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20-01-2009, 22:47
Now im not an amazing general in fantasy so if anyone could point out the flaws in these lists and any problems they would face feel free to

when i get the armies ill be doing a monotheistic force each time so here goes.

Lord of Change, lvl 3, Twin Heads 575 Pts

The Blue Scribes 81 Pts
Herald of Tzeentch 115 Pts
Herald of Tzeentch, BSB, Standard of Chaos Glory 265 Pts

20 Horrors, Standard, Icon of Sorcery 267 Pts
20 Horrors, Standard, Icon of Sorcery 267 Pts
19 Horrors, Standard, Icon of Sorcery 255 Pts

5 Flamers 175 Pts

Tzeentch Total 2000 Pts

Keeper of secrets, lvl 4, Temptator 620 Pts

The Masque 90 Pts
Herald of slaanesh lvl 1 140 Pts
Herald of slaanesh, BSB, Great icon of despair 240 Pts

18 Daemonettes, Allures, Standard, Siren Standard 265 Pts
18 Daemonettes, Standard, Siren Standard 253 Pts
18 Daemonettes 216 Pts

5 Seekers 120 Pts

1 Fiend 55 Pts

Slaanesh Total 1999 pts


Bloodthirster, spell breaker, firestorm blade
immortal fury, armour of khorne 540 Pts

Skulltaker 150 Pts
Herald of Khorne, BSB, Standard of great sundering 175 Pts
Herald of Khorne 100 Pts

12 bloodletters, skull totem 181 Pts
12 bloodletters, skull totem 181 Pts
12 bloodletters, skull totem 181 Pts

5 flesh hounds 175 Pts
5 flesh hounds 175 Pts

2 Blood crushers 140 Pts

Khorne total 1998 Pts

The nurgle army is a work in progress at the moment.

20-01-2009, 23:38
The tzeentch list;

Best set-up for a LoC in my oppinion. Good start.

Lose standard of glory (stubborn? one right?) Its a hell of alot of pts and imo wasted in this kind of list. If your horrors are losing combats the chances are they will continue to do so. Id definatly suggest Giving both heralds the 'know full lore' item aswell as many players have debated how D. lore of Tz can be pretty useless on a lvl 2 for a plethora of reasons.

I would then drop all 3 horror units down to 15 and get some more flamers. just my 2 cents ofc.

Slaanesh list;

Assuming heralds go in daemonettes drop the 3 units down to 2x 17 + heralds and 1 x 12.

Then lose the magic banners on them.

With the pts freed up id go for more fiends, a unit of 2 ignores ranks unlike 1 so can beat ranked units ;).

Khorne list is ok but you'd be mad to not mount skull taker. imo.

21-01-2009, 03:10
I run a Tzeentch list that includes a little bit of everything. The generic 2250 list looks something like this.

635 --Lord of Change: Tzeentches Will, Power Vortex, Level IV

275--Herald: Chariot, Master of Sorcery/Flames of Tzeentch, BSB, Standard of Sundering
145--Herald: Power Vortex
145--Herald: Power Vortex




I tried not to go over the top, while the theme is that Tzeentch is the master of magic, so should be reflected as such. Because hit allocation, means that your herald and get smoked in combat, if not challenged, he can die pretty quickly. If you are challenged, just deny the challenge, and you still get your ward for the unit. Keeping your blocks out of combat is pretty vital. Bolt of Change is your bread and butter spell, it is not a necessity on the heralds. Gift of chaos, and or glean magic work well! Also, don't underestimate Flickering Fire. Try to avoid Kairos, IMO, because that dude is seriously rediculously good. The blue scribes are fine, however, and fit in pretty well.

21-01-2009, 10:25
Hi I'm new to board but have been playing fantasy for 10+ years. 5 with old and now new daemons.

I like your Tzeentch list because taking a Loc and only one squad of flamers is gutsy and most people wont see it coming. Anyway here are my thoughts.

1. you have 59 horrors best split is 16 16 27 they all still have gift of chaos and one of them gains bolt of change (potentially a game winning spell). Yes they do drop magic levels faster but shots at them mean fewer shots at your Loc.

2. daemons don't break as it is so dont really need stubborn. If you like pointy banners check out the banner of hellfire. If you like combat consider the changeling as a bodyguard for your expensive heralds.

3. Also if you can free up some points master of sorcery on your heralds for gives them 6 spells and allows real versatility including combat punch
i.e try casting bears anger

Hope I've been some help

24-01-2009, 21:20
Cheers for the feedback,
the reason i had the chaos glory standard was that sp far in my games i come up against lists which tend to go with combat orientated magic items to boost combat resolution such as the high elf standard that gives +d6 res which is murdering me right now.

Stubborn isnt just for breaking so having a 4+ ward minimising my casualties in combat followed by a ld 8 re rollable instability test should mean the only moddels im loosing are the ones which fail thier saves and so should allow me to be able to cast gift of chaos for extended turns in combat.

The unit without the herald is dropping down to 16 without the standard so i can take master of sorcery on both heralds as im seeing the benfits of master of sorcery when it comes to giving myself bears anger its certainly helping having the extra toughness alone.

I really wanted to use tzeentch magic to keep a theme but i spose seeing as how all magic originated when tzeetch destroyed his staff then it wouldnt be unimaginable to have some random lores in there.

Going to start testing the slaanesh army as soon as the rest of the daemonettes arrive in the post (gota love the Juan Diaz sculpts)