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22-01-2009, 00:10
I'm going to give this army a try in a couple of games tomorrow. It's "themed", quite conveniently, in fact- I even have the correct numbers of special models for the sacred number of Slaanesh (6) :D

Sorcerer Lord of Slaanesh, Level 4
Spell Familiar, Rod of Torment, Scroll
Third Eye of Tzeentch, Conjoined Homonculous
Barded steed [429] <--pricy!!

Sorcerer, Level 2
Infernal Puppet [155]

Exalted Hero BSB of Slaanesh, Doom Totem, Shield [220]

12 Warriors of Slaanesh, Shields, Standard, Rapturous Standard [234]
5 Marauder Horsemen, Throwing Axes, Musician [81]
2 x 5 Hounds [30][30]
18 Marauders of Slaanesh, Light Armour, Shields, Standard, Musician [130]
6 Knights of Slaanesh, Standard, War Banner [285]
6 Chosen Warriors of Slaanesh, Shields and Halberds [130]
Giant of Slaanesh [265]

Comes to 1999. Everything's so damned expensive!! 8 power dice and 1 bound item should help me get a couple of spells off. When scrolls are used and enemy dice run out, I'll probably start throwing 3 dice at the top Slaanesh spell, with my Baby there to add another D3 if need be. The army is mostly defensive, I expect I'll have my Lord and undivided Sorcerer supervised by my Warriors, with the Chosen and BSB hopefully hanging back on a hill making everything -1LD. In fact, even better, hide them behind the hill on turn 1/2, then when my Giant starts getting near the enemy lines, pop out and say hello, terror at -1 please! And hopefully he can do a fair bit of damage as well, but I'll probably be facing a fair few Bolt Throwers... never mind. Slaanesh for the glory!

Elazar The Glorified
22-01-2009, 15:34
It looks like a fairly good list. Expensive Sorcerer lord but that's to be expected. I'm not sure about the Doom Totem. I think a BSB should be in combat aiding with CR ASAP. Also Doom Totem is very circumstantial and of no use once you start engaging the enemy which is what you need to be doing. I'd be tempted to drop Doom Totem, tool him up for survivability and stick him one of you Infantry units. I'd consider using the points saved on the Doom Totem as well to pay for Banner of Wrath on the Chosen maybe gives you another magic missile whilst your infantry marches across no man's land and allow you to draw out more dispel dice to give you sorcerers free reign. But really it's a good list for mono Slaanesh (I play mono Slaanesh so am maybe biased!)

22-01-2009, 16:14
Mmm, good points. Doom Totem will certainly be situational, and will need lots of careful planning ahead. For example, hopefully cause terror on units with Giant on turn 2 while advancing, and eventually getting into combat. Units in combat may still be able to see him, if positioned perfectly (For example if fighting Swordmasters, if they are wider than my units the models on the end will still ahve line of sight to it). I wish I had a flail on my BSB, but at least it means I'll never go silly and not use my shield in combat ;)