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19-01-2009, 20:59
I have resently been looking at doing a deathwing army (2000ish-pts) and i was wondering if they are still effective with 5th edition rules?

Any help with be great

Thanks inadvance

19-01-2009, 21:09
They are still Viable, as always you be out numbered, but never outgunned! Land Raiders are the key to a DW army....

my two cents anyway...


19-01-2009, 21:15
To be honest, Doublewing armies are the most effective way of utilising Deathwing, especially with the built in teleport homers on the bikes allowing the Termies to come down where you want them, and with Sammiel and Belial, they are all scoring units as well

Fire Harte
19-01-2009, 21:16
Master Gideon has an awesome name! (This has nthing to do with the fact that Gideon is my first name. :D)


Still playable but in the current game but expect to be outnumbered every game (not a problem really if you play them right*). Oh and as Master Gideon says land raiders are worth taking. In multiple numbers...

*Tactics will come flooding through on this thread I assure you!

19-01-2009, 21:17
i imagine terminators as troops definately helps with objective capturing, especially with deathwing assault basically meaning you can fortify one objective for you on turn one if you're smart

19-01-2009, 21:18
The strengths of the Deathwing are their resilience and firepower.

An entire AV14/2+ Sv army is going to have very few models, but be tough as hell.

Shooting is your friend, close combat is not.

19-01-2009, 21:53
This is a Idea I Have been thinking about doing in my next game, It may show you how small DW armys are!


19-01-2009, 22:03
umm my friends deathwing with 25 termies 2 ven dreads and belial (of course) managed to get 10th at gt heat 1 in the uk
and to be honest he isnt that great a gamer aswell, he was even forgetting he had 4 shots with his assault cannons and rolling 3

although he is now taking 2 land raiders and a vindicator to replace the ven dreads and a few termies

19-01-2009, 23:09
Deathwing is simply the only thing the dark angels have currently in 5th that cannot be done, or done better by the new C:SM

There were no standard "green-wing" dark angels armies at the tournament. there were however several green "space marine" armies without any chapter iconography that used to be dark angels.

I play DW and have for 3 editions now. mechanized is about the best way you can go now. usually at least 3 terminator squads some land raiders and maybe a couple dreads depending on points.

i just came back from a GT, i won 2 games and i had 2 very close games i lost, and one i got totally wasted in(really bad dice rolls on my part)

If you going pure a couple lists stand out-
the all bootlegging dread supported shooty list

The 3 raider/3 squad list/ and the combined raider/dread lists.

This was mine-


This was the foot slogger(i don't know how he did)

This was my friends tri-wing build

He did a little better than me, he fought 2 IG armies which is usually a good thing for DW, but he is also a much better painter than i am and got bumped up in the standings for that.

One problem you find with double wing(DW/RW) and tri-wing is that you have to lean heavy to one of the 2/3 factions to be effective. if you try to balance it out between them you end up being ok at everything and effective at nothing. in the tri-wing example above 7 out of 11 units were deathwing typical units and the others were a mix of green and black.

19-01-2009, 23:29
It can also be really daunting for your opponents. There's a bit of psychology involved when you reach into your case, and pull out only 30 models for your entire army. I've had really good players make noobish mistakes just because of the fact they were playing against an army of all termies and a LR or 2.

19-01-2009, 23:47
mughi3, quick question if you don't mind, around how many points is your army on the pics?? I'm new at 40k, still trying to figure out what to buy.


19-01-2009, 23:53
while it's not my army, it looks (roughly) to be around 1500 points... You can assume between 200-250 for termie squads, of course the LR's are 250+upgrades, and i think it's about 130-160 for dreads with options... I don't have my codex handy, so I don't have any precise numbers for ya

19-01-2009, 23:57
@ rohan captain

they will more than likely not be 1750 point armies, since as far as i am aware US GT's are 1750 points and they all look a squad or tank bigger than the 1500 deathwing players in my gaming group

20-01-2009, 00:00
@ rohan captain

they will more than likely not be 1750 point armies, since as far as i am aware US GT's are 1750 points and they all look a squad or tank bigger than the 1500 deathwing players in my gaming group

yeah, gotta be 1750... I just looked at mughi's pic and counted up 1000 points in termies/LR, so assumed 1500. But the second pic (all footsloggers has at least 1350 points in just the termies and Belial, so it's safe to assume that the dreads cause another 400 points total :p

snr. officer obsordian
20-01-2009, 00:21
when i play 2000 point games against my eldar friend with my death wing i ussually come up with a draw but u HAVE to include minimum 2 land raiders

20-01-2009, 00:52
I wouldn't go that far. against some armies, yeah, the LR is going to be a godsend. But I've done just fine with all termies and a few dreadnaughts. The LR is not the end-all of the army :p

20-01-2009, 01:28
That would be 1,850 exactly on the nose.
remember venerable dreads with pods are almost as spendy as a land raider(C:SM ones are as expensive, but they are better).

Seattle GT got bumped up to 1,850, rumor is it will be 2k next year(score!)