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21-01-2009, 23:36
So I have been playing with a friend of mine whom only owns the Brets...Curse that 2+ AS with a 5-6+ Ward.....But anyway, I was thinking of running this list...but dont want too go too over-board.

Vampire Lord (Unit of Skellies)
Sword of Battle- +1 attacks
Flayed Hauberk- 2+ AS
Dispell Scroll
Crown of Damned- 4+ Ward...Stupidity
Dark Acolyte
Master of the Black Arts- 2 extra casting dice
Lord of Dead- +1 cast IoN on Skellies

Vampire BSB (Unit of Skellies)
Avatar of Death- Heavy Armour and GW
Walking Death- +1 CR
Drakenhof Banner- Gives unit Regen

Necro on Courpse Cart- Unholy Loadstone (Unit of Skellies)
Staff on Damnation- Bound (lvl3) Unit within 12" may make 1 attack
Biting Blade- -1 AS
Spells- Ion, Raise dead, and Vanhels

Vampire Knight (Unit of Blood Knights)
Sword of Might- +1 Str
Book of Arkhan- Bound (lvl3) Cast Vanhels
Dread Knight- Nightmare, H. Armour, and Shld

4 Blood Knights- Std, Mus
Magic Banner- Royal Banner of Strigos- Unit has Hate all enemies

18 Skellies- H. Wep and Shld- Mus, Std, Chmp
Magic Banner- War Banner- +1 CR

6 Fell Bats

6 Carin Wraiths

20 Zombies- Std

20 Zombies- Std

Total Pts. - 2245

PD - 11 DD - 7 Bound - 3

This is a similar to a list I got off of Zoolander from this site. But basically I will run the Skellie unit with a Zombie unit to each flank for protection. And wait for the enemy to close on me. Use the Wraiths, Bats, and Knights to run a flank and do what damage they can.

It has a lot of magic dice...not to mention three bounds...and the Drakenhof banner is mean...But is it too mean?

My buddy is really competative like me, but I don't want to turn him off...On a side note how would this do in a tournament?

Give it to me straight...i can take it...I hope!

22-01-2009, 14:12
before reading this list I never thought there could be something as 'a too meany list'
but this gets really close I think.

to make it short, you only have 1 unit of skelletons (with 2 vampires a necromancer AND regeneration) and 4 bloodknights with a vampire while there are some roaming wraiths.

It all makes sense but for a friendly game I think it might s*ck *ss.
The zombies can protect your skellies flanks but I don't know if they'd hold against a mobile force like bretonnians. I never played them before but your putting all eggs in 1 basket...

All he has to do is lure out your blood knights with their frenzy, maybe shoot at your skelleton unit for sports and meanwhile go for the bats...? points denial..

22-01-2009, 15:39
The key to beating brets with vamps is to stop them ganging up on one unit, killing it quickly and moving on - or is that just to beating brets in general?

Basically you need more durable infantry blocks to hold the charge, meaning you can flank in the subsequent turn. Your units need to do this multiple times, adn zombies wont cut it. But rasing zombies to clog up chrage lanes while you concerntrate on one lance block at a time is a good use for them.

The necromancer isnt really needed, and if you really want to keep him, drop all the combat stuff and extra spells, and take more troops.