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21-01-2009, 07:12
The Lord of Collapse, Oraephin Soulweaver - 325 Points
M9 WS8 BS5 S4 T3 W3 I8 A5 Ld10

Oraephin is a Lord choice.

Equipment: The Cross Ark and Atendarius, Soulforged Mail, Sea Dragon Cloak.

Special Rules:

Driven- Oraephin moves as if driven by a supernatural force, his movement is 9 and in addition ignores the 'Always Strikes First' special rule.

Distain- Oraephin's whole life revolves around the prophecy of his Sorceress wife, to such an extent that he can't even be bothered to hate. Instead a cold distain takes its place. Oraephin may not issue challenges.

Prophecy of the Collapse- His belief in this prophecy is so deep and true that he truly believes he cannot die. To his opponents reality seems to bend around his will to keep him alive. Oraephin benefits from a 5+ ward save.

Soulforged Mail- It is said that a piece of his own soul was put into the creation of this armour, along with the souls of the smiths forging it. Soulforged Mail counts as light armour and grants the regenerate special rule.

The Cross Ark and Atendarius- A pair of magical blades. The golden Cross Ark shines with piercing light while the silver Atendarius glows with mavolence and moonlight. These blades give Oraephin +1 attack (included in profile) and he may reroll one failed roll to wound and one failed roll to hit each combat phase.

I only just started Dark Elves, but I've always enjoyed making special characters, so what do you think? Oh, and here's some fluff since it was asked for.

The gist of the prophecy is that a dark elf would come with blades of golden sun and silver moon and he would be the one to bring about the Collapse so everything could begin anew, and if he failed ALL would be conquered and enslaved by the 'wrong ones', chaos.

Now normally a dark elf couldn't care less about all that, but Oraephin was arrogant with want of a higher purpose and this gave him just that.

I haven't gotten the prophecy written out yet though, prophecies are tricky things to word right, :P

The prophecy was spoken to Lord Oraephin Soulweaver by a sorceress that he would soon take as his wife. (It could be wondered if she faked all of this to achieve higher standing could it not? ;) )

She remained adamant that this 'lord of collapse' was to be him, and soon he was filled with this higher purpose, all else becoming inconsequential to his mission, his destiny.

The first blade believed to be of the prophecy, the Atendarius was a family relic from before the split of the elves. A silver sword that has a constant moonlit glow.

The second blade was taken from a fallen High Elven lord (hero?) and shines like sunlight imprisioned.

Seperately these blades have little power, but together it emerges. 'Legends' and tales have been found to suggest that these blades fell from the sky.

And finally the armour was crafted, capturing all the smiths he could find and with his wife's dark magic infused their souls into the armour as it was forged, a piece of his own soul was placed in the armour to bind it to him. The souls would be used to feed his own in the chance of imminent doom.

For all his determination he has yet to find how to bring about the collapse and he has to be careful not to overstep his bounds and be assassinated. Limited by Dark Elven society, but not finding any ways to escape it.

21-01-2009, 08:18
Not sure what to say without the background story.

Background is what makes a special character. For example you go on about a prophecy, what prophecy? He has a wife who is a sorceress and a load of special magical gear, why does he have this, whats its story?

IMO this should all be delt with before any rules are put down.