 5x5 as poor mans infantry and to shoot at large targets or maybe take a hill, or spread out in 10 wide or so? In the first case you'd be better off with HW&S goblins and in the latter you'll be eating a LOT of space with them spread out like that, so much so it'll hamper almost your whole line. I'd recommend using at least 1 if not 2 of those blocks as HW&S instead.

The rest of the list looks solid.

20-01-2009, 17:01
I think you already have fulfilled the minimalist requirements by only fielding 2 heroes, Warboss + BSB. It is equally important to let them excel in their roles. I would equip the warboss with the full 100 pts allowance, since you notice yourself that it is so important. Why save points there and then take 3x25 night goblin shortbows??? It makes little sense, even for a minimalist.

I would take the ulag's axe, enchanted shield, um's at, kickin' boots combo. That is 1+ save, 5+ ward, 5 rerollable S6 attacks. Since it is your only hero, you are allowed to invest in it.

Some other minimialist thoughts...

Shortbows are better taken in units of 21. Same panic requirements as 25. I think taking three units of shortows is a bit over the top. Going minimalist is not about taking the worst. Two units with 1 fanatic each would be more minimalist, serving the same purpose (flank protection).

Shave off 2 boyz in each regiment. With characters in them, they remain 25 for rank purposes.

Finally, I think going minimalist for O&G is not about reducing characters but about reducing the number of lacklustre units. Characters are also almost the only way to add punch to an army facing more and more ward saves, unbreakable units and regeneration.


20-01-2009, 17:02
No shaman at all? Not even a Dispel scroll caddy?

The rest of the list looks solid.

The portable Spirit Totem and the number of units almost guarantee 5DD.


21-01-2009, 06:25
Hrm... good points all, though I am not *wasting* points on the short bows, because they are free if you drop the shields, but you're right I should drop them to 21. I think I put them in 25 (5x5 as you surmised Stuff) because it was a round number and I was tired. 21 will probably work better, and dropping them down to only 2 units will probably work as well.

Fred, what do you suggest to do with the extra points from 4 fanatics and 33 Night Goblins, more Orcs? More Black Orcs? Perhaps a scroll caddy as Taerij seems to consider necessary?