View Full Version : Beast Characters and Chariot Marks

20-01-2009, 18:00
I was thinking of making the remnants of my old Beast side of my post split Hordes army into a proper force so got to thinking of lists.

Now that we can Mark Beast Chariots. Can we mount a character on a chariot, give him a mark and give the chariot a different mark.

I really want a Tzeentch Beastlord on Chariot and love the idea of him [and so the Chariot] having Frenzy [Mark of Khorne] and Hatred [the Arcane Item]. Is this possible, or will I have to give him the Black Maul to achieve this and miss out on Magic Res and a Ward Save?

If possible your looking at a model that can put out about 10-11 Kills on the charge. 2+ Save, 5+ Ward, Magic Res 1. 4 Power, 3 Dispel.

20-01-2009, 18:11
The chariot can't have a different mark than his rider. And there aren't many hopes that this rule will change with the next army book (since its also applied in the WoC army book).

20-01-2009, 18:21
the beast book says that you cant do what you are trying to do as far as marks go.

you can, however, give your beastlord the black maul, and he becomes frenzied along with his chariot.