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Count Demandred
22-01-2009, 08:17
Hey, I just wanted to get some feed back on a proposed 1500pts list vs WoC (probably with a Tzeench theme) and VC (who just keeps making bloody ghouls!)

Herald (Tzeench) - 115, Master of Sorcery - 25, Flames of Tzeench - 25, 165pts

Herald (Nurgle) - 115, Noxious Vapours - 25, Slime Trail - 10, BSB - 25, Palanquin - 50, Great Standard of Sundering 290pts

Herald (Khorne) - 100, Firestorm Blade - 25, Armour of Khorne - 15, Juggernaut - 50 190pts GENERAL

16 Plaguebearers - 192, Standard of Seeping Decay - 25, Standard Bearer - 12 229pts

10 Horrors - 120 120pts

15 Bloodletters (180), Standard Bearer - 12 192pts

5 Flesh Hounds (175) 175pts

2 Bloodcrushers (140) 140pts


Mix of heroes, might drop the khorne for another tzeench (disc, master, flames)

Plaguebearer anvil with decent punch - reroll wounds banner will be good against T4 warriors of chaos and ghouls etc

Bloodletters to chop up well armoured guys and hold the middle with the bearers.

Horror bodyguard for herald, also adds a bit more punch to magic phase

Juggers and hounds to protect flanks and flank charge themselves

Let me know what you think, cheers.

22-01-2009, 13:36
I'd drop 3 of the Bloodletters to run them 6 wide. After that, a standard and magic banner on your Bloodcrushers wouldn't hurt.

You also may want to re-check the cost of your Nurgle Herald. Off the top of ==My== head he's going to run 275.

Count Demandred
23-01-2009, 00:09
Right, I've miscalculated the Herald, and with the points from 3 'Letters that's like 51pts, I'll add a Crusher Standard and Scull Totem - those Crushers really need to get into flank charge area to have maximised usefullness.

(EDIT: Sorry about the initial grammar, my brother's been using my account)