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19-01-2009, 10:32
I play 40K and Fantasy, along with a smattering of other GW Games, but have never played Lord Of The Rings before. Now I have been handed a box of LOTR stuff, which seems to be mainly Isenguard troops, which have been saved from a car boot.

Probably a silly question, but is there a legallly available download of the LOTR rules, so I can get to grips with how the game works. I will have a good old sift through the articles on the GW site and read up as much as I can about the game, just need to get started and get some idea of what exactly this shoe box contains.


19-01-2009, 10:37
Fraid not-GW copyright, lovely stuff. However, if you go to your local GW or Indy store, they should have an open copy of the rules for you to look through, and at the GW no doubt the staff could talk you through. And of course, you can always try Ebay for a copy of the Mines of Moria rulebook (the lil one). It doesn't have all the profiles in, but has all the rules, and all the Movie profiles (to the best of my knowledge). You could also have a look on The Last Alliance (link in signature), which is a huge resource of knowledge for LotR stuff. Many of the articles on there are far superior to GW ones, especially the current articles WD produce.

Welcome to Middle-earth, and hopefully you will enjoy what is definitely a fantastic game. :)

19-01-2009, 10:54
Thanks for that. To be honest, I didn't expect there to be a rulebook download.

I have seen enough LOTR stuff and read enough articles in WD to be able to separate out the different types of model I have, and then I'll have a word with my local gaming group and store and see what comes up.

19-01-2009, 15:47
Righty o,

I have gone through what I think I have, though a couple of minor repairs may be required:

4 Orcs with Spears
4 Orcs with Hand Weapon and Shield
2 Orc Bowmen
2 Orcs with Two Handed Weapons

9 Uruk Hai Berzerkers
10 Uruk Hai with Hand Weapon and Shield
10 Uruk Hai Pikemen

4 Warg Riders, 1 with Bow

3 'Black Rider' Nazgul

I also have a couple of other bits, like the Witch King on foot, Eowyn and Merry from Pelenor Fields, and Frodo from I have no idea what set, plus a Mounted Theoden.

Just looking at the Orcs, Uruk Hai and Nazgul, is this any basis at all for a viable force?

19-01-2009, 16:21
Well if you have any questions how the game plays, we can say that without really quoting the book and giving stats away too much.

So go ahead and start asking specific questions.

I see you are a 40 and Fanatsy player. The big difference in LotR is every model moves seperately. You can make a few combos with them, like a mini holding a shield and a bow or spear behind him, and a pike behind the spear mini.

Also you roll for priority every turn, there is no, I or you go first all the time, we roll for it.

Now ask away what else piques your mind or what you need to know. There are other posts here that say the differences between fantasy and LotR.

Death Korp
20-01-2009, 17:44
Looking at the list of evil models you have, and I am feeling nice today, I'll help you out a bit :)

Best thing to do for a while is wait. There is a new starter box coming out for lotr (I think?) That'll have more new models in it, and the rulebook to boot. if you can't wait, then get the big blue book (main rulebook).

To play points match like 40k and warhammer, get the Legions of Middle Earth book, so that you can make viable forces out of the models you own.

Now, for example, the models you have at the moment seem to be more isenguard orientated, so I'll make a list from the 'Legions of the White Hand' list in the Legions of ME book:


*Uruk Hai Captain w/ Heavy Amour and Shield: 60pts

You'll have to use one of your swordsmen as a Captain for now, as the Nazgul are a seperate 'allies' list (you find out more about that in the Legions book)

*4 Orcs with Spears: 24pts
*4 Orcs with Hand Weapon and Shield: 28pts
*2 Orc Bowmen: 12pts
*2 Orcs with Two Handed Weapons: 12pts
*9 Uruk Hai Berzerkers: 135pts
*9 Uruk Hai with Hand Weapon and Shield: 90pts
*10 Uruk Hai Pikemen: 100pts


*3x Ringwraiths, Full Heroic Stats, Horse (?): 360pts

Total: 821pts (I think?)

Thats a large sized evil army, needs more infantry though and calvary though!

For the Wargs, you'll need another hero from a different list to lead them, as they are not from the Legions of the White Hand list!

Thats my advice :)