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21-01-2009, 14:54
Well today I'll be playing my last game with the current lizardmen list. I don't even know what point size I'll be playing (although I'm hoping it'll be 3k-5k) but I just thought I'd get the fluff down now (as well as my 3k list which will be the most likely game size) and then write up the report later.

The temple city had been surrounded and under seige for weeks. So far its defenders had kept the foe from entering and hadn't even let them pass through any of the gates, but now the situation had grown more desperate.

Frogbert, resting on his throne, contimplated the next course of action. Their numbers were slowly dropping, although they had plenty of water, their food stores were already going low, and help was still a long ways away. To make things worse their vile opponent has contaminated their drinking water and it was only a matter of time before its effects became epidemic.

There was only one thing to do. All remaining forces would be gathered, even the reserves, the gates would be opened, and they would make their final march. Even if they defeated their enemy the poison in their blood would still kill them, but at least every warrior their stuck down was one less for the next city to deal with, and if they could actually wipe them out then even their temple treasures would be safe.

And so, in a blink of an eye, the command was sent telepathically to every lizardmen in the city, and they began to gather at the North gate.

The final march of Frogbert was about to begin...

2nd Gen Slann w/ ASB, diadem of power, plaque of tepok, plaque of protection
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ rod of the storm
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ dispel scroll
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ dispel scroll
Scarvet w/ tepok, light armor, shield, greatweapon, jaguar charm

20 Temple guard w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
10 skinks w/ scout
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks

4 kroxigor
6 chameleon skinks

3 salamanders
3 salamanders

Total 3000

If I get to play 4K then I will add:

Scarvet on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, light armor, shield, piranha blade

20 Saurus w/ spears, full command

6 saurus cav w/ banner blessed banner


Make another unit of skinks scouting.

21-01-2009, 18:42
looks like "going out with a bang" might be an apropriate wording. Also curious as to who (or what) your evil enemy will be

22-01-2009, 15:36
Ok so this game went a lot differently than I thought it would.

When I first got there I was first setup to face the woodelve player but she only wanted to do 2k. Luckily someone noticed my disappointment and set up a larger game where I would take on both her and the tomb king player in a big 2 vs 1 game. I would have 5000 points of lizardmen against 2500 WE and 2500 TK. (Now that's more like it :D ) (Keep in mind that I only include one on one games in my stats)

The problem was that my standard 5k list had my carnosaur in it and that was the 1 model I had left at home, so I had to change my list. Looking at my three slann I thought about going out with a really big bang, but in the end decided I'd be nice and actually took ZERO slann.

This was my list:

Oldblood on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, sotek, light armor, shield, burning blade
Scarvet on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, light armor, shield, piranha blade
Scarvet w/ tepok, sotek, light armor, shield, greatweapon, jaguar charm
Scarvet w/ tepok, light armor, greatweapon, pendant of chotec
Skink chief w/ sotek, light armor, shield, cloak of feathers, sword of might
Lvl 1 priest w/ mark of the old ones, cube of darkness
Lvl 1 priest w/ 2 scrolls

25 Saurus w/ full command
25 Saurus w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command, spears (6 wide)
20 Saurus w/ full command, spears (6 wide)
10 skinks w/ scout
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks

5 Kroxigor
6 Chameleon skinks
6 saurus cav w/ banner blessed banner
6 saurus cav w/ banner warbanner
5 saurus cav
5 saurus cav
5 terradons

3 Salamanders
3 Salamanders

Total: 5044*

*Crap... I had to change my list in a hurry and with no calculator. I just added it up now to make the report and believe me, considering that I think 1 point over is unexceptable, the shame is overbearing...

