View Full Version : Dead space - can you replay keeping existing upgrades

19-01-2009, 19:52
My current plan is to play through on easy as quick as I can and missing hidden areas. I sell most of the health packs so I am at 30% health so combat is still intense, However if I have to try an area lots of times I can go to the store and get 100% health, Then I was thinking of replaying lots of upgrades in the second round at about 10% health. So can you keep upgrades?

The Guy
19-01-2009, 20:24
Yes you can, but I think you can only replay on the same difficulty.
For example, if you play through on easy, you will be able to replay on easy with your gear, however if you went to hard you'd have to start from scratch :(

Grand Warlord
20-01-2009, 22:32
*trying to remember* i think my brother in law who played the game beat it on normal then went into hard with all his gear. he kept doing this until he upgraded everything.

22-01-2009, 05:45
You can't go from normal to hard but that is not a problem I am playing through on easy using absolutely no pick ups at all and having a blast, I will never pick up a medpack again because I like intense combat with no room for mistakes, I might have to eventually pick up ammo though.