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21-01-2009, 20:20
So, I'm looking to play White Scars, more of a theme/fluffy army than a winning one, but I'm looking for some help modeling them and some tactics to use.

What I have currently is as follows:
Ravenwing bike squad
Attack Bike box
Land Speeder Box

Thanks in advance,

21-01-2009, 20:57
my bike army consists of 4 attack bikes, bikes, and 2 landspeedrs.

however it is not uncommon for white scars to have tactical squads in rhinos and whirlwinds as support.

if you can find at leat one box of whitescar bikers (medal riders) I do suggest that because they make nice Seargetns or even your company commander.

for tactics I ussualy run my assult bikes as 2 pairs of HB,MM so you have your anti infantry or anti tank. though a 2 HB or 2 MM is good I like the redundancy if one squad dies I can still do what I have to do

with the new edition only srg can carry melta bombs but thats life I run my each of squads 1 melta 1 plasma 1 sarg and 2 regular bikers. it gives me flexabilty and redundancy.

the thing with all bikes is that you will be outnubered but you have speed. the extra toughness helps but don't count on it to win your games.

22-01-2009, 03:24
Thanks for the pearls of wisdom!

I have been looking into using tactical squads in rhinos due to Kor'sarro's (is that how you spell it?) flank march ability. Whirlwinds for support you say? Sounds great.

I appreciate the help! And I'll start looking at building some squads the way you say, thanks!