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The Red Scourge
21-01-2009, 11:30
Thorgrimm Wifebeater, high sorceror of Nurgle and creator of the Reeking Flatulence reared his mighty stallion. Before him lay the vast and fertile lands of the empire, a worthy offering to the father of corruption. A valkyrie of Tzeentch had come and told him of the grand destiny that lay before him, that he should be the one to conquer to lands of the weak men of the south and bring doom to the worshipers of the false gods.
The longships had landed him in this land and his army had burnt and pillaged and made grand offerings of the small fishing villages, but now they had finally assembled an army to stand before him, and he could only laugh at these puny men with their cannons and crossbows, soon they would all perish and die, and the few survivors he'd leave would bring home tales of despair and festering wounds.
His army cheered him on confident in their inevitable victory, and then the cannons started to roar...

My first 2K+ battle with the new WoC book. I had expected to meet Dark Elves, and my opponent had expected to meet Wood Elves, but instead we readied ourselves for a classic match up. Untill now I had only been massacred in a 1000 pt vs DE and 1000 pt vs DoC, so I wasn't too impressed with my new army.

The Raiders of Thorgrimm Wifebeater

General Thorgrimm Wifebeater
Lvl 2, barded steed, Infernal Puppet, Enchanted Shield, Third Eye of Tzeentch riding with marauder horsemen.

Champion of Khorne
BSB, Jugger, Warbanner, flail, shield riding with warhounds

Sorcerer of Tzeentch
Lvl 2, Disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Power Familiar, Bloodcurdling Roar

The Angel of Tzeentch
Lvl 4 Daemon Prince, Tendrils of Tzeentch, Fury of the Blood God, Conjoined Homonculous

3 x 6 Marauder Horsemen
Throwing Axes, Light Armor, Musician

3 x 6 Warhounds

2 x 5 Chaos Knights

1 x 3 Dragon Ogres

The Army of Arch Lector Walter

Arch Lector
War Alter, Dawn Armor, Hammer of xxx, Orb of Thunder

Warrior Priest
Armor of Meteoric Iron, S6 Bow

Pegasus, Pistol, Doomfire Ring, Lance

Heavens Wizard
Lvl 2, Staff of Power, Ring of Volans, Barded Steed

14 Crossbowmen

10 Handgunners with a HLR

2 x 5 Empire Knights w. Musician

2 detachments of 5 Huntsmen

2 x 5 Pistoliers

2 x Great Cannon

1 Steam Tank

15 DoW Dwarven Crossbowmen with full command.

The field was very bare. The right flank was divided in the middle by a wide ridge rising in the middle from edge to center, and on the left flank had a small hill and a two story building.
The empire deployed wide. The dwarves/warrior priest in the center with the steam tank and walter on either side, and then crossbowmen/handgunners, knights and pistoliers on both flanks and a greatcannon on both edges. His wizard deployed with the right side cannon, and the pegasus captain also deployed on the right.
I deployed similarly. The dragon ogres in the center to chase the steam tank, a pack of dogs on either side, then two units of horsemen on the right flank, with a unit of knights and a unit of horsemen on the left flank with a pack of hounds on the far left to chase the cannon. My general deployed on the right flank with some horsemen, my BSB deployed with some dogs in the center. And on the left flank the daemon prince and disc rider set up.

It was a great sight with those two battle lines sitting opposite each other, neither flank particularly strong or weak.

He opened the ball by moving his pistoliers to the hills in the middle, his arch lector took up hiding behind the building, ready to charge forth if my dragon ogres of BSB should advance towards the center. Shooting and magic took out 5 of my BSBs dogs (one heroically jumped to catch a cannon ball from the steam tank). Another cannonball blasted through a chaos knight and nearly took out my DP, but a lucky 4 on the ward save saved me the embarrassment of handing over 575 VP. Both the pegasus captain and steam tank advanced to the center.

I retalliated by sending horsemen to the hills, their throwing axes took out 2 and 3 of the pistoliers and one wound from the pegasus (forgot that the darn thing is a monstrous mount). A pack of dogs advanced to cover the dragon ogres from the steam tank, both knight units advanced to the middle. The DP flew to the center and caused 1 wound to the stank with an Infernal Gateway (5 S5 hits <.< ), but also took two wounds off the war alter with flickering fire. The disc rider advanced on the left and failed to kill any knights with his flickering fire.

The stank took the bait, and luckily the hounds heard the generals and stayed put (11 S6 impacts later and the steam tank was covered in gore). The Pegasus flew to rear of my dragon ogres and fired his Doomfire Ring, hitting to dragon ogres and all of my generals unit, but he only took one wound from DO, and they didn't flee, he then took another with his pistol. Cannon balls flew through the sky, but luckily didn't kill any of my heroes. The combined fire of handgunners and dwarven crossbowmen on the other hand took out my generals unit and my general (2 wounds and snake eyes on his 0+ AS cpst me 306 VP). The Walter turned around and started looking towards the left flank where a group of empire knights lowered their lances and charged my chaos knights, one chaos knight fell, but so did one of the empire knights and my knights didn't break. The left flank pistoliers ran around my horsemen and fired at my BSB, but only killed his last hound.

