View Full Version : High Elves VS Chaos Warriors 2250

19-01-2009, 20:25
Dont usually play High Elves, I actually hate them (I play Dark elves) but am giving them a go against a warriors of chaos army and just need someone to look over my list.

Dragon mage. lvl 2. staff of solidity, guardian phoenix. (Fire)

Mage. lvl 2. Jewel of the dusk, scroll. (High)

Noble. Tiranoc Chariot. Dragon armour, Lance, Bow, Shield, Skeinsliver.

10 seaguard. shields.
10 seaguard. shields.
10 seaguard. shields.

14 Swordmasters. full command. banner of arcane protection.
15 White Lions. full command. Lion Standard.
5 Reavers. bows and spears.
5 Reavers. bows and spears.
5 Shadow Warriors.

Bolt thrower.
Bolt thrower.

Now the idea is to prance around a bit, shoot a few things and then misdirect/flee before hitting his units with the Dragon Mage, Chariot, Swordmasters and White Lions.
The Sea guard are quite good at taking small chargers whilst pouring arrows into stuff, the bolt throwers will take on anything big/knights/monsters whilst the mages try to whittle stuff down. the skeinsliver will help to get first turn and then get me an extra turn of shooting.

Good or Bad list? Ideas?

20-01-2009, 00:26
This list isn't pretty effective against an army like WoC. There should always be a lord, whether its a Prince or Archmage. Lothern sea guard are decent but remember, you only need 2 core choices for high elves. You can have 4 rare, 6 special, and 2 core for 2k-2999 games. I would stay away from the shooting army unless it was a stationary bowline.

20-01-2009, 17:13
Especially chaos knights are going to be highly problematic with this army, and these days you don't see too many chaos armies without at least one unit of those. A HE Lord with White Sword and Talisman of Loec should be able to take out the enemy's strongest character with killing blow, so try this. If you are able to keep enemy knights out of the game though, you may do quite well.