Now there lists I'm not completely sure on but I'll do my best:

WE list:

Lvl 4 spellweaver w/ stuff
Lvl 2 spellsinger w/ stuff
Lvl 2 spellsinger w/ stuff
Noble w/ great weapon, hail of doom

20 eternal guard w/ full command
10 glade guard
10 glade guard
10 glade guard
10 dryads
10 dryads

5 treekin
8 wardancers w/ command

5 waywatchers

Tk list:

Tombgking w/ blade of mourning, collar of shapesh
Liche priest w/ clock of dunes, jar
Liche priest w/ staff of ravening
Liche priest w/ scrolls

24 skeletons w/ full command, banner of the undying legion
10 archers
10 archers
3 chariots
3 chariots
3 chariots

24 tomb guard w/ full command, icon of rakaph
Tomb scorpian
4 carion
4 ushabti

Catapult w/ skulls of the foe
Catapult w/ skulls of the foe

The board was 6X4 and there was a long hill in the right side of their deployment zone which had a piece of linear terrain in front of it on the left side, a forest on the right flank, and a hill on the left flank. There was some junk on my left side but it never came into play (linear terrain and a small forest).

They deployed from left to right:

Chariots, chariots, chariots, ushabti, skeletons w/ flying liche and archers in front w/ staff liche, tomb scorpian, tomb guard w/ king and archers in front, catapult w/ carrion in front, eternal guard w/ noble and spellsinger (behind linear terrain), treeman, treekin w/ dryads behind, dryads, wardancers. Then on the hill from left to right was the other catapult w/ liche, gladeguard, gladeguard w/ spellweaver, gladeguard w/ spell singer.

I deployed from left to right: skinks, blessed banner cav w/ piranah scarvet and krox behind and cav behind them (I guess that terrain did come into play as it forced me to deploy one behind the other with these units), three units of skinks behind the linear terrain (one had the skink chief), spear saurus w/ pendant scarvet and skinks in front, stegadon, saurus warriors w/ jaguar scarvet, saurus warriors, stegadon, spear saurus, cav and warbanner cav behind them w/ oldblood, salamanders w/ priest, salamanders w/ priest. Terradons were behind my lines peaking out.

They won the roll for scouts to the waywatchers went into the woods on the right, then the chameleon skinks did too (hehe) and my scouting skinks joined the horde on the left (I wanted to go behind the hill on the left, but they argued that the catapult on the far hill could see them, we rolled it off and they won).

I won roll for first turn.

Pre-game thoughts: Well this was going to be a crazy game. I didn't have much magic but I had a lot of combat power. The plan was to knock out the support units early and then either take on a TK block if I could hit it with several units, or ignore them if not. Tie up the treeman and wipe out the right side while the blocks tag team the eternal guard.

I won roll for first turn.

22-01-2009, 15:50
Wow, awesome. Don't give yourself a hard time on being a few points over the limit, you had to change your list around short notice, with such a big army mistakes are to be expected :)

I hope there's pictures, it's already sounding totally amazing...

22-01-2009, 15:52
Sorry, no pictures... but I'll do my best to explain it.

Frogbert watched as his forces exited the gate and formed up a battle line. Across from them the tomb kings and wood elves formed together as well and prepared for the final battle.

What dark times were this that elve and undead would team up together? What possible reason could there be for their alliance? All that Frogbert could think of was that the woodelves wanted the saurus out of the forest and that the tomb kings were after some of their artifacts, but in the end it didn't matter. The temple city was not only in danger, it was doomed, and the best they could do was to go out fighting.

He knew his power could have pushed the battle in their favour, but he needed to concentrate on keeping the magical barrier on the other gate so that the enemy could not sneak around them.

As the two forces charged towards each other Frogbert looked on and hoped for the best.

Mark of the old ones gives 3 rerolls.

Turn 1 Lizardmen:

Stupidity is all passed. The line moves up. On the left flank the cav and krox do their best to move up and yet stay behind the hill to remain out of sight and the skinks move up but not much as to be sure the chariots wouldn't charge them either. On the right flank the march blocked cav moved up as did the salamanders. The chameleons moved to the edge of the forest to see the wardancers (if I could kill a few then great. Then bait them to slow them down.) Terradons flew in front of the warrior blocks hoping to bait the carrion. No magic phase. In the shooting phase the stegadons go after the treeman but his ward saves him. The chameleon skinks kill 1 wardancer.