Left flank dogs charged huntsmen to get to cannon, but two fell to bowfire, and another two from the combat, while only killing one huntsman, they didn't break though. On the right flank four marauder horsemen charged 5 huntsmen, lost and was overrun (WHAT??? :cry: ), so neither of my cunning plans to take out the cannons worked. Left flank knights killed two empire knights, but the last one held (forgot about fear), Horsemen killed a third pistolier with throwing axes and they ran towards my edge, my DOs failed their fear test to charge the steam tank and ran (NOOOO!!!!! :mad: ), luckily my DP got off another gateway and put another 4 wounds on it (only 5 to go). My BSB positioned himself to charge it the next round. And the right flank CKs advanced towards the enemy. Disc rider put another two wounds on the Alter.

Walter charged my knights, killing none, they failed to kill the knight, broke and was run down. DP was hit by a cannon ball from the stank and took two wounds (287.5 VP). Crossbowmen and handgunners killed my BSB (234 VP). Wizard fled from the cannon, as the CKs was heading his way. Empire knights charged CKs on the right lost one and broke through fear and ran to just milimeters from his edge, my knights didn't pursue, as they wanted to take out the cannon. The fleeing pistoliers forgot to rally, but stopped milimeters from my edge. Huntsmen killed a warhound and a warhound killed a huntsman and didn't break.

DP flew behind his dwarves and killed 5 with magic, and the dwarves ran, gateway on the stank was disspelled. Marauder horsemen hid behind a hill and took out the alter with axes. Knights charged and killed cannon, but now had their backs turned at his army. disc rider charged cannon failed to wound, broke and landed right on top of his crossbowmen (201 VP). And finally the last dog broke and was run down by the huntsmen. DOs rallied.

The arch lector charged and killed one of the horsemen. dwarves, knights and pistoliers rallied, handgunners reformed and took aim at the DP. The captain chased the DP, but he dodged his ring, his pistol and two cannonballs (thought I could hide behind the dwarves, but forgot that the stank is large).

... at this point I lost track of the events. at the end, the DOs had lost one of their number, but killed the stank and the dwarves, the CKs had routed the knights and the dwarves, the DP had ripped apart the fabric of space and time and sent the pegasus captain and the remains of a unit of pistoliers to the other side along with 7 of the remaining crossbowmen. I won from having two edges vs. one of his (held by the 5 huntsmen, that should have died from a horseman charge). Total was a difference of 470 pts, so I minor but hard fought victory for the brave men of the north over despots of the south.

Great game. We screwed up a few rules, but nothing gamebreaking though it would have been nice, if I had noticed that you do not need LOS on the Infernal Gateway, on the other hand, those cannons could have done nasty things to my knights ;)

21-01-2009, 12:27
Savage game. Love the dwarfs allied with the empire. Your DOs shouldn't have fled after failing a fear test to charge the stank (DOs cause fear)

Good report, fairly difficult to visualize without pics though

EDIT: oh yeah, meant to say "Thorgrimm wifebeater"!!!! what a name.... so basically he's a chaos sorcerer on a throne of power and he's been drinking stella

21-01-2009, 18:53
sounds like a fun battle, thanks for posting and congrats on your win (see? Woc can win)

The Red Scourge
21-01-2009, 19:00
Savage game. Love the dwarfs allied with the empire. Your DOs shouldn't have fled after failing a fear test to charge the stank (DOs cause fear)

Quite right and we should have checked up on it, but we had our doubts, and thought to have read something about outnumbering and unit strength when charging fear causers in the end the DOs probably survived because of it, as they fled out of range for the stank to follow.

Should have also read Infernal Gateway and noticed that it doesn't need LOS probably would have had to dodge a lot less cannonballs if I could have stayed in hiding with my daemon prince ;)

The dwarfs were cool and a good investment as they took out both my khorne exalted and my nurgle general. In fact it was a pretty cool empire army to fight. It was pretty maneuverable, pretty tough and was able to act and react. I'm looking forward to our next fight, where it has been tweaked a little bit :)

21-01-2009, 21:01
Thanks for the battle report and grats on your minor victory. Stick with the WoC I honestly think they're a very competitive if/yet not broken army :) Might be a small shame that they seem to have to go magic heavy but n/m :)

The Red Scourge
22-01-2009, 14:49
I'll never leave my WoC, I believe the secret to success will be to go light on characters and spend heavily on our superior troops. Then use our characters to perform the things our troops can't – like chasing down skirmishers and other nuisances, or provide MR2 to key units.

