View Full Version : WoC Khorne 2250 Melee with Dragon flavor

21-01-2009, 23:40
Hey guys. I'm starting to face some guys who have really well themed, well painted armies, and I'd like to put together a themed list against them. They're really good guys, but their armies can be pretty competitive, though balanced and never cheesy. Here's a list I was working with. I don't really care if I lose some games, so long as I can have a good time against them. They usually don't bring more than one or two casters.

Lord on Chaos Dragon (738)
Hellfire Sword
Collar of Khorne

BSB (259)
Flail, Shield, Banner of the Gods

Warriors x19 (369)
Rage Banner

Marauders 3x20 [3x150]=(450)

Dogs 2x5 (60)

Marauder Horsemen (110)

Knights (255)

The idea is pretty simple and lacks maneuverability. Move the four blocks up the center. Try to manage the frenzy with movement and dogs if possible. If I gotta receive charges, depend on BotG and BSB, and counter with Khorne Knights, Marauder Horsemen, and free units.

I purposely made the dragon an expensive combat unit with frenzy so it doesn't overwhelm the game. Depending on the army, I'll probably fly it around a flank, facing the battle line in hopes of getting some flank charges. I feel like a dragon in a regular game can sometimes be a gamebreaker, but giving it frenzy allows it to be more easily kited and baited. I really like my dragon model, but I don't want to be too cheesy with it. If this list is too soft, I could remove MoK.

Ideally, march-blockers will face terror from Dragon and BotG.


Edit: Some of the armies they play- Skaven Horde, Slannesh WoC, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves (not too often and not MSU), and a couple other armies I think. No cheesed out Daemons or VC. No human armies.

22-01-2009, 01:57
I think Valkia would work better then the dragon-rider, and is far cheaper. She would let you grab a second unit of knights (who should not be using lances). Grab halberds for the warriors so they can use S5 when they need it, and pick up more hounds or horsemen.

23-01-2009, 04:53
Yeah, but I have a painted dragon w/ chaos rider, and I'd like to use him if possible. Plus, I have no suitable Valkia model, and she's US1.

I see Valkia as more of an army booster, and I feel pretty good with the BotG.