Turn 1 Evil Alliance:

Chariots move up to see my cav. Archers, scorpain, and carrion move up. The main line of the WEs also moves up, and the waywatchers move to the edge to see my cav. In the magic phase I use the cube on the first WE spell and fail to end the magic phase (even with a reroll). A unit of chariots magically charge my blessed banner cav, while the scorpian charges the skinks that were infront of the left spears and angled to overrun into the stegadon and takes two wounds from stand and shoot. The carrion magically move behind my left spears and stegadon (to march block). Catapult magically fires and does a wound to the left salamander and I pass panic. In the shooting phase one catapult hits the right spears who panic and flee, and the other catapult hits the same salamander unit and kills a couple of handlers and they panic and flee. TK archers kill 5 skinks in the chiefs unit which the We archers all aim at the saurus cav but do no wounds, and then turn on the terradons and kill 2 (panic is passed). In combat the chariots kill only 1 cav and then get wiped out. The scorpian beats the skinks and overruns into the stegadon (panics are passed).

Turn 2 Lizardmen:

Stupidity is passed. Flying skink chief passes panic and charges the left archers to be in base to base with the liche. The cav in front charge the right dryads while the right stegadon and the warbanner cav charge the treekin. Both the salamander and the spear saurus rally. With the archers blocking the ushabti the blessed banner cav move infront of a chariot unit planning to magically charge them. Krox move up and the left skinks run up to the left chariots, blocking them from hitting the krox's flank while the other cav unit sets up to counter if they charge the skinks. The line is mainly march blocked but I move up the best I can while the skinks and terradons move back to shoot the carrion. I skip the magic phase forgetting that this mean I can't use my banner to charge the chariots. In the shooting phase the salamanders wipe out the waywatchers in the forest, the skinks kill a carrion, and the chameleon skinks kill another wardancer. In combat the skink chief aims his attacks at the priest (4 attacks needing 3+ and 2+) and I do 1 wound. To make things worse I take a wound myself and then break and fly away leaving the liche to laugh at me. Things go better for the oldblood though as he and his cav and stegadon break and rundown the treekin while only losing two cav and overrun into the dryads while the steg overruns into the treeman. The scorpian aims at the skinks but does not woulds and then the steg stumps on him and the scorpian crumbles. The other cav which are suppose to break the other dryads and overrun into the wardancers do only 1 wound and lose two of their own. Luckily they hold.

Turn 2 Evil Alliance:

Wardancers charge the chameleons who flee but are caught. The left chariots charge the skinks who flee and are run down, but it turns out the cav waiting to counter are in range and so the chariots hit them. The other chariots stay where they are while the ushabti reform to counter. Eternal guard moves up. Carrion move a bit to make sure everything is still march blocked. In the magic phase I pretty much shut them down thanks to the scrolls, but they still get off beast cowers on the stegadon fighting the treeman. In the shooting phase both catapults fire and scatter 10 inches off target, hail of doom and WE archer fire kills 6 of the right warrior block which panics and flees. TK archers try to take out the fleeing skink chief but don't manage to finsh him. In combat the chariots kill two cav and I do 3 wounds back to win by one. The stegadons impact hits do 2 wounds and the treeman kills 2 skinks in the howda and holds. The regular cav on the right gets wiped out before they even have a chance to strike while the oldblood's cav kill only 3 dryads but the remaining ones go on a killing spree and I'm left with only the oldblood and the banner bearer.

Turn 3 Lizardmen:

Bessed banner cav charge the chariots and the krox charge the left archers front while the jaguar scarvet hits the flank. The warriors and skink chief both fail to rally and both flee off the board. Spear blocks move up while the warrior unit waits for support to take on the eternal guard. Salamanders move up and skinks move closer to the carrion. Magic phase is skipped. In the shooting phase the salamanders wipe out the wardancers and the second unit fires on the dryads but only kills 1. A ton of poisoned darts finish off the carrion. In combat the left chariots are wiped out as are the right unit, and the cav pass their test to hold. Krox and scarvet mop the floor with the archers and the scarvet passed his test to hold while the krox overrun into the ushabti's flank. Treeman kills a skink in the howda and the combat is a draw. The oldblood kills a few more dryads and they break and are caught as I overrun into the right archer unit.

Turn 3 Evil Alliance:

Tomb guard use the icon to reform and face the krox's flank and then charge. The dryads charge the flank of the oldblood. Skeletons reform to face the blessed banner cav. Archers reform to face the left as well to stop a rouge unit of skinks from hitting their flank. In the magic phase I stop all of the TK magic and then the WE magic either fails to go off or it's something sillly like moving tres. In the shooting phase the catapults scatters and kills a few saurus but I pass my panic. WE archers kill a few saurus warriors. In the combat phase the tomb king does two wounds to the krox, and the krox gives him a wound back but he bounces it to a skeleton with the collar. The krox then do several wounds to the ushabti and I pass my break test. Treeman kills 1 more skink in the howda and it's another draw. The charging dryads do nothing while I kill several archers. The archers hold and the dryads break and run bake towards my line.

Turn 4 Lizardmen:

Stupidity is passed. The blessed banner cav charge the ushabti and the jaguar charges the rcatapult on the hill. The left spears and the stegadon charge the skeleton archers hoping to crush them and allow the spears to overrun into the tomb guards flank. Salamanders move up. Skinks run around. In the shooting phase the salamanders kill a few of the fleeing dryads, and some skink shots kill an eternal guard. In combat the skeletons archers are crushed but even though the steg rolls high and runs behind the tombguard, the spear roll low and fail to hit their flank. The blessed banner cav wipe out the ushabti, but the king and his guard kill two krox, and thanks to his item that doubles how much I lose by both units break and run away. Treeman kills the last skink in the howda and I pass my monster reaction test and hold. The old blood kills more archers but they still won't break. The jaguar scarvet kills the liche priest but thanks to outnumber and highground the crew are ok.

Turn 4 Evil Alliance:

Eternal guard charge the left spears and I flee and get away (panicing a unit of skinks). Dryads rally. Tombguard move toward my fleeing flank. Archers on the hill turn towards my free stegadon. In the magic phase I shut down the TK's attemp to charge with the tombguard, but the WE player gets off the beast hunts twice, moving the dryads back into my oldblood's rear, and making the eternal guard charge a unit of skinks which flees and gets away, but now my warrior unit can't see their flank. In the shooting phase the catapult kills some handlers and I pass my panic. WE archers fire on the steg and kill 4 skinks from the howda (short range). In combat the treeman does two wounds to the steg, the steg breaks and is ran down as the treeman runs into my terradons (poor poor terradons)(panics are passed). The dryads fail to cause any wounds again and I wipe out the archers and run down the fleeing dryads, ending up right in front and facing my right spears. The jaguar scarvet kills two crew and he crumbles the catapult a bit.

Turn 5 Lizardmen:

Stupidity/terror tests passed, and all fleeing units rally. The stegadon turns around to face the eternal guard's rear while the warriors reform to phase their flank. I also move a unit of skinks between them and the eternal guard so that they can die and the warriors can hold them. Salamanders move up and the oldblood turns around and moves up. In the magic phase I use the blessed banner to get my saurus cav further away from the tomb guard. With so much of their magic dead they mock me into trying to cast a spell, so I try and cast a lighting bolt and miscast allowing them to cast a spell. They use it on the TK to let the tomb guard chatge but I just barely dispel it with my other two dice. ONly shooting is one unit of salamanders into the center archers and I only kill 1 while eating a handful of skinks. In the combat the jaguar scarvet finishes off the last crew and spikes the catapult. The treeman rolls more 1's than should be allowed and only kills 1 already wounded terradon. The terradon's break but get away.

Turn 5 Evil Alliance:

Eternal guard charge the skinks. Tomb guard move closer, and she forgets to turn her treeman around to lface the spear saurus waiting to deal with him. In the magic phase the tomb king's first cast is to make his unit charge with a 3. I roll two dice and get double 1s (grrrr) so after a debate about the flee/redirect rules they charge the blessed banner cav in the rear. The WE player also gets the wolf hunts on the eternal guard giving them an extra attack (those skinks are screwed...). Treeman rolls a 10 and kills a handful of spear saurus but I pass my panic test. WE archers fire on the stegadon and kill the last handler but I pass my monster reaction test. In combat I declare a challenge with my piranah scarvet, but the king passes it on to the unit champ (coward!!!) who quickly takes my hero down with a double killing blow (!!!). Needless to say I'm crushed and ran down and the tombguard run off the board. The eternal guard wipe out the skinks and overrun into my warriors.

Turn 6 Lizardmen:

My luck runs out as my oldblood fails stupidity and stumbles forward. The jaguar vet charges the left archers in the rear while the steg hits the eternal guard flank. Terradons rally. One unit of salamanders moves up while the other moves back. Skinks move around to hold/contest quarters. I skip the magic phase. In the shooting phase one salamander unit takes two wounds off the treeman (hurray for spitting fire now counting as flaming!) and the other unit fires on the right archers but fails to cause any wounds (shame...). In combat the stegadon kills 4 while the eternal guard kill 2 and the warriors kill 2 more guard. They lose by a great number but I groan as I'm reminded that with the noble they are stubborn and they pass their test. Jaguar scarvet kills 4 archers and they break and get away, panicing the other unit of archers.

Turn 6 Evil Alliance:

Archers rally. Tomb guard come back on the board. In the magic phase the kings first cast is to charge again and this time with a 4. Once again I roll two dice and fail and so the they charge the krox and I flee and get away. The rest of the magic is stopped or fails to go off. In the shooting phase the guess for catapult is perfect and a direct hit lands right on the head of the jaguar saurus, killing him. The treeman rolls a 10 again but only kills to spear saurus. In combat the eternal guard fail to cause any wounds. My unit champ and another warrior direct their attacks at the noble but do no wounds, but the others and the steg kill three. She fails her stubborn break test (!!!) and I run them down.

We didn't add it up, but we agreed that with that unit breaking in the end that I probably had a minor victory. Adding it up now I had 2880 points left on the board, killed a general, captured one banner, and held one quarter (other three were contested) for 3180 points. They had about 1646.5 points left on the board with a banner for roughly 1746.5 points. So that looks like at least a minor win to me (even taking into account that I was over 44 points) :)

The ploy had worked. The enemy was defeated and what was left was either fleeing the field or being routed. Frogbert relaxed and let down the barrier surrounding the temple city, and as soon as he did he sensed an incoming message.

"Yo, Frogbert, is that you?" It was Toabworth, a slann from the next temple city. "Damn man, I've been trying to get through to you for an hour. You have some barrier up or something?"

Frogbert sighed. 5th gens... they were so immature... "Yes it's me. I was kinda busy here, you know, evil alliance trying to wipe out our doomed city and all..."

"Yo man, that's what I was wanting to tell you about. Me and my crew have been looking into this contaminated water thing and it turns out you're fine! You're going to live!"

"What are you talking about?"

"It ain't no poison or nothing, it's an army book rewrite. The effects are starting to show up now, and should take full effect in a couple of weeks, but that's all it is brother."

Shocked by the idea Frogbert started thinking... "Good god, you're right! I've totally forgot how to cast death, fire, light, and metal spells and now only know heavens! I... I also feel... weaker..."

"Don't worry bro, it ain't so bad. You're just the same as me now..."

Outside the temple city Oldblood Oldspice turned his head quickly back towards the city.

His second in command noticed and rushed over. "What is it my lord?"

"It's... it's like a thousand slann all at once screamed and then suddenly went silient..."

"Weird... oh, and I wanted to ask, is it just me or did I just get tougher and grow more scales?"

Post-game thoughts: Well there was some bad dice rolling on both sides but luckily mine didn't cost me too much and overall my plan went the way I wanted it to. It was nice to have this big game to be my last game of this version and I can't wait to try out the new one.

Thanks for reading :)

22-01-2009, 18:53
hahaha funny fluff at the end there.
A bit hard to follow a battle of this size whitout pics or diagrams but thanks for posting and good luck with a new edition of LM

22-01-2009, 21:10
Haha, cool report. Loved that fluff at the end.

Larger games are always harder to follow but always a blast to play, I need to take a day off and play a big one sometime soon.

22-01-2009, 21:32
It really is too bad I didn't bring my camera. Both of their armies were completely painted (although mine is hardly painted at all) and would have helped people follow along a lot easier.

The only problem is that the guy there doesn't like me making battle reports anyway so bringing a camera would have been awkward...

22-01-2009, 22:52
I wouldn't worry about the difference, it's less than 1% of the total points limit.

Nice battle report as usual! Good luck with the new lizardmen book!