WoC is not a superior book, but its better/cheaper than the pure mortal army I used to run – and its great fun :)

22-01-2009, 17:04
Yeah in theory light on characters is good... but in the meanwhile we'll stick to spending 800+ points on them. Yeehaw! :D

22-01-2009, 17:08
Cool game, glad to see your starting to have some success with WoC despite a rough start against DE and DoC. That was a pretty tough empire army you faced.

I dont think sucess comes from going character light with Chaos is the way to win though, from my games and what I have seen the most competative Chaos forces are magic heavy. With a nice mix of Cav and Infantry.

22-01-2009, 17:16
...Dragon ogres don't cause fear? Really? wth... I always thought they did. That stinks if they don't. Really like both lists. Still don't like the Stank, but don't really begrudge an empire player using it, just the "tank" part. lol but i guess if my skaven can have laser guns and possibly a doomwheel, I can't fault the tank.
Question, do you find it necessary to use mixed mark characters, or is it possible to go full with one line? I mean an all slaanesh, or nurgle, whatever.
Nice job on the game by the way. I thought you were toast after the first couple turns. :)

22-01-2009, 18:01
Yeah Dragon ogres cause fear, and the new doomwheel is a great looking model

The Red Scourge
22-01-2009, 21:24
@Feefait. Dragon Ogres do cause fear, we just mixed up a few rules, but these things happen – and makes you remember the rules for the next game. BTW: I also forgot that the new Chaos Knights cause fear, which should have helped on one flank.

I also disliked the stank at first, but when you realize how fragile the thing is, you'll soon learn to reduce it to an expensive cannon. 1: It can't overrun, so screening your units with a cheap screen (like warhounds) will allow your heavy hitters to approach it. 2: When it has sustained two or three wounds, it stops being reliable. 3: Massed shooting will result in failed saves (my wood elves took one out with bowfire – and allowed my treeman to mop up).

I do not mind the mixing of marks as much as others do. In my old Hordes mortal list I started out with a pure Tzeentch army, but later turned to using an undivided sorceror lord for a general, so I could mix the marks. I do find the mixing odd with the daemons list, but I never liked the concept of an all daemon army anyway – I've never even fielded a daemon unit.
I plan to get rid of the Nurgle Sorceror and the Khorne Champion though. The Nurgle sorceror was there mostly to carry the puppet (and the sniper and regen spells are cool), and the Khorne Champ was there, cause I wanted a true combat monster.

I do believe that I'll save the points from the khorne BSB (although he rocks in CC, and can easily generate 7-8 CR by himself) and the nurgle sorceror and spend the points on more units, as I've got a shaggoth and a hellcannon, that need to prove their worth.

@Arguleon-veq. Oh yes! That was a great empire army, decent amounts of shooting, small skirmish screening units and heavy armor. He was mobile, hard hitting and could do a lot more to counter my moves than blast away. That made for a great fight. I'm looking forward to our next game where he'll have worked out the kinks – I'm so gonna get my **** kicked :D
I don't think magic-heavy is the only way. If you make a fast cavalry army, you'll fast be in the warm comfines of close combat and thus immune to most spells. We do need magic to take out scouts and marchblockers, but as a weapon it is far to random, and we can't get a gazillion power dies.
I have given some thought to a double hellcannon + Banner of -1 Ld + heavy magic and rock hard infantry though :cheese:

@EvC. You're right. One of the appeals of the WoC is the power of their characters. My other army is Wood Elves, and I almost cry, when I'm forced to pay the points for those heroes :cries:
And mind you, I had placed 1245 points in characters for this game (575 in the DP)

But stay tuned for the next time The Angel of Tzeentch whispers in someones ear and goes on a roaring rampage of death and destruction – I think, I've heard of a place called Ulthuann :evilgrin:

23-01-2009, 05:06
Sounds like a really good game, congratulations. Do you figure the DP to have made his points back? The game seemed pretty tight, if you had lost the DP it would've been a draw, no?

The Red Scourge
23-01-2009, 05:35
Sounds like a really good game, congratulations. Do you figure the DP to have made his points back? The game seemed pretty tight, if you had lost the DP it would've been a draw, no?

The DP saved my dragon ogres, when he put enough wounds on the stank to cripple it, so he basically won the center. He also kept two cannons busy and only survived this due to immense luck. Had I lost him, it would have been a draw or much, much worse.

Did he make his points back..?

He gave 287.5 VP away. In return he: took a few wounds off the war alter and the steam tank, sent the pegasus hero to the underworld, took out half the xbowmen, quarrelers and gave the handgunners a good scare. I wouldn't say he rocked, but he made the job a lot easier for the rest of my army, and that was the whole idea – he'll be back ;)