View Full Version : twin linking and hard wiring?

Far Seer
20-01-2009, 02:51
I would like to know how to hard wire and twin link weapons and wargear. for twin linking, do you have to put 2 of the same weapon?
and wat are the wargear you get in the xv25 stealth suits, i already assembled 2 of them and stuck with the 3rd one and i read in tau codex that you have to equip all suits with support system if you choose to.

Creeping Dementia
20-01-2009, 02:57
In the book it says that Hardwired gear doesn't have to be modeled. For twin linking just have two of the same weapon modeled and you're good to go. On the Stealths, if one guy takes extra gear then everyone does, but you can get around it by making one guy a team leader and giving him hard-wired gear.

20-01-2009, 03:00
hardwiring can only be done with commanders, shas'vre suits and shas'ui firewarriors(something that may be overlooked with HW Target Lock\Blacksun Filter & Markerlight) look on P. 25 for a list of equipment that suits can equip, and on P. 28 for a list that Infantry can take.

Hardwiring is for taking more than 3 support systems on a crisis suit and more than a weapon on stealth suits. You can take non-hardwired equipment on your stealthsuits, but if you do, you must equip equipment to the shas'ui s in the unit as well.

20-01-2009, 16:58
I did not think you could take more than one Weapon, and one Equipment add on on the XV-25's, the commander you could hard wire things. Also 1 fusion blaster per 3 models , so for a six man squad you could get 2.

As far as that the burst cannon was the standard armament on the XV-25
XV-22 has 2 Fusion blasters that are not twin linked. No other options are given.
Xv-8's you have 3 slots for equipment, 2 of which must be weapons....

20-01-2009, 17:20
for the most part I don't use FW models(the only notable exception being the Siege Dreadnought), but you could put two weapons on a stealthsuit, either a fusion blaster or burst cannon, and a markerlight (or at least you can on the shas'vre)