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bork da basher
22-01-2009, 14:13
decided to take up dark elves to replace my dwarf army which although fun was beginning to get samey. designed for competative play so dont moan about the use of dragons or double hydras etc but any comments would be very helpful

after many changes and experiments ive settled on this list..

Dreadlord / black dragon, deathpiercer, armour of eternal servitude, pendant of khaeleth / 530

5 dark riders / musician, repeater xbows / 117
5 dark riders / musician, repeater xbows / 117
20 dark elf warriors / shields, standard / 146
5 harpies / 55
5 harpies / 55

assassin / touch of death, rune of khaine / 145

18 black guard / standard & champion, standard of hag graef, crimson death / 319
5 shades / 80
5 cold one knights / standard & champion, ring of hotek / 192
5 cold one knights / standard / 151

war hydra / 175
war hydra / 175


ive deliberatly not taken any magical elements, im going to rely on my fast units to take any mages out of the picture should i really see fit. i was going to take a scroll caddy sorcererss but i begrudge having to spend 150pts on a walking pair of scrolls. i baught an assassin instead which will proberly be far more useful.

22-01-2009, 14:28
Looks good, though I'd drop the 2nd unit of CoK and get the assassin an AHW, 6 points +1 attack can't be argued at. Also buy the shades great weapons for a potential combat punch.

134 points remaining:

Could just make that a unit of 5 CoK with no command.

134 could also buy you a noble with great weapon, SDC, blood armour and 2 null talismans for the BG unit for 133 points, gives them MR 2 against the low casting value magic missiles, therefore meaning they're protected against high casting values by the ring and low casting values by the MR 2. Drop a BG so this unit it still 6x3 and then upgrade the warriors to have full command.

bork da basher
22-01-2009, 14:46
i think the assassin should do ok with between 4 and 6 KB attacks, an extra one won't do it if that won't already. the +1 to combat res is far too useful for CoK's to drop it and the black guard really dont need a master in their midst either IMO, not with the amount of ASF attacks they're chucking out with a pair of hydras on their flanks.

the knights are proberly a better option. with two units of them at least one should survive to see combat.