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29-04-2005, 13:56
Does this rate high on the n00b-scale? :rolleyes:

What should I equip my Nurgle Chaos Warriors with? I'm tempted to give them great weapons, but a hand weapon and shield is also very nice (high save, especially when they become Chosen).

Please advice

29-04-2005, 14:31
Who are you fighting? Against skaven for example the extra strength isn't as important because they have lowish toughness and little armor. Against lizardmen etc you may really wish you were hitting with a higher strength.

29-04-2005, 17:13
I meant in general. I have the partially assembled models before me right now, and I would like to know how to assemble them further... Do I convert great weapons? Or do I give them hand weapons and shields?

29-04-2005, 18:15
I usually go with halberds..good compromise between strength bonus and not striking last.

Bare in mind that you'll have just a 5+ armor save but with strength 5 and no strike last you will mostly strike first (apart from Elven armies or other high initiative armies) and take the opponent out before he has a chance to strike back.

29-04-2005, 18:30
Take both!

Sling the shields on their backs and put either Additional Handweapon, Hallberd or Greatweapon in their hands.

Since you are Nurgle, you want the shields so that you do not get weared down to much by charges and shooting, while you want your warriors to go with Hallberds or greatweaps to decimate your opponents units and autobreak them.

Ethereal Alpaca
29-04-2005, 18:40
I'll go with Archie and say halberds, for the reasons he stated.

I would advise against getting both, too costy, bearing in mind nurgle is very expensive to start with.

29-04-2005, 18:53
well I'd suggest not glueing anything in - the ball sockets of the arms hide bluetac well (you can't tell the difference between them and glued in ones). This way you can swap to whatever you want to use. Personally I like hand weapon and shield.

02-05-2005, 02:16
I would give them both as it isn't that expensive(1+point per model) and you won't lose so much to shooting.

User Name
02-05-2005, 04:44
shields if you want them to live longer or if chosen or ahw if you want them to kill alot, there have been calculations made and ahw beats haliberds and great weapons in killing potential.

02-05-2005, 21:02
well, here's the way i figure, you have few enough warriors to begin with so why would you want them dropping like flies!, i think hand weapon and shield is the way to go, also give them some ranks and then bam, rock hard unit, lets say you take 15-16 warriors in 5 by 3 formation, +2 rank bonus, +1 banner with a 3+ save, ws 5 and str 4, im in :D

03-05-2005, 20:50
Nurgle warriors are not suited for the autobreaking strategy. They are far too expensive for this trick. If you really wanted to use them to autobreak, then use them non-chosen and with hw shields. This is a poor strategy in my opinion.

Chaos wariors in general are elite soldiers and cost like elite soldiers too. They should not be your main fighting force. Instead, these guys work better as flank holders or helping a center punch through. If you want to take a unit of 20 of these guys, then you are paying way too much for models that you are only using to fill in rank.

I personally use chosen wariors of slaanesh in a unit of 12 with the rapturous standard as my 2nd main fighting unit alongside a huge unit maruaders. This is about 344 pts. I use halberds so that they kill alot more. I usually face well armored units so I prefer them to the extra hand weapon shield combo. GW are out of the question as I loose Initiative 5.

If I am fighting a full unit with these, I usually start of at -2Combat resolution. (-1 for outnumber and -1 for one less rank) but because they have good leadership, they stick around well and can fight on until they are winning through kills and not ranks.

05-05-2005, 00:37
I've used Halberd Warriors for quite a while now, and had very underwhelming experiences with them. They drop like flies for models that are so expensive, and don't really have enough hitting power to firmly beat any enemies. If they're Chosen then they can win combat, but if they're Chosen you're (hopefully) giving them shields anyway, since models that are 20+ points a pop are too valuable to be unprotected!
So, I would say go with Great Weapons or Shields (or both, if you prefer). Halberds have given me lousy results, Shields are nice and dependable, GW's are great against heavy cav or when you get the charge.

07-05-2005, 23:47
I vouch for Halberds and Shields when chosen. 2 attacks with WS5 and s5 can kill most other infantry out there, and if you get charged by cav and so on the 2+ save will help them a lot since you can use shields then, making for a very flexible unit.

On normal nurgle warriors: don`t take them. they are expensive, slow and can`t really do anything regardless of weaponry. Shields would possibly be the best bet so they get a 3+ save, but since they are just a bad troop choice, I`d rather just take a chosen unit and spend the points elsewhere instead of taking normal warriors.

08-05-2005, 00:04
I've used halberds and shields for many years, and swear by them, even for non-Chosen units. The shields are useful against missile fire, for a start, and the halberds give you a little extra punch in hth that you're not going to lose on the second turn. S5 is respectable, punching through standard troops pretty easily.

Great weapons are highly dependent on charging and breaking units on the very first turn, which means you have to do a lot of wounds with them in order to ensure that counter strikes do not happen (and hope that the enem,y unit does not have spears). Stuff that up and your unit is ground meat, since they're attacking last. S6 isn't really useful if you've only got one or two attacks with it against a large unit.

Note that halberds are really not useful against spear armed units, and non-Chosen have a 5+ save, so swap over to hw and shield for the 3+ instead before combat starts (you can't change part way through).

25-05-2005, 16:14
I think I would go for Shield and Halberd, best of both worlds, although a little costly perhaps. Lets face it, the chaos army isn't short of high strength stuff.

26-05-2005, 03:28
HW and Shields. Always. Cheap, 3+ save in combat (2+ if chosen) fantastic. I think Chaos warriors get a very bad rap really. They're better than Black Orcs which people rave about, and only marginally worse than ironbreakers which seem standard in many Dwarven armies, Chosen are better than Ironbreakers. When I played chaos I fielded them unchosen in a big unit of 20 with HW and Shield, safe in the knowledge that enemy heavy cav could charge them and would lose, as would most things! Chaos warriors are sloggers, 'anvils', knights are the hammers. Avoid Great weapons, if you really like them buy some Pestigor, they know how to use them.