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21-01-2009, 21:49
I'm trying to build a WoC list for a powerplay tournament we'll be having in our gaming club.
How would you make this list more cheesier than cheese fondue?

Chaos Sorcerer (level 2, MoT, disc, Golden Eye, Power Familiar)

Chaos Sorcerer (level 2, MoT, disc, Skull of Katam)

Chaos Sorcerer (level 2, MoT, disc, Talisman of Protection, Infernal Puppet)

5 Warhounds

5 Marauder Horsemen (light armour, flails, MoS)

5 Marauder Horsemen (light armour, flails, MoS)

6 Chaos Knights (musician, standard, MoK)

6 Chaos Knights (musician, standard, MoK)

6 Chaos Knights (musician, standard, MoK)

Chaos Spawn

Chaos Spawn

21-01-2009, 22:23
No list you could write out of the WoC book would make me think 'thats soooo broken' as the book dosnt allow for it.

However the above list is pretty nice. Only problem is i think Lore of nurgle is far better on lvl 2's and that Lore of Tz is crap on lvl 2's.

Lets examine our lore;

1 - great spell, given.
2 - not worth casting as on average it does no wounds
3.- great against some, does very little/nothing vs others
4. - useless vs ITP which happens to be all the best units near enough (and a few armiess). Your hoping for a large-ish unit with great weapons to really use this spell well... Sorry but im not seeing it.
5 - cant use in this list
6 - unlikely to cast and with 9 pd cant really waste 3 trying.

So vs undead and daemons you want all your lvl 2's with 1 + 3. Thats pretty unrealistic.

Oh and bfefore you break down the nurgle lore.. all you need is 1 to roll spell 2, regen and buboes is all you need.

21-01-2009, 22:46
I've thought about 3 Nurgle mages, riding Daemonic Mounts anddoing the same as these 4 Tzeentch mages. However, I think it's the flying that makes the 'triumvirate' work. The mages can fly away from nearly every situation.

I also thought of trying this with 3 Slaaneshi mages on Steeds of Slaanesh.

Or even 3 different marked mages.

The characters are actually the thing I mostly need some help with.
Maybe just a combat character on mount and some extra marauder horsemen then?

Or I could put the 3 Nurgle mages on barded Steeds in the Chaos Knights units? But that would be an all eggs in 3 baskets kinda thing, wouldn't it?

21-01-2009, 23:13
Game-wise, I guess it would do okay. I don't play a lot of games lower than 2000 points, so it's hard for me to make a qualified statement about how well it would work.

I would like to voice my concern about the trend it follows, though; that of the copy-paste unit selection. I understand the sentiment: "What is the best Special choice available? Let's take three of those". I do feel, however, it makes the game less interesting. Not only the short term game, as in the two hours that takes place in your friends garage one evening, but Warhammer as a whole. Which one of your units that ends up fighting a unit of the opponent becomes less of an issue because ultimately, all the units are really similar. This takes away from the maneuvering of the units, which is where I think the strength of the game of Warhammer lies.

Furthermore, I don't really think it adds to the list. So your Knight units all dish out an obscene amount of punishment, that's fine. However, will you need all three of them to do that much damage, or will it be overkill in many cases? Won't having all three combat units suffering from Frenzy leave you very exposed to a fleeting, slippery army equipped to deal with them? Say you're up against a Treeman; wouldn't it be nice to have the Strength 7 of some Dragon Ogres around?

You've made an army largely composed of identical "rocks". I think you'd benefit both tactically, aestetically, and amusemen-wise by including a "scissor" or two as well.

22-01-2009, 01:54
Drop armor from the horsemen, swap one unit of knights for a unit of dragon ogres with great weapons.

Drop skull of katam for book of secrets and spell familiar. You need to be able to rely on more then just flickering fire from your mages.

22-01-2009, 07:22
ok, the dragon ogres is a sure thing, I've put a unit of 4 dragon ogres with GW in the list instead of a unit of knights. Had to lose the armour on the marauders to to this. (8pts more expensive...)

The magic is still quite a questionmark to me. Maybe just 2 mages on disc and a hitty character? Maybe less powerplayish, but still a solid coice, I think... And I might sqeeze in another Hounds unit, to screen the Knights...

The Red Scourge
22-01-2009, 10:34
If you want casters. Put them on steeds (or probably daemonic mounts if you want to them to deal with warmachines and other small units). Place the casters in units of warhounds – hounds get ld 8, and your caster gains a meatshield while retaining mobility, and as an added bonus you force your enemy to focus on your pooches and give your knights and dragon ogres some slack.

The infernal puppet is great for in battles containing lvl 4 wizards, but the chance of seeing a miscast with a lvl 2 is rather low.

600 pts worth of characters is also quite a lot. I'd cheese out by taking a single Khorne BSB as my general, give him a flail, shield and fury of the blood god – now suddenly you've got 400 points to spend on troops – now instead of slaanesh horsemen, you can have Khorne and 3 more units and lots of dogs to screen your frenzied knights – which your horsemen are also quite capable of with their fast cavalry trait.

So something like:

Khorne BSB, jugger, flail, shield

2 x 5 hounds
1 x 10 hounds (to shield your general)

5 x 5 Khorne horsemen with flails and light armor

2 units of knights (I'd consider the MoN instead and either warbanner or banner of rage), it helps to be in control.

1 unit of dragon ogres

Suddenly your opponent has 8 rather dangerous units instead 3 units and 3 unreliable and fragile characters, coming his way and fast, thats a lot to blast in the first turn with either magic or guns.

22-01-2009, 16:58
Seems solid but are the spawn really that useful to you? With everything you have being mounted or flying those spawn are going to be left behind immediately. Just because you have rares doesnt mean you need to use them. Dropping them could get you a warbanner and a blasted standard for your knights and a third eye of tzeentch for your sorcerer (i.e. high elves with the ward save spell, or when lizardmen come out again, re-roll 1s to hit and wound on your knights from lore of heavens spell etc etc). I dunno, spawn just have never really done it